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  1. When our daughter was training to be a nurse at Kings London the patients used to tell her to wrap up warm as it was cold up north whenever she told them she was going home for a few days. We lived in Braunston
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. In 2014 climbing up to the summit of the Burgundy canal, 55locks in 2 chains. This shot shows the gate opening /closing system. You push or pull on the lever which acts like a scissor to work the gate. There is also a latch to keep the gate open or closed although this isn’t always fixed and there is a horrible tendency for the bottom gates to start closing as you approach.
  4. Thanks yes it is Briare and I can see the pillars at the end now should have realised as been across it many times. This photo was on a Facebook site saying it was n.e. England this morning.
  5. I went up the Suck as far as the new lock in 2000 in my narrow boat but it wasn’t operating. Have photo somewhere
  6. I think mine went bulk,then absorption not both together. They are pretty simple to wire up to the batteries one to plus one to neg and the temp to neg and a wire from the bolt on the victron chassis to earth. The photo shows mains on and as others have said try it on charge only but check the cables on the unit are correct.
  7. In 2013 this combination had come past us after we had moored up for the day at St Julian on the Centre canal .In the morning I had agreed with the lock keeper that we would go first as they needed to separate the two halves and go through separately joining up below the lock a very slow procedure. As we got along side heads appeared followed by lots of abusive language . The lock was ready and we went straight in but angry skipper kept up a steady flow of insults. That night when he stopped at Fragnes where we were he came and apologised. They were heading for the canal du midi where 30m is maximum size and these 2 would be turned into house boats.
  8. Saw this lovely preserved cobble in Redcar this day last year. There are lots of old tractors, mostly Fordson,which they use to launch and recover the fishing boats off the beach. The building across the road houses the oldest persevered lifeboat in the world the Zetland built 1802 but unfortunately the place was closed due to the Chinese bug.
  9. Bit more on the Aster. It was acquired by the Museum of St Jean de Losne mainly by Charles of H2O and taken there by volunteers. After it arrived it had a sort of poly tunnel built over it and over the last few years many hundreds of hours have been spent by volunteers on the restoration. In 2019 it was slipped to inspect and paint the hull and now after the easing of the pandemic rules work is again taking place. The photo that shows the propeller arrangement also show a rather crude water strainer and return for the engine.
  10. On the continent there is the practice of blue flagging or boarding. Boats going upstream who need to use the slack water on the inside of bends signal with the blue board to on coming barges who answer and they pass starboard to starboard. There are also places where signs direct the crossing of the stream for bridges or bends . Unfortunately many pleasure boaters and the hire boats do not understand these rules or the signs until they meet a loaded barge on the “wrong” side.
  11. In 2005 on the R. Sambre in Belgium. We were on our way to dry dock. In this lock as we were the only boat they used the middle gate. These gates slide across and lowered or lifted just enough to clear the cill.
  12. In 2018 at La Roche on the R. Yonne. This small mooring just below the entrance to the Burgundy canal is a peaceful spot with electricity and it’s possible to get the car near as well. Useful for some last minute painting before the winter. We didn’t know it then but this was to be our last cruise and the barge would be sold during the coming winter.
  13. I reengined our barge with a Perkins c135 and prm 500 in 2007 and must say I never had this problem and as long as the oil was changed to schedule it performed brilliantly. May be prm modified the box at some stage. It would be worth getting in touch with them for recommendations.
  14. Today last year off Redcar beach. Weather wasn’t much better then by the looks of it
  15. Dav and Pen


    It really is a difficult decision wether to have another dog at a somewhat advanced age. When our Airedale Buck died in Jan 2015 we were still boating in France and decided not to have another dog. However after a summer on the barge without one we rather foolishly got a puppy in Oct 2015 and had him partially trained and he got his pet passport in time for April 16 and he turned out a brilliant boat dog from the start. Now we are permanently on the land my knees are letting me know I’m 80 especially as we live in a hilly village. If he Iives as long as the others did I will probably need an electric wheelchair to go walkies, hope they make off road ones.
  16. Didn’t do the bread and cheese bit but both of our girls were naturals. The photo was taken when going to the reopening of the upper Avon and we took a load of coal down the Stratford canal and Nick Hill brought a load of corn from Sharpness.
  17. Tom Henshaw had a boat that finished up being called Wet Paint as the sign was left alongside it for so long it was assumed that was its name, and so it became.
  18. This is my youngest daughter then aged 9 at that age I could explain what to do and she did it, now she tells me what to do.
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  20. This rather splendid wooden boat was photographed yesterday on the Mystic River USA. Photo from facebook
  21. Today in 2006 on the Voges canal. Lots of duckweed about so pleased we’ve got keel cooling. The crew had a walk between the locks.
  22. This lock had a keeper who wore the full uniform with peaked hat when we were camping boating in the 70s and he ruled the place like a sergeant major. Today 2018. Just because there’s bollards doesn’t mean there’s any depth. Burgundy canal stop for lunch.
  23. Don’t recall having this problem after being on the narrow boats or the barge for long periods but when on leave after up to a year at sea the house certainly moved and my gait was remarked on . Probably because of that I have always walked with a bit of a roll even when sober.
  24. In 2006 on the upper Saone, we were traveling with this very nice klipper barge owned by a young American couple. It was a superb fit put inside. It’s only drawback was the height of the wheelhouse and they had to have the wheelhouse down when moving. Unfortunately we had a fair lot of showers during this period. The barge is now in London I believe.
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