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  1. Standedge tunnel.

    My boats quite near the size limit also has sides which are quite straight up rather than angled in got to the last couple of hundred yards and caught the front corner my mistake took a good chunk of rock with me.I was told to not fight the tunnels self steer and just keep a steady speed with gentle steering got carried away when the end of the tunnel was insight.the chap who goes through with you brings a good light on board which goes on the roof and lights the tunnel well.I also had a couple of the 210ltr plastic drums on the front deck which I filled with water to bring the front down.
  2. Flexible pipes to water pump

    My thought on using them is there ease of fitting with no worry of connecting to the plastic already fitted.my worry was the thickness of the pipe as you have stated above Chewbacka for bends and vibration from the pump.
  3. Would it be ok to use these fitting at screw fix as flexible pipes at the fresh water pump have the correct fittings at the pump seems a simple solution unless someone can advise why not. ( JG SPEEDFIT PUSH-FIT FLEXIBLE TAP CONNECTOR HOSES 15MM X ½" X 300MM 2 PACK (9938G)
  4. Thanks for replies plenty of options I could not find any great help again from all much appreciated
  5. I have plain 22mm copper tube at the moment which I want to connect three quarter/19mm rubber coolant hose to the webasto what could I use to connect the eBay connection to the copper pipe wth a compression joint please?
  6. Hi Been looking for a connector which I can use to reduce 22mm copper pipe to three quarter coolant rubber pipe it’s to connect a webasto to the hot water tank what have others used not having much luck on the internet
  7. Uppermill to Macclesfield places to stop

    Thanks for information some great places to check out
  8. We are traveling from uppermill to Macclesfield via peak forest canal any recommendations for places to stop things to see along the way please
  9. This is the modified pully I received from beta and fitted it slides over the splines and then bolts to the larger pulley I received no instructions and was unable to use the nuts provided and removed and drilled and taped the pully to take the bolts supplied I guess it depends on what bottom pulley you have fitted,there is no kit fitted on the engine picture and you can see how the kit works transferring the load to the splined shaft
  10. I have a beta engine with this set up on and have managed to fit the modified pully support to the splined shaft extension I have had trouble with the pully that drives the generator which is not keyed to the shaft spinning plus drive belts,beta have been most helpful supplying parts at my exspence,speaking to people who worked on these set ups when new they were not reliable from new the mass weight which is driven at all times is excessive,there is someone on Facebook an engineer who has ground the shaft down and put a tapered collar and a taper on the pully to pull tight together don't now if that survived,me I have disconnected the generator belt as being an engineer it was like driving a ticking time bomb,I bought my boat second hand like you would a car and work for a major car manufacturer if there was a fault like this on a car the manufacturer would have recalled the car and fixed the problem.the problem here is that beta do not seem to have a fix on speaking to them there seemed to be a clutch set up fitted onto the generator pully to cure the fault but this is not now offered maybe it did not work.
  11. Grounded not far from selbycanal

    If I had grounded where the cows are I could have got off the boat we were about thirty feet out yes proved to be still too close we were grounded both side of the boat with deep water in front my 18 foot pole would not touch the bottom. A very big learning lesson when we came back the other way cows were stood where we had grounded looked like they were walking on water
  12. Hi As I have little knowledge on what's best regarding 12 volt electrics wonder what people would recommend I have a beta marine Bv2203 engine with an early prop gen which on forums they have been reasonable for front pully damage due to the operation of the generator.this week whilst out on the boat the generator failed not the first time this has happened,unfortunately I found that this provided the mains power to run the battery chargers. On inspecting the system the boat alternator only charges the starter battery. My battery bank is 440 amps the alternator is 55amps I have a victron 3000 inverter which I use to power a mains fridge the boat has all led lights we do not use the television or washer whilst off shore mains. The boat is mainly on a marina with the odd week away and weekends.I am thinking of removing the generator and looking at the following ways to provide power, fit solar panels.convert wiring on alternator fitted to split charging,what's the best way? Fit another alternator in place of generator to charge the leisure battery's what would you say would be best combination. One last question does anyone know which Kubota engine is the same as the beta bv2203 ?
  13. Grounded not far from selbycanal

    Naughty cal your correct stay in the middle we have learnt a big lesson only defence we have is how far it comes out in the water we were not that near to the bank,thanks to the two men who had a try with there small boat at pulling us off,Wanderer Vagabond that's the position of the build up as above I had a wood stick that I pushed in the build up guess the stick was 2.4 metres I left twelve inches above the water line and marked it to see if the water level was going up or down that's a big build up we were also grounded on the outer of the boat as well.Big thanks to Pete who offered his help and phone number. The RCR were very supporting and the canal trust also.morral is yes keep to the centre.
  14. Grounded not far from selbycanal

    inside curve of bend it's meant to be a known grounding point after the avent if you look on google earth it's before you get to selby turn off bends looks like a w or m and its the last bend on that on google earth you can see where the cows stand in the river some one above has said it's been like that 10 years