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  1. Warrington Black Bear ?
  2. The identity should be in he Northwitch Health Register. I beleive the Admiral Class were registered in the 100's So I would suggest that this motor was re registered at Northwitch on joining British Waterways N.W fleet probably after a docking at Hayhurst Yard.
  3. Lion was Malcolm Braine's boat in 1962 when i first saw it . 45 ft in length. I beleive it was lengthened in two stages. I think WW did a feature with John Saxon when he owned the boat.
  4. Are there any height restrictions to consider?
  5. Thus we go back round to Thurlwood Steel Lock. Fails under same lock site site ruling? Good spot though. I cant put a date on the work
  6. The good people of Wolverhampton have cut down on their Flushes then?
  7. One of the Locks on the Upper Avon Robert Aickman? was built new and not on a previous lock site
  8. His middle button on his jacket is undone>
  9. First ethical question , do you have other crew members? Is the cabin suitable for one to one sessions to allow a confidential environment. If you are considering on-line counselling , I would recommend doing further training to equip yourself with the different aspects you do not require for face to face counselling such as secure email for contracting. Secure software (Zoom is not 100% secure). Procedures for reconnecting if a session is interrupted, insurance, payment methods etc. Given a good wifi signal this should allow you to cruise and deal with clients. As you mentioned I would start this off with discussing this at Supervision
  10. The pub at the top of Wolverhampton (Forgotten its name) long since demolished . Had a lock in with Chocolate Charlie , when some of the the Anderton fleet was tied there. It had a lovely bay window with a view of the top lock.
  11. Amaryliss was built by Taylor's of Chester and as far as I know was a private boat and never served in a hire fleet
  12. In the sixties we carried our own Keb and cleared minor things ourselves .
  13. Must be taken off the duck because it worked for me yesterday
  14. I think it was about 1979, I beleive taken by Laurence Hogg as he took detailed pictures of the boats in the left corner that went up for tender at about that time one of which was President .
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