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  3. Hello All,. I would just like ask a general Q. see if anybody could throw light on this..I know what the answer probably be but just would like any feedback on this subject. Could anybody who has done this please answer me if know. I know it will probably be a definite 'Yes' answer if living in a Marina as I guessing this solves my Q. as saying got fixed address. My Q. is just with regards 'Continue Cruising' situation.. Can anybody tell me the answer this Q. if poss. Is it possible to claim any extra Benefits (I.e. if as was on land)) like 'Housing benefit' or related if living on the waterways & at a time out of work!?? Well that is it... Regards Newbee..
  4. Hello All,. I don't know if this topic is really relevant. I just asking because spoke to couple of boaters one weekend in part of Manchester. As my previous posts indicate I am a 'Newbee' and looking into living on Canals well as finding out maybe Pitfalls. My Q. is I spoke to a lady on this boat and lady informed me about the risk or not of surveys. She said (Not her boat) which the lady had built from the shell then they fitted out themselves. But a friend had bought a meduim size boat..done all right things thus thought she had a good survey done on it by a qualified person. To cut a long story short the Ultra sonic survey had missed a bad part on the boat which nearly resulted in the boat sinking. Before she took action & had get lifted out water. My Q. is that personally at price of the survey for boats £1,000 in my thinking this should not be happening at prices like this! Can anybody tell me what come back would this ladys friend on this survey she had done!? To me this is quite alot of money to loose when think found your perfect boat and then again have shell out around same amount another poss boat seen! or another. This is where I am slight put off on the Narrowboats because at this price I think you should be getting good, 1st class, sound surveys done by people who not looking to make quick buck on behalf of the boater or possible buyer. Can anybody enlighten me on this topic or about how to make survey not so risky. My last Q. Are Ex-hire boats a safe buy than normal used ones??
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. Does this raise Q's about Marina's though!?? Thinking ; "We will rip-off Boaters now!!"??? This is my biggest worry about starting new life on Canal's... cheers
  8. Hello All,. This post is in nothing in particular it's more general on a very sad article I seen last week about poss 'Hazzards' of buying a boat on Higher purchase or Loans. The news article appeared in 1 free papers that are given out commuters on public transport newspaper (Metro). Anyway,. it was very sadding item on a Couple who had bought one of Widebeam barges on Higher purchase or Loans some way. I have dug deep into the Article but I got the gest. If not seen the article the Guy ended up trying smash' it up because He did not want give it back to the Marina after living on it for 20years. It is a very SAD story as a Newbee to the Barges. Having been looking into idea of buying a Narrowboat as a Perm Home for quite a lengthy time now..I found this item apart from very Sad' a cautionaly tale why not buy a Barge this way!?? Whether it is a small Narrowboat style and I wouldn't even considering buying one larger ones (Widebeams) this way. Well, this is it .. I would be glad to hear any full time liveaboards views on this as I am sure this will if like me a Newbee think about ways of buying any boat.. Cheers Newbee
  9. Hello Jess,. I am also new 2 all things Barge/Canals & have been looking into buying near future. I am just sending you this message ask what you think! What I have found out so far Jess, the boats (Used) are not expensive 2buy.. To me it just seems their are lot other costs around them. One seems be the Marina's... Does the Costs put you off Jess?? Cheers daz
  10. Would fitting LED lights solve this problem?? I use some LED lights & in certain places found no difference in preformance compared to other light opitions..
  11. Hi All,. Mine is just a general view on an article I seen this week in one of the weekly Canal boating Magazines. In a small article it says that now MP's have been looking at the Canals as a soultion to shortage of Housing problems they have now said 'Yes' and intend to back the move to help more people out onto the Canals. To me this is great News & I am astonished that a MP's can actually be forward thinking for Once!! and use some they grey matter sense. I have been looking into a alternative way of living for a while now & partically at the Barges as a place I can call my 1st full time home. Why barge? Well, simple I can not affrord get anywhere near the Property Ladder even if working &slog my Guts out.. To me this is good news and I am sure giving people like me some New hope and a senseof security in a different way of living. I am just worried now if I go ahead & take leap of purchasing boat to live on that certain places along canals (Ie. Marina's) will take to much advantage of all Boaters & start charging rip off prices. I don't think this would be fair or help anyone on canals & put New boaters off. Well, that it.. I am sure some you will get me on this topic.. but I just wanted know some thoughts.
  12. Hi xadmx,. I am bit of a Newbee to all things Canal/Barges. I have been thinking about buying a boat for a while now as a Perm Home. My reasons are purely because I can not afford get anywhere near Property ladder & this way living seems very appealling alternative! What I have found out so far their seem to be a lot of Pro's then Con's seem equal the barges. I am slightly different 2 you xadmx as I am lookin buying 1 that is ready really.. I would love 2do 1 Up from stratch like you as I am a Pratical person but never had real opportunity to see if I got any skills this way. I would love have a go at 1 from stratch like you if I had some hands-on friendly help along way!?! Anyway,. what I find out so far about them xadmx - Is the Boats 2nd hand are not they expensive buy, but to me it seems Other Costs around them!?? Also, little worrying to me is also what about happen - with Whole Canal system (..I don't know if heard?). But it seems in a while the British Waterways are thinking selling off the canals system to someone else. I have been told this might put UP Costs a lot for people &boaters. Maybe making it 2 expensive people live on them!? Also, 1 other thing is that is seems very Expensive to stay in the Marina's! then maybe got Council Tax cost on Top? To me the Canal system could be a easy soultion for lot people like me who can not afford get near Property ladder &live off land. Well, anyway thanxs for reading & I would love to know your views on what I said here xadmx... Cheers Daz
  13. Hi Clarity,. I am considering living on Barge as a full time Home...but my reasons are Econmics (..Just can't not afford get near Property! I am a Single guy, I have thought about this issue amongst many issuses that I have found out about living on canals so far. Safety, I think could be same anywhere ..whether you live in Bricks&Motor or a boat. The research I have done so far on living on a Barge I admit this topic is at very bottom,. my issues whether to take leap over to water are mainly what I can see are around Other Costs on the Canals. To me it seems the boats themselves are not that expensive,. but I have found out that lot other costs I didn't really expect!? I would love keep in contact you Clarity as I say I am considering the Barges/Narrowboat as a Perm live on home for reasons just stated at start.. Regards Daz Well I am thinking of a major lifestyle change meaning that I would live full time on a narrow boat. Haven't fully made the decision yet. Was wonder if there were any single women out there (or men too) who could comment on how safe they feel living onboard. I think I'm looking a residential mooring to begin with - if I can find somewhere nice and cheap in yorkshire. Another factor is that I use a laptop and video camera for my work so these will be left on the boat sometimes. Anyone ever been burgled on a boat? Many thanks for your advice[/font][/size][/size]
  14. Hiya All,. I am just adding another Post hope that members will be helpful as last posts. I have looked at a Canal boating Magazine lately & they have a section on painting the Hulls of boats. Going through the best way cut the costs of 'Blacking' over the years using different Paints from various cheap Bitumen to 2 Coat Proxy paints. Also mentioned before painting 2 reduce the time span spent Blacking' suggesting Grit blasting before to keep best condition of Hulls. I just wanted know from any People who live on their boats Full-time (As a Perm home). Do they use these processes? Also how much does it cost the 'Black' hulls every few years? Do you use expensive paint of go for cheap opition Bitumen paint? Cheers
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