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  1. SuperKev


  2. A nice looking boat but I'm not so keen on the center cockpit idea. I am am now about 1/3 of the way through your build thread, and am amazed and inspired by the work you have done. I noticed you have bought an FTO. This made me smile as I owned red FTO GPX back in 1998 (before kids arrived). It was a fantastic car, I really loved it and had several years of fun with it until I smashed it into a BMW on the M25. It was off the road for 3 months while they shipped in parts from Japan. Had to sell it afterwards as my insurance renewal was silly money. Often considered buying another one as they can be had for a few hundred quid now, but the Mrs won't allow it! Yep, had a look at that one, no pictures of the interior but I can only assume that it is pretty bad and would need gutting. A bit too serious for me I think!
  3. Thanks Ray, Will take a look and see what there is available
  4. Thanks for the very informative feedback everyone, the advice offered has suggested many different courses of action! There is a consensus that the boat is overpriced at £1500, and is little more than a floating tub. The boat is moored in Parbold and is called Blue Venture. I am planning to take a look at it with the owner next week, if only to get an better idea of its condition, I will point out to him that it is worth very little. I remain keen on taking on the challenge of a project boat, something that I can put my own stamp on whilst not breaking the bank. I am coming to the end of a lot of big House DIY work and thus am eyeing up my next long term project. I get restless if I don't have something on the go! Perhaps not as extreme as W+T - though I am enjoying reading though the project history of Faffer!. Having read through the forum and looked at many websites selling boats, I cannot find any that sell cheap 'project' boats. The odd one appears at random on Ebay and gumtree. where is the best place to look ?
  5. Hi, My name is Kevin, and I am strongly considering buying a Dawncraft 25 as a weekend cruiser for me and my wife. I have no prior boating experience bar a few trips on a friends narrowboat, but I have good DIY skills, plenty of experience roughing it on camping holidays and a lot of enthusiasm! The boat in question is currently moored on the Leeds Liverpool canal, which I live a stones throw away from. I have walked past the boat a few times, it looks quite scruffy and unloved, the pram cover is ripped and full of holes, but otherwise intact. Having exchanged a few emails with the owner, he tells me it is a early 1980's build. He bought it as a project boat himself but could not find the time and now wants rid of it. It has a 8hp Honda Outboard fitted inboard, there are no electrics, some gas pipework but no cooker etc. Is has a 12 month mooring but this expires at the end of this month (December) . It is licensed to the end of February 19 and the Safety Certificate is valid until September 2022. he is asking £1500 I am planning to meet the owner next week and take a look inside. I have multiple concerns & questions. I have read through the CRT website and my interpretation is that I would not inherit the mooring from the seller. Thus I would have a boat with no mooring, and i understand it is not easy to find one in my local area. With the amount of work I expect needs doing, It will likely be 1-2 years before its completed, thus should I try to find another local mooring? I have a large front garden which could accommodate the boat, thus should I have it lifted out of the canal and transported and parked in my garden to make the repair work much more convenient to undertake ? Any pointers as to what I should look for when I get to see the boat? Any specific questions I should ask? Do boats have such a thing as a service history? Thanks in advance Kevin.
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