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  1. chevron

    Central heating webasto

    The system will not run if there’s no water in it I believe? Is the water in the bilge also from this system and it’s not bleed well.its a simple wiring circuit if you have wiring diagram to sort electrics
  2. chevron

    Getting mail

    Thanks for all the advice looks like we will be redirecting to my mums For now.
  3. chevron

    Getting mail

    We are moving onto our boat shortly and need to somehow get our mail redirected and be able to collect it as we will not have an address.royal mail collect does not seem to help or work as we do not have an address as a last resort we could have it sent to a relative what do others do?
  4. chevron

    Creeping Crack Cure - seriously!

    Works great used it to seal a small leak on a hatch
  5. Hi Tony thanks for the reply love reading your posts and learnt so much on here.But surely if the supply tank is supplying a good supply of cold water through the webasto the system will take longer to get to temperature? Than reculculaing part warm water from a small radiator my heater tank receives all the water on the return flow into the top of the tank and takes water to supply the webasto from the bottom which has cooled off.
  6. Have installed a webasto on my boat which only heats the calorifier fitted a large 30 litre header tank to stop it cycling run the webasto for three quarters on an hour and have had no problems so far the cool water of the large header tank seems to work
  7. chevron


  8. chevron

    Standedge tunnel.

    My boats quite near the size limit also has sides which are quite straight up rather than angled in got to the last couple of hundred yards and caught the front corner my mistake took a good chunk of rock with me.I was told to not fight the tunnels self steer and just keep a steady speed with gentle steering got carried away when the end of the tunnel was insight.the chap who goes through with you brings a good light on board which goes on the roof and lights the tunnel well.I also had a couple of the 210ltr plastic drums on the front deck which I filled with water to bring the front down.
  9. chevron

    Flexible pipes to water pump

    My thought on using them is there ease of fitting with no worry of connecting to the plastic already fitted.my worry was the thickness of the pipe as you have stated above Chewbacka for bends and vibration from the pump.
  10. Would it be ok to use these fitting at screw fix as flexible pipes at the fresh water pump have the correct fittings at the pump seems a simple solution unless someone can advise why not. ( JG SPEEDFIT PUSH-FIT FLEXIBLE TAP CONNECTOR HOSES 15MM X ½" X 300MM 2 PACK (9938G)
  11. Thanks for replies plenty of options I could not find any great help again from all much appreciated
  12. I have plain 22mm copper tube at the moment which I want to connect three quarter/19mm rubber coolant hose to the webasto what could I use to connect the eBay connection to the copper pipe wth a compression joint please?
  13. Hi Been looking for a connector which I can use to reduce 22mm copper pipe to three quarter coolant rubber pipe it’s to connect a webasto to the hot water tank what have others used not having much luck on the internet
  14. chevron

    Uppermill to Macclesfield places to stop

    Thanks for information some great places to check out
  15. We are traveling from uppermill to Macclesfield via peak forest canal any recommendations for places to stop things to see along the way please

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