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  1. Amended the post it’s a green ring. Just trying to locate it using the local boaters who might see the swan probably on its own. Sure the lady who has lots of contacts would be informed by the other Chanels if it’s seen and reported. We know it has moved up the canal but have just lost sight of it now.
  2. Hi Please if anyone sees a male swan last seen Trent and Mersey canal at Acton Bridge with green ring number CLC2 will you let me know where. It’s a swan which has been returned ti the canal after having treatment for an injury which has not settled in its old area.
  3. I bought that kit on ebay from that seller wish I had paid the few pounds more for one he does with diagnostic connectors to make it simpler. Works perfectly on my windows laptop. Fast delivery as well.
  4. It’s worth talking to lancing Marine they can tell you if your controller mechanism is the soft shift one by sending them a picture of the underside. I believe that they can modify it to soft shift controller. Mine was already a soft shift controller so bought the soft shift plate accumulators from them which delays smooths the oil flow to the clutches which 100% cured the fault. kit cost just less an £300 pounds no idea how much from beta marine.
  5. This is a note for those of you with two lithiums connected in parallel with internal BMSs whether hybrid or not. Some have been noticing that one battery discharges while the other one doesn’t despite the discharge ‘switch’ on both the BMSs being turned on and this doesn’t change until the charge switch turns back on on the second battery. After some experimentation and research on Mark at Lifebatteries’ part and a bit of muppetry of my own to confirm and explain it we have an explanation: Because all discharge has to take place by current flowing from the battery and ‘backwards’ through the diode in the turned off charge switch before it gets to the discharge switch there is a small voltage drop in the turned off charge switch. Now if you have two batteries in parallel and they both have their charge switches off as they have reached full charge both will deliver power together briefly until one of them turns its charge switch back on. Even though they are set the same there will be small tolerances that means one will switch first. As soon as that one switches the charge back on its voltage will rise by the amount of the voltage drop that was across its diode and this could be over 0.3 volts. This means that it will now take the load current and so the other battery voltage won’t decrease as there is no load so it won’t switch back on. Eventually, under a light load, the battery taking the load will decrease in voltage and then the other battery will start delivering load which will drop its voltage and allow its charge switch to turn on. They will now deliver power together and, to a certain extent, equalise between themselves however, at the next full charge they will become fully equalised. Now that this mechanism is understood it is fairly safe to say that it actually isn’t a problem, it won’t reduce capacity and both batteries are actually turned on so there is no worry about only being able to use one. Of course another way to get the other battery to turn its charge switch back on is to give the system a heavy load. One way to possibly reduce this effect a bit would be to raise the charge reconnect voltage from 13.5 to 13.55, you may say ‘why not 13.6’ and the reason is to keep the batteries away from being held at 13.6 for long periods which would effectively be at full charge. No it might not do much harm but then nor does a bit of imbalance between two batteries. Just for fun and for those interested here is a diagram of the relevant bits of the BMS with the mosfets being CFET and DFET for charge and discharge respectively. This is what the answer was from Phil who runs the site who is very clued up on all thing electric I would try getting on facebook and join the group as it’s a fantastic source of information regarding set ups plus have a link for buying Lithium batteries with good customer support and back up. When i finally take the plunge.
  6. There’re is a very good article on the 12 volt boating group on facebook which goes into detail as to why this happens and is quite common I keep looking at lithium batteries. There is a wealth of information regarding lithium batteries on this forum.
  7. Depending what gearbox you have sounds more like the gearbox maybe slipping. personally i would check the level of gearbox oil especially if it’s a box with clutch plates.Then the adjustment of the gear cable and movement of the lever. It could have come loose or the cable might be failing.
  8. Just recently there’s shooting going on in the fields near Middlewich towpath side heading towards Davenham. My thought was it’s too near the tow path but they seem to face away from the towpath when shooting. The guns they are using are extremely loud.
  9. Personally I do not think Beta have changed the crankshaft from woodruff key to splined shaft. If you look on the beta marine website the picture of the beta marine 43 engine on the data sheet which shows the front pulley seems to show a splined support similar to the one I have posted a picture of. It would be nice if someone who has contact with someone at beta marine could confirm if the new engines have a woodruff key.
  10. Woodruff key pulley with either the splines protruding or beta marine have cut some off. Never heard of a splined crankshaft wonder if people are getting it confused with having protruding splines . would be nice if they have up dated the crank to a stronger construction?
  11. Sorry yes a freewheel pulley not clutch
  12. I got the support direct from beta marine it was three or four years ago and was about 50 pounds plus postage. On my travel pack the ac alternator was mounted on the gearbox and was driven by a long shaft with a pulley on from a pulley on the front of the crankshaft. The clutch was fitted on the pulley on the long shaft they mentioned at beta they had tried it and it had not worked as intended. Bit more information about the system i had and removed. the engine ran at idle then when you pressed a button the engine would run at 1500rpm continuously, the gearbox a PRM500 had a trolling valve fitted and controlled the speed of the prop from zero to max revs. Everyone used to shout at me to slow down doe to the engine noise. I guess this set up was to take the strain off the engine trying to drive the ac motor. In my kitchen area you can start the engine and press a button which then runs the engine at 1500rpm so you could use the ac motor which was 7kw if cooking electric. My boat when I bought it came from an owner who had bought the boat and engine system from new. I think they had some problems as hand written notes included detailed belt problems when I have looked at the front crank pulley bolt mine has been drilled and roll pins fitted to stop it moving this could have only been done with the engine removed due to difficult access.
  13. It is correct that some with a travel pack driven off the front pulley can end up with a loose pulley and damage to the key way resulting in a new pulley and crankshaft being needed. The spline shaft at the front is where a tractors accessories would be driven from. Beta sometimes cuts the splined shaft off for easy access to tighten the pulley nut which is in the maintenance guide to be check for tightness. Where my engine is fitted checking the tightness would be so difficult as up against a bulk head. I had so much trouble with the travel pack and drive belts and on talking to Beta Marine they had tried even a one was slipping clutch to improve operation. I removed the system as i felt like I was driving a ticking time bomb which would destroy the engine. I bought and fitted a very reasonably priced support which takes the strain off the crankshaft. Which Personally I would fit even if i has large alternators. Picture attached of kit
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