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  1. Yes absolutely sure. I can take a photo of the CU end later.
  2. I've checked it and it is definitely connected each end Brown +ve to the MCB, Black to -ve and Grey to earth. Also checked the terminal marking on the back of the socket and that everything is going through the switch correctly.
  3. ๐Ÿ‘ I'll do that right now. What about earth rod length?
  4. No all polls are correct. See the original pictures at the top of the post to confirm. I think I'm going add an earth rod. How long should it be ideally. They seem to come in 4' lengths
  5. I've done a bit more digging and now I'm not sure if it's TNC-S after all. There is no separation of the "neutral" from the "Earth". In the video there is a an outer layer of for the Earth.
  6. Thatโ€™s definitely not the case. How would that work now we have plastic plumbing I need to parts of the house?
  7. I know my water main is lead under ground. I could earth down to this very easily. You don't have any equipotential earth bonding to company earth/spike and water and gas mains then? Odd sort of wiring if so. I would suggest remedial work is required in that case for your own safety. Is the installation very old? On better understanding and looking again I am TNC-S. It's about 15 years old this lot. Should I still put in an earth spike and PME to the water main. I could easily do the gas main as well but I know its plastic from the road to the meter.
  8. I don't have TNC-S earthing. At least not that I can see. I don't have that earth split off on the supply side from the electric company. Would it be a good idea to go around and make some PME connections and put in an earth spike near to the Commando box and give it a direct earth? I know my water main is lead under ground. I could earth down to this very easily. I l'll do that.
  9. Hello DHutch. I have replaced the cable with 6mm armoured from the rather gash 16amp orange caravan / boat that became a permanent temporary ๐Ÿ™„. The reason for the the complete change from the CU is to permit charging my electric car at 7kw. The actual terminals and MCB at the CU are same as the orange cable used. The MCB is 40amp type D.
  10. Ok I understand that. So further question is does the rest of the house lack an earth? Certainly things do trip from time to time. Sorry to need a basic lesson.
  11. I live in a house with overhead supply. I only have 2 wires comming in with no specific earth so I am guessing my neutral is my earth also. Out of curiosity why should an exact replacement upgrade to the cable change how the earth trip responds. The previous wire and connection to the CU was seriously abused and over loaded at times. What is my option? An earth spike? Kevin
  12. Hi all. It's been a while. I have a problem with a 32amp commando socket I've installed at home. I'm not a complete numpty around electrical installations like this, but this one has me scratching my head. When I build my boat I had a 16amp extension cable comming out of the consumer unit to power the boat and build. I have an electric car now and decided to upgrade this setup to 32amp with armour cable and a switchable Commando socket. I used the same terminals and MCB in the consume unit as the 16amp were on. Everything checks out on test on plug but as soon as a even very small load is applied the 63amp RCD trips. This installation of the original 16amp cable was always a bit gash thing but it worked so stayed. I'm not using the armour for the earth as I am using one of the 3 cables inside. Has anyone with electrical experience any suggestions as to why its tripping? Kevin
  13. My boat is looking for a lady boat. My boat is based in France. I'm not sure that sort of arrangement would work for me.
  14. Does anyone know of any boat dating sites? Having been separated for a year and almost divorced now I think its time to start looking for a new "crew mate". I'm sure this is going to bring out the funsters amoungst you, but if it can be kept sort of on topic. I guess I'm not the only one thinking this. I'll start and hopefully finish the nonsense with the old joke..... Man seeks lady with boat. Please send picture of boat. Or if you are a lady reading this PM me. Biggles
  15. I don't want to get arrested! Sounds fun though
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