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  1. As above this is how I tested mine before fitting to boat I just put a funnel via a pipe to inlet pipe and the outlet pipe into a bucket and the just kept filling the funnel with water till I was happy with the running on the unit,As I have said before if it does not see water then it will go through a test cycle and stop secret is a good high header tank and we’ll bleed system
  2. Shut again temporarily repair has not worked bosley lock chained off
  3. I’ve had the email as well wondering how many have had it
  4. Agree cannot tell off pictures but the outlets look high if there’s no diesel when the union is loose and tap open it will never work
  5. Loosen the union at the tank if no diesel flows out problem is at tank if diesel flows out try disconnecting pipe at pump should come out there if gravity fed
  6. If there is an air lock in cooling system they run through the start process pump running then shut down so make sure coolant system is free of air
  7. Normally can see soot from leak another way on cars to locate leak is to get someone to lightly hold a rag over exhaust outlet which increases exhaust pressure for a few seconds at a time while you look and listen for leak
  8. Walk through doors each end and look at full height plastic tile faced sheeting works out quite cheap
  9. Live local and never seen Bugsworth basin full unless an event on and still managed a space even then..as above as you turn at the t junction to go to basin mooring on the right is a good spot as well
  10. I fitted a victron 712 thought I had a drain on my battery’s but I had to charge batteries till full make sure everything was off including solar panel input and waited an hour and reset worked fine since.
  11. What I was thinking was that by switching between shore connection to inverter or generator position with shore line connected would I cause any damage to the switch or worst current flow while switching over. I do have a galvanic isolator.
  12. By underload the only thing drawing current is the mains fridge so I should turn that off at its socket switch first
  13. Looks like to be safe I still have to unplug the lead then
  14. In the day I run the mains electric via an inverter using the solar power. At night I switch back to shore power is there any need to disconnect the shore power lead before turning the three way switch between the different positions? Can I just leave the shoreline plugged in have been told leaving it in can cause arcing across contacts of switch when switching over. What do others do please.
  15. This is the chaps email who runs the forum [email protected] very helpfull
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