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  1. sueb

    Bank robbers

    I payed for something over the phone using my credit card today. For the first time ever the girl said "I am turning off the recording before taking your details". It would be so easy to keep the details to use another time.
  2. sueb

    Cycle Boats

    EA had one that had beds, a loo and cooking facilities. L'escargot. Wrg cycled from Dudley to Henley to raise money
  3. sueb

    Female Harold Shipman ?

    MJG they still have their lives and freedom. That is the unfair part
  4. sueb

    Self pump out kit

    We had a 12v leeson self pump out. It saved us a fortune and was efficient. We replaced a hand powered one which was a pain and hard work.
  5. Can you do the work needed where you are moored? If you need to move every two weeks you will find it challenging
  6. If you buy a house to let out keep a room for your use. You can then go back any time to check on the state of your investment.
  7. sueb

    NB width.

    The locks on the Basingstoke canal are 13'6"
  8. sueb

    Worrying Times For Londoners

    The stop and search policy was unpopular and was curtailed but it worked
  9. sueb

    C&RT Seize Pensioners Boat 27th March

    IF he refused help no one can force it on him. I know as many facts as anyone here and as Bee has said 'some people are difficult to help@
  10. For your second boat I would (and did) buy a new hull and engine and fit it out to my own requirements. Buy it in the spring not as we did in the winter. Good luck
  11. We did this but be sure you want to. I hated it. It took up too much room and was difficult to control. Mainly due to smoking the steerer out every time I needed a hot oven. We had a gas stove which I needed in the summer and ended up using most of the time. We eventually changed it for a fire with back boiler, which was a much better choice.
  12. sueb

    A good Single Malt?

    The English Whisky company produces some lovely whiskys. The owner will advise which one will suit you. If you can do a trip you won't regret it. We go fairly regulary.
  13. sueb

    A cheap and easy CCTV

    Our EE payg doesn't need topping up monthly
  14. sueb

    How does your garden grow?

    Nasturtium and courgettes are fun
  15. sueb

    Bristol floating harbour

    We haven't done it for 7 years but then only the boat moored to land paid. We were three out. It is preferable not to be there on Friday or Saturday nights. It got very noisy.

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