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  1. Food for thought: The tendency in this country to blindly hurl out stupid comments is only self-harming. Common sense suggests not to rattle off sarcasms at potential US presidents. Now the UK government is being forced to use Farage as a go-between. Trump is said to have communicated to Farage he was not amused. Even sillier is to anger the EU at the same time. The question follows are loudmouths migrating from internet forums to real positions in power where they can do serious damage. Even more nauseating is to see all the sudden backtracking now Trump is president. Too many people if you ask me shouting out insults and assuming they'll be the richer for it. Is it a national issue?
  2. There's not much point in this discussion. I am going to leave it where it is. Where did I make any comparison between myself and a Beatle? What rubbish! I never made any such comment. I also would like to re-emphasise that Pquinn guy is a complete idiot and wouldn't know an "E" from a Gminor if it bit him on the ass. A complete jerk!
  3. Crimps have often been used by repairers, so that's a good point. Yes it works. With clear fishing line it won't be necessary as it knots very fine indeed. If you use normal cord the the crimps are a good idea.
  4. Someone who can only resort to emotional outburst when challenged is not exactly "winning" an argument. Not that it's my intention to try and win any argument. Another big difference here is at least I play guitar and piano and bass whereas I can only wonder if you can say the same. I'm sorry but I consider you to be a complete buffoon of the highest echelon.
  5. Hmmm, I think Yoko didn't see it quite that way. Surely all the songs were supposed to be Beatles songs? Take Hey Jude. Sure enough, Paul wrote the song totally on his own. But he would ask John for advice. In that case John advised not to change the lyrics and so on. So there was always feedback. That even extended to George Martin I think. Another point is to be brutally honest, John in the beginning was the dominant figure in the Beatles. It was John's presence that captivated Brian Epstein and motivated him to manage the band. Up to 1966 John was the real force. Then in 1967, Macca really made huge impact on Sgt Pepper. Lovely Rita, Getting Better, Fixing A Hole, She's Leaving Home all brilliant McCartney tracks. There was a debate by Beatles fans as I recall on that. In "How Do You Sleep", Lennon sings, ""Sgt Pepper took you by surprise..." One or two commentators felt that meant, Macca found his true potential reflected in that album. Still my point is even if you write a song, feedback is still going to impact the final outcome.
  6. I have good news. After a lot of anguished trial and error I have found the following: You can string a radio with normal fishing line. It works fine. The trick is to "rubberise" the tuning shaft. Also the tension needs to be just nice and tight but not on a par with a longbow (joke). This is useful because the braided fly fishing line is 20 quid a reel. The clear nylon stuff is just £1.00 a reel. The commercial cord for radios will also be costly. Using the clear fishing line is, however, fiddly. My eyesight being poor I struggle to see it when threading. It does knot easily though. I will eventually be publishing my thoughts on my website
  7. I'd read this account before and really my sympathies lie with James. I mean the guy wanted to discuss his album. The papers can be ++++ stirrers too. One was stating how people ignored James after a gig he did and then flocked around Paul (who had turned up). As far as I can fathom James is really talented in his own right. Apparently his dad is very proud and involved. To me Macca himself always comes across as a wee bit conceited when he's discussing his music. Yes, he's an absolute genius but seems a bit Kingly or Royal. Apparently once he kicked off after seeing Yesterday attributed to Lennon and McCartney. He felt it shouldn't have had John's name on (but then again The Beatles were a band).
  8. James is his son's name too. He recently had a conflict with an interviewer who wanted James to discuss his dad and The Beatles. James replied he'd come to talk about his own career and his new album. So the interviewer blamed James for ruining the interview and it fell apart. I figured James had a point there. It must feel incredibly insulting to have your songwriting dismissed (not even considered), and be expected to talk about someone famous. If this interviewer really understood music he'd have at least discussed the album. I guess it must be a nightmare having a legendary musician as your dad but wanting the critics to at least listen to your own album. One little secret I didn't disclose is I know the bass player of a very famous band. Not saying who.
  9. I still do music but am totally unimpressed by the modern development of the music scene. Also the former music industry that was a haven for the weird and creative outcast is kaput. You find a lot of social misfits found a niche in music although many were short living. Brian Epstein, Brian Jones, Jimmi Hendrix all died young. I still enjoy messing with music a bit but maybe best not to take it too seriously.
  10. I don't have a fixed opinion on Trump as of yet. I'd like to think his plan centres around "making America great again". Going back before the Clinton years America was a much better country. It could be Trump's plan is to put the national interest first and foremost. In Russia the verdict isn't out yet on Trump and any idea he's some sort of stooge is far removed from reality. At best there may be some heated and frank exchanges but possibly more openess and stepping back from outright conflict. One thing I did hear today is more Eastern European countries are getting discouraged over the EU. This is due to economic factors and a feeling the EU is letting down expectations. Immigration has been the big factor. Once again, no disrespect intended towards your thoughtful and interesting points. We all tend to view things differently and I try my best to encourage a debate. Of course the weather doesn't help.
  11. There's an increase in languages used lately. Latin has made the strongest comeback.
  12. Article here on Trump for any Russian speakers. Дональд Трамп: нежданный козырь выборов в США http://geo-politica.info/donald-tramp-nezhdannyy-kozyr-vyborov-v-ssha.html
  13. What I'm curious about is why are you particularly worried about me, what I write, comment or otherwise? It comes across as a fixation. Not that I'm remotely worried but someone ought to point it out. Back to the thread. The guy who shot John was Mark David Chapman from Hawai. He was a former Beatle fan and seemingly had a normal life as a Christian team leader. He became enraged over the song Imagine for Communist undertones. Also very upset over the statement about The Beatles being more popular than Jesus. I dropped on the DVD film on Chapman which was well made. They had to put him in two bullet proof vests when under escort.
  14. Don't you mean "them". "Us implies you'd be capable too of an actual discussion, which is doubtful. Maybe the purely emotional content of your contributions isn't relevant. Who really cares whether you dislike someone? I suppose we could have those "like" buttons on our profiles and at least that would save a bit of bandwidth.
  15. Wanderer Vagabond, I think we disagree but you argue your case well. You didn't say if you study Russian. I don't recall hearing "na samom dele" as opposed to "v samom dele" although maybe its a variant.
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