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  1. No they have to have sticky up pointed ears.
  2. The best is a GSD. You walk into them rather than fall over them. Ours were never allowed on furniture. They are large enough to repel borders and are able to get themselves out of the canal.
  3. Thank you the crowdfunding page is heading around wrg via facebook.
  4. May we have more details? Are IWA and wrg involved? I remember Fred watching the historic boats moor at the Droitwich opening after he had moored up with no trouble at all. He made Sadie very happy.
  5. That's why I said you had to be a wrg not a wrg member :-))
  6. A friend and I formed our own boat club wrgbc. We affiliated to AWCC so we could leave our boats at a boat club whilst going canal digging. The only rule was that you had to be a wrg. The commodore wore a painted toilet seat on official occasions.
  7. Been there, done that. We bought a new hull and fitted it out in a dodgy boatyard. We also had talented friends. It took us two years and we had a retirement income. Without that combination it would have been impossible for us.
  8. I'm the contact, but only have to isolate for 11 days The point was that the app didn't show that I should isolate when I looked at it the day before.
  9. I have damsons for gin or jam. No jars for either!
  10. My phone didn't ping but when I looked at it on Thursday, it said self isolate for 11 days. We had been to a pub for a meal the day before (Wednesday) and I had logged in and there wasn't a warning then. I hope this means the contact was on Monday. It would be helpful to know where the contact was made.
  11. sueb


    A collapsible ladder is useful
  12. We used Neken tiles. Very easy to use.
  13. A magnet. We didn't have a TV
  14. The hull builder built cheap basic hulls , we had one. The fitter is excellent . I'm not surprised you like it. You can be sure it has been fitted out well.
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