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  1. Today 2009 a real lock full on the R.Siene. Most of the barges are loaded with sand for Paris. The 2 ladies on the barges are catching up with the news much like passing narrowboaters did although now they have mobiles and vhf.
  2. On this day in 2010 there were 3 British registered boats together at the port of Vanneaux on the Lateral canal Loire so we all had a good meal and drink at the little cafe there. In 2015 we were entering the derivation of Sauvageot with its tunnel on the Upper Saone.
  3. Today in 2009 leaving Montargis at the end of the Briare canal.later in the day meeting an empty. At this time of year they are emptying the silos ready for the new harvest.
  4. Yes you may well have it’s a stock photo. I have some of mine from in the tank but can’t find the ones showing the external view. I also somewhere have photos taken over visits to the site when it was in construction.
  5. Today last year. We had a few days in Abergavenny and looked at the Mon and Brec canal but really the pubs were more interesting. This is the Goose and Cuckoo where we had lunch on this day
  6. Horse flys are the real brutes to watch out for. Herself swells up at the thought of them. Piriton has always been the answer taken straight ater feeling the bite. Our GP once said to her “ what do you expect messing around on muddy ditches “
  7. Today in 2008 was a nice sunny day in Auxerre and lots of boats breasted up.
  8. A rather colorful house by the Nivernais canal in 2008 and a rather brave heron on the Centre Canal in 2018
  9. Strangely in Belgium it is never the operatives fault if they work for the state it’s called an accident. After the incident the bottom lift was dismantled so unfortunately in 2011 when we were there the old lifts were not available so we had to go in the big new one. The Peniche in the photo is the one with the broken back the other boat is a Berrichon which has been at the bottom of the lift for years
  10. This at Braunston could be something don’t know how to post details. It’s with Fisher German Banbury and is 4 acres with moorings, small house and barns.
  11. Lots of boats put in at Braunston Marina. Get in touch and agree a cost.
  12. Good turnout. When we were there in 2000 got as far as the lock but no navigation above.
  13. This day in 2018 on the quai at St Jean de Losne outside 2 expensive new builds a Piper and a Saga. We knew the people with the Piper so they were ok with us being there.
  14. Today in 2004 on the R.Oise sharing with this double who we had followed slowly for hours but he wouldn’t let us past. We are on the way to Paris for our first visit by barge
  15. Today 2009 at Genelard on the Centre canal. This place was on the line of demarcation, the far side of the canal was in Vichy France and this side in German occupation. They built a museum here but it’s used now more as a library.
  16. This day in 2007 a peniche leaves the mooring at Laifour in the French Ardennes and in 2009 the dog tries to eat yesterday baguette
  17. This day in 2009 in one of the deep locks on the centre canal France. Various commercials have written on the rising bollard mostly from the 1980s when there was still some traffic. These deep locks were built to speed up the route to the Soane from the coal mines each lock replacing 2 previous ones. They fill very quickly from the bottom and toss you about initially.
  18. Ernie did die before Arthur and is buried in Braunston cemetery. They are both in the slope looking over the cut. Ernie’s wife still lives in Braunston and I think the son is working away but not sure about that. Rose Whitlock and the Brays lived on opposite sides of the bridge and sometimes I would have a chat with Arthur and then go over the bridge on my way home. Rose would ask how’s Uncle Arthur as they hadn’t spoken for years.
  19. Today In 2004 we were taking our first trip up the R. Sambre and had to stop for the night below Landelies lock as it shut at 6pm. Later in the day we moored at Thuin a town of boatmen and an excellent Chippy.
  20. Today in 2007 stuck in lock but diver just arrived. Usual suspect a car tyre stopping gate opening. St Job in t Goor Antwerp
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