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  1. sueb

    Thomas Cook

    Will Atol go bust?
  2. Programme this afternoon on impossible railways showed the Forth Bridge. It is painted in a coating containing glass flakes and will last 25 years. Why not use on narrowboats?
  3. Why do men do the easy bit and steer the boat and leave women to do the hard work of working the locks? I can understand it if the man is disabled but to have a strong healthy man holding the knob whilst a slim woman strains with the locks is just stupid
  4. The only way you can check if a boat is licenced is to look on the CRT website. CRT haven't been supplying printed licences for some years, although they will if requested. A bit like cars.
  5. Also a good view from the school of dentistry plus free dental treatment
  6. Can you let your house as rooms? We did this and kept a room for our own use (not essential) I realise house of multiple occupancy opens a new can of worms.
  7. If the windlass was left on the spindle I would remove it and throw it in the cut. It would be safe then. Flying windlasses are killers
  8. Moving house and getting a new number helps. I don't give my landline phone number out and we have registered with the telephone preference service. Unfortunately the medical services all withhold their numbers so ignoring these on the mobile isn't an option.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. That was our boat and we were knackered when we finished it. You have the spelling wrong because we spelt it Nackered Navvy
  11. Try talking to the residential boat owners association. Plenty of advice with them
  12. Have you looked into getting a loan? Make sure you can get one first.
  13. Try Thames and Kennet marina. Not cheap but boating isn't cheap
  14. Left ours in the launderette. I didn't want wet washing in our boat.
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