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  1. renji


    Thanks for the advice, I thought travelling 10 miles was a bit excessive, I knew you could do A - B - C then back to area but wasnt sure what the distance had to be between them. thank you for the welcome, we are hoping to find our boat mid January, have been lookin since October now and have sine a few lovely one's, we are slowly getting there
  2. renji


    Been a while since i have posted on here, thought i would ask you guys about the continuous cruising rules as the broker at a local marina said british water ways are trying to enforce that you have to move 10 miles every 2 weeks....is this true? i have read british waterways but couldnt find anything to relate to it....please help ps sorry if its posted in the wrong section :0
  3. renji


    HEHE have already looked into the cassette route, I belive this to be the better option for the winter/ ice months?! Thank you for the welcoming and your advice.
  4. renji


    Hi Iam new to this site and to boating, I am hoping to buy a boat In Jan to live on. My wife and I have been goin to the local marinas to view boat that are for sale aswel as walkin our dog up and down the canal paths to see if we can spot boat that are for sale. I have a handfull of questions to ask, but hope to find the answers to them on the forum before I start to pester you all with questions that have most likely been answered already thanks for reading Andy
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