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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. 3 are offering £5 back to anyone effected by the outage. Call em quick
  3. I agree, it’s difficult to understand if we are to view the problem from a position of privilege, however the reality for many gang members is that the gang, and all that goes with it is better than home. If you grow up neglected, with no prospects and the constant cycle of institutional racism then prison isn’t a particularly effective deterrent. Imagine if we were to spend all that money on schools and youth clubs, give 16 year olds the right to vote and value their contribution as much as we expect ours to be valued..
  4. Good thoughts, it’s not actually mine, a hoarder mate of mine bought it and has no idea why! we thought possibly a censer but something doesn’t quite add up with the clamp at the bottom, braiding/yarn is an interesting thought as well. Keep em coming folks, if Simone can find a pic of another then we are in business!
  5. Hi all, been a while! Trust everyone is well. Anyway.. thought you all like a challenge... what’s this then? Made of ivory or bone , egg with holes in it, cut and hinged in middle with some kind of sprung clamp in the base. Mega points to the winner! X
  6. Good luck Stan, inspired by your adventure!
  7. Bit modern Tim? I’d have you down as a wax drum kinda guy...
  8. Phone, Spotify, Bluetooth dongle, 3 minirigs and a minirig sub, made in Bristol by my mate Tom.
  9. In the same postcode as Palmers but a few miles away is Hall & Woodhouse, or Wooden whorehouse as we used to call it as kids. Tanglefoot is an acceptable ale but the rest is shite if you ask me, growing up so close to it made it quite hard to find anything else. Also, the fursty ferret they did was so strong in peach flavour to begin with we had to change the lines in the pub I used to work in to get ride of the taste. For me Timmy Taylor’s Landlord every time (I think we might agree on something?)
  10. ESB sessions in the Fox, oh how I wish I could remember those days... My wife used to work behind the bar of the Mawson Arms, which is attached to the brewery. Many a night she would abandon her bicycle for a taxi instead. Nobody seemed to pay for anything and staff were encouraged to drink loads!
  11. Ah, erm, well actually the guy who does the I’s is off sick and union rules mean that I can’t touch it....
  12. I agree and in the spirit of socialism together we shall change it! Solidarity comrade
  13. I was living on a leisure mooring at the time, wanted to at least try and make it look like we weren’t blagging it!
  14. That’s a great story. Thanks for sharing. The stretch between the flight and Brentford is a lovely bit, in fact my Son’s Birth certificate states his Birth address as ‘Between lock 100 and lock 97 of the GU Canal’ proud of that!
  15. I’m pretty sure that Bourgeois can be used as a noun or adjective, but happy to be corrected... unless it’s by the stinking bosses, they can do one... if the tap tap is out for maintainance that’s good and even better if it’s going to be joined by more facilities. Maybe one day we can finish the job and link it to the Thames... good use of that big school playing field right?
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