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  1. I think by the style and construction there is a link between Jasmine 1 and Clevanda . I have no facts that this is the case to base this theory. I beleive it was John Humphries who owned Clevanda adding a different spelling to the confusion.
  2. Hi Caron, As Max Sinclair wrote I remember a "Jasmine" at the Stourbridge Rally in 1962 that was wooden, did he build the steel boat to replace it?
  3. I am pretty sure Graham Parker was working for Malcolm Braine in 1967. I am not sure of the exact year he started out on his own
  4. I seem to remember that John Stothert had an involvement with Sea Steel at Nassington when he moved out of Norbury
  5. Large Windlass Size which we had never encountered before
  6. One of my families "Amusing, Embarrassing" moments was having cruised from the North West via the Coventry Canal arrived at Braunston Bottom lock to be confronted by G.U. paddle gear !!! Reversing out of the chamber and going back to Blue Line to get GU windlasses must have given the pairs tied below the lock a good laugh!
  7. My Father had a copy of a similar map in 1960 and used it to plan a trip to the Thames in 1961 from the North West.. I cannot confirm edition Number etc . as if it still exists it will be with a set of B.W. Cruising guides in a long unseen corner of the attic. One of my best memories is coming through Hawkesbury in what I assume was the pit holidays and pairs tied both sides out of the stop lock . which seemed to a young boys eyes to go on for ever.
  8. Looks like the Toll End Branch is open om the BCN
  9. Cardiff's canal quarter - how it looked in the past, what's there now and the exciting future - Wales Online No plans to go up the valley
  10. I found the white band useful for spotting moored boats when moving in the dark.
  11. Short You Tube Video of one part that hasn't been built over in the city. A paddle gear has been left
  12. I think I spotted David Hutchings at the beginning of the film so I guess the timing to be early 1960;s.. I went through in 1962 at the time of the Stourbridge Rally,.but this was not the trip. I volunteered to take the boat back through the tunnrl from Park Head so I arrived back at the boat much later than expected happily munching some chips wrapped in newspaper. My Dad who had booked on the trip with me had had to go somewhere else that day, so I went on my own. So I received a bo_____ing from my mum who didn't know where I had been. Happy days
  13. I seem to remember in the very early 60's shuttering ready to have concrete poured. that would back this theory up. As when the project started in 1950's? there was still a fair amount of narrow boat traffic between the North west and the Black Country and the need to protect the bank erosion. This changed to concrete piling early 60's and moved onto steel piling
  14. Probably still with the under funding problem for navigation?
  15. Charles Hadfield was also involved in The IWA Inland Shipping Group and later returned to the IWA Council . Sir Frank Price political skills were honed in the Birmingham City council and definitely worked hard to 'sell; the waterways.in the corridors of power. The Fraenkel Report was under his watch, not forgetting the notorious Tring summit scheme. He was also involved in the fight to prevent the the BWB waterways being fragmented into the Regional Water Authorities by the the then Environment Junior Minister Eldon Griffiths and another treasury ply to get the canals off their accounting books
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