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  1. That was our boat and we were knackered when we finished it. You have the spelling wrong because we spelt it Nackered Navvy
  2. Try talking to the residential boat owners association. Plenty of advice with them
  3. Have you looked into getting a loan? Make sure you can get one first.
  4. Try Thames and Kennet marina. Not cheap but boating isn't cheap
  5. Left ours in the launderette. I didn't want wet washing in our boat.
  6. Facebook has a group named DisabledBoaters.org They have a list of 30 boats suitable for disabled people
  7. We were in Madeira one christmas when tenders were needed to go ashore. Three got badly damaged just trying to tie them to the cruise ship. It was an interesting cruise, gales all the way :-))
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. Mooring owners often 'sell' the same mooring twice. We used a friend's mooring (with their knowledge) and we were both charged the full amount.
  10. Just chips by Bristol Hippodrome are very good
  11. Make sure your available mooring isn't on CRT waters
  12. It has a brilliant carnival
  13. Self raising flour and water with a pinch of salt. Mix to any consistency and drop spoonfuls into hot fat in a frying pan. Turn once. Variations include adding herbs/tomato sauce or any other flavouring. Pufties fed many a canal camp
  14. The weather can be changeable. Roger did it with a friend, with a good weather forecast and ended up with gale force winds. It was a bit hairy
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