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  1. London gets tough

    Wouldn’t it be dull if we all lived the same? I welcome and in fact celebrate the diversity of different dwellings, it matters not a joy to me how legal someone else is, but I agree with a couple of others, this was a stunt more than anything, fair play!
  2. New addition

    Yup, snip time!
  3. New addition

    Not content with the amount of chaos one child can bring, we are proud to introduce our latest addition , Aya Renn. Born in 4 hours flat, at home in our Showmans caravan in the wilds of Somerset on Sat night. My wife, Charlotte is incredible, My son Rudi is being the best big brother in the world and Aya seems to be taking it all in her stride! Onviously we’re in love x
  4. Has Wetherspoons chucked out early?

    Every spoons in the country has its own unique patterned carpet, and the name JD Weatherspoon was the name of the owner's teacher who said he would not amount to anything. My old office was above a spoons, The Rocket, right on the Thames at Putney Bridge, that was always spotless and the beer was well kept. the other spoons at the top of Putney high street is a different matter, you had to wipe your feet on the way out..
  5. Trump

    Loud, brash, misogynist narcisist with a fake tan, lies in the press, ego bigger than the earth, would sell his grandmother for the right price, seriously believes that people actually like him even though he has a really low approval rating. I hate Piers Morgan..
  6. I have to hit the mute button!!

    The ad companies have clearly won
  7. Share ya' Music!

    But let’s not forget George Best Plus.. https://youtu.be/4aQtqwIqnvE
  8. Share ya' Music!

    Bizzarro for me. Big time fan of LCD Soundsystem, enough for me to leave the confines of the backstage bar and wander through Babylon at Glastonbury 2 years ago, an amazing gig. Just rememebring the Fall Album Shift Work. I think this is my favourite Fall tune..
  9. Share ya' Music!

    MES and the Fall are responsible for my first proper snog! I managed to blag the job of DJ at our school disco, my debut lasted all of about 10 minutes as it dawned on the headmaster that I was only going to play The Fall, The Wedding Present and half man half biscuit songs. I got booted off the decks, but those 10 minutes of fame were enough to convince Pippa Stevens that I was cool. Thank you MES.
  10. Brewing tea

    By the power of Earl Greyskull!
  11. Brewing tea

    It’s the squeeze that gives it that all over tan.. where are you on the chart?
  12. Brewing tea

    It’s quite simple, One standard mug, tea bag (Dorset tea for me...) and boiling water. Leave for exactly 4.5 minutes. Leaving the bag in, add just enough milk to create a cloud, squeeze tea bag against side and remove bag. Then, carefully add a little more milk until tea is the colour of He-Man.
  13. Trump

    The neofacist rumbles we hear from Trump and his supporters are sadly a backlash from the neoliberal policies of Obama. Literally two ends of the same star spangled turd. maybe Obama isn’t directly responsible for Trump, his weak policies and empire friendly stance has helped pave the way in the same way as the neoliberal politics of new labour gave breath to UKIP and the far right in the U.K. its telling that there seems to be more outrage in somebody calling a country a shithole than there is on somebody flying drones over and bombing these countries to pieces. As for Opera Winfrey, at what point have we decided that celebrity is somehow a better option than those who dedicate a life in public office? A great speech and the ability to remember words maybe an improvement on the current president , but this is in know way a qualification to lead a nation.