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  1. Thanks for the sensible replies. oddly I never asked which woodstain to put in my thruster tubes or a review of my boat but there you go.
  2. My Collingwood boat needs a coat on the bow doors now (four years old). The handbook states that the natural wood finishes in the boat are treated with Morrells (not a varnish). Morrells just seems to be a brand name. Anyone know which product to use?
  3. Thanks, just thought I’d try turning the ignition on and it dropped back to zero again.
  4. Whilst bored with this virus rubbish I’m looking at jobs to do. One slight annoyance is my rev counter not returning to zero. any ideas, I don’t have a clue how it works I’m guessing it picks up an electrical signal from the crankshaft somehow. Pretty sure it works above 1000 rpm with the engine running.
  5. £134 for a toilet seat! The shock sorted me out.
  6. Looking for a new toilet seat.
  7. Sorted, thanks everyone, fuse blown near the battery bank.
  8. I usually wait till a pumpout is due then chuck a pint of spirit vinegar down the toilet and send it through a little at a time. Worst thing I ever did was put bleach down there when I first got the boat. The bedroom stank of poo for nearly two years after that. Finally got everything smelling fine, just add a teaspoon of Silky RX once a month and I give the pumpout pipe a quick second rinse to clean the pipe after every pumpout.
  9. No, I don’t want to fiddle (but my son might, he’s an electrician). I guess what I’m asking is if the timer runs off a separate fuse to the Webasto heater? The two fuses in the holder next to the Diesel unit look fine although untested. Should I be looking for another fuse for the programmer or maybe a relay? The programmer has no backlight or digital readout anymore. I have no wiring diagram (Thermo top C)
  10. Yes, I’ve had that before after several attempts to fire up. This seems different I’m wondering if the timer is kaput. It’s completely blank. Guess I’ll have to try and get a tester on it. It has tiny wires and a baby multiplug on the back.
  11. Having recently forked out £200 for a service I thought I’d actually use it today instead of my immersion. Went to press the manual override on the timer and the red backlight went out and nothing’s happened since. Checked the two fuses near the webasto burner and they look ok. Does the timer have an internal fuse maybe? Any ideas before I lob the lot over the side? The timer is very basic and looks like it came out of a Christmas Cracker.
  12. Mine was nearly new when it blocked. I used a wet and dry vac to suck the bowl out, stripped it down, checked the blades and descaled the lot. Never did find exactly where it blocked but they have ridiculous small diameter pipes and ninety degree bends behind the pan. I no longer put paper down ours anymore either.
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