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    Abandoned by beloved daughter, but still enjoying playing my concertina and folk music, spinning, knitting sewing and bending metal (in a small way!) and history.

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  1. Jan, If you've not parcelled up the fiddle base Singer 12 for Carl, I'd put a bid in for it as I have a case for it, but my machine was dropped by a child (on his toe, which made me feel that karma was at play, somehow) and it fell down some concrete steps. Sad times. It may be worth you contacting Helen Howes if you have part machines you need to shift on that Carl doesn't want. She buys, rebuilds or breaks very antique machines for parts. Some of the older parts are getting harder to source, in particular, boat shuttles and bobbins. I have her details if you'd like them. If anyone would like a treadle 201K in working order but that needs the case titivating, let me know; one seems to have taken up residence here. I know it works, I've sewn two suits of sails on it.
  2. Okay, I saw it and let it stand because it was quite clearly a dig at me and my surname which frankly I hear every single day. I’ve learnt to have a sense of humour about the joke, because if I got upset about it every time I’d heard it, life would’ve been unbearable for most of my adult life. If I’d removed it then you would’ve all gone berserk because, meh, snowflake culture. So I let it stand. For once, I agree with Nick, there really are more important things to be shouting about.
  3. I’m not sure how a comment referring to one-legged sheep shearing offends the FR&Gs... but then there’s no accounting for taste...
  4. I wouldn’t have thought that was possible with just one leg each? Now seriously concerned about their technique, I mean that cant be comfortable, can it? Wouldn’t they both topple over? There’s never a handy hedge when you need one, is there? Still, CWDF, home of opportunity, striking a blow for every disabled sheep and man or should that be blowing a strike?
  5. I’m pleased you found her so quickly, Mary. That must’ve been a proper heart in mouth moment. As you say, Springers do pull their pins, especially when the weathers been hammering rain down for weeks and the bank is like jelly. Still, all’s well that ends well and I hope that Puddleduck is none the worse for wear and you’re comfortable and warm.
  6. Thank you, Tim, I shall take that as a compliment, brought to you courtesy of a state education...
  7. I can confirm that moderator actions are exactly as Dave stated. Any lone mod action taken quickly because a post or thread is contrary to the FR&Gs is subject to (often detailed) discussion. Some decisions are overturned and as a mod I am happy to see that my decisions are subject to peer review. However, what they are not, is subject to forum review. You may have an opinion, of course, and I hope we are sensitive to that, but the kind of mass braying (which I think is a form of bullying) has no place here. All decisions made are therefore subject to whole mod group agreement, and, whilst we might have some fairly robust discussions behind the scenes, the decisions made are thoroughly discussed and that we, as a group, agree. You may draw your own conclusions from that. I have long argued that the mods should have a single log-in and therefore be anonymous, but other mods disagree and therefore you will see individual mods taking action most usually on behalf of the group but occasionally (and actually pretty rarely these days) individually. If that happens then I mark the my decision as waiting for a group decision, which we then have. Ultimately, the best form of moderating that any forum can have is self-moderation and I think that we have become significantly better at achieving that. This is a place for friendly and robust discussion, for support and sharing of knowledge. I don’t care if anyone thinks that’s fluffy or hippyish, I think it’s a valuable and useful thing to have, and, to participate in. I have been a member here for over thirteen years and I remain very proud of the help we’ve offered boaters and would-be boaters; we are powerful advocates for the waterways and boats and, therefore, should be a welcoming a friendly place to be. We don’t achieve that by vituperative and aggressive posting to each other. If we self-edited and self-moderate more often, then less need for mods to take action.
  8. Same group now, Graham...
  9. Nah, he chickened out...
  10. Personally, I go to BJ’s in Newtown for a good local deal. They offer multiple discounts too...
  11. I'm so sorry to read this, Dave. Please accept my sympathy and those of Lady Muck. We will be thinking of you in the coming days.
  12. It's not aimed at any individual, Mike, just a gentle reminder. All of you, don't dig around to take offence, don't go out of your way to cause it. We can offer a broad spectrum of views without descending into tit for tat posting. You know how much I think of that. This is not the thread to do it in, the circumstances are just too sad to be treated with anything other than tact and grace. Truthfully, you can all that, I've seen it before.
  13. Stepping in just to remind you that you should discuss this with dignity and thought. Many people have lost their lives, many, many people are in mourning or deeply shocked by events. There is no value in unsupported speculation or indeed, insulting each other. That is distasteful. These are difficult times and we should be mindful of that.
  14. They nailed my toes to the stern bench and pushed me over the stern, head nestled on the back button fender. Surprisingly comfortable ... What a brilliant weekend though ....
  15. Tsk ... moderators .... hurtling up Ryder's Green at Tawny warp factor .25
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