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  1. I seem to remember in the very early 60's shuttering ready to have concrete poured. that would back this theory up. As when the project started in 1950's? there was still a fair amount of narrow boat traffic between the North west and the Black Country and the need to protect the bank erosion. This changed to concrete piling early 60's and moved onto steel piling
  2. Probably still with the under funding problem for navigation?
  3. Charles Hadfield was also involved in The IWA Inland Shipping Group and later returned to the IWA Council . Sir Frank Price political skills were honed in the Birmingham City council and definitely worked hard to 'sell; the waterways.in the corridors of power. The Fraenkel Report was under his watch, not forgetting the notorious Tring summit scheme. He was also involved in the fight to prevent the the BWB waterways being fragmented into the Regional Water Authorities by the the then Environment Junior Minister Eldon Griffiths and another treasury ply to get the canals off the
  4. If I recall correctly there was a report about 1965 that was titled The future of the Inland Waterways signed by Sir Reginald Kerr but largely written by Charles Hadfield (of Historical Books Fame). This highlighted the lack of commercial long term future for transport on the narrow canals. It also went into costings of filling in and disposal, the drainage problems expected by infilling etc. and loss of water sales. Versus the leisure revenue potential long term. I think it was this report that produced the Transport Act 1968 Giving us the commercial , cruiseways and remainder waterw
  5. Anyone remember the Fraenkel Report of the 70's ? Deja Vu with Blisworth Tunnel!
  6. The Director involved in Halmo was a Mr CH Taplin an early enthusiast. He was involved with Lower Avon. I beleive the first hull was built for an Avon trust member in 1966 but have no evidence of an exact date
  7. Whilst looking for something else I came across this in an Austin Vehicle website. http://archive.commercialmotor.com/article/23rd-may-1958/41/new-7-tonnei-n-austin-exhibition I had heard talk about this before but mainly as a push tug operation on the BCN involving delivery between two factories. This appears different?
  8. Mot to forget Dennis Cooper pf CTS also at Norton Canes also late 60/s with his Tug Style.
  9. I also beleive Pimblotts of Northwich built a steel narrow cruiser in the late 1960=s
  10. Shropshire Union Cruisers from Morbury exhibited a cruiser stern steel hull at the IWA rally in 1966 at Marple Harborough Marine were building new boats in Oak and exhibited +Pusat Tusek+ there. Nalcolm Braines first steel hulls were built by Halmo Engineering a company that did vehicle chassis alterations but had C>H. Taplin as a director. the first going to the Leicester rally in 1967.
  11. My guess would be that the Whittle refers to Whittle le Woods where the company was based .
  12. I think there may have been an article in Waterways World on this toplc If my aged memory is not playing tricks!!!! Also Fanshaft gave up to date details on the other Weaverthread
  13. Who will claim the Northwich Trader F.M.C. , GUCC or Cowburn Cowpar?
  14. Pownall's Contour canal was proposed to run from the weaver to Wolverhampton I think post war . I presume to River Weaver dimensions. Proposed I beleive post war I think the terminus was at Su/ Stafs Worcs level rather than the BCN Wolverhampton level
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