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  1. The Director involved in Halmo was a Mr CH Taplin an early enthusiast. He was involved with Lower Avon. I beleive the first hull was built for an Avon trust member in 1966 but have no evidence of an exact date
  2. BW Containers

    Whilst looking for something else I came across this in an Austin Vehicle website. http://archive.commercialmotor.com/article/23rd-may-1958/41/new-7-tonnei-n-austin-exhibition I had heard talk about this before but mainly as a push tug operation on the BCN involving delivery between two factories. This appears different?
  3. the Stentor was built for the Chaplin family I.R.G.
  4. Mot to forget Dennis Cooper pf CTS also at Norton Canes also late 60/s with his Tug Style.
  5. I also beleive Pimblotts of Northwich built a steel narrow cruiser in the late 1960=s
  6. Shropshire Union Cruisers from Morbury exhibited a cruiser stern steel hull at the IWA rally in 1966 at Marple Harborough Marine were building new boats in Oak and exhibited +Pusat Tusek+ there. Nalcolm Braines first steel hulls were built by Halmo Engineering a company that did vehicle chassis alterations but had C>H. Taplin as a director. the first going to the Leicester rally in 1967.
  7. Builder ?

    My guess would be that the Whittle refers to Whittle le Woods where the company was based .
  8. Weaver Navigation Time Line

    I think there may have been an article in Waterways World on this toplc If my aged memory is not playing tricks!!!! Also Fanshaft gave up to date details on the other Weaverthread
  9. Historic Boats for sale online

    Who will claim the Northwich Trader F.M.C. , GUCC or Cowburn Cowpar?
  10. Connecting South to North

    Pownall's Contour canal was proposed to run from the weaver to Wolverhampton I think post war . I presume to River Weaver dimensions. Proposed I beleive post war I think the terminus was at Su/ Stafs Worcs level rather than the BCN Wolverhampton level
  11. Lllangollen Canal article, 1968

    I seem to remember New Marton top lock having a gate paddle
  12. Lllangollen Canal article, 1968

    The author Charles Hadfield would that be the same as the author of the historical book series? I can certainly remember gate paddles on the top lock at Badderley in the 60's I would guess removal happened when gate making at Ellesmere was moved to Northwich
  13. Historic Boats for sale online

    I think the Maid Line Cruisers were built in house at Thames Ditton
  14. Not Admiral Cabin wrong and no front cockpit
  15. Obviosly after Peacock but Gifford and Spey should be added to the list