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  1. Have a corner bubble stove which came with the boat, it has been the best thing on the boat, clean no ash controllable heat. Convinced friends who have had one fitted they love it and will not go back to a coal/wood burner.
  2. Yes found that out today not enough fast heat from a blow torch. So a hacksaw to limit damage to unions I wanted to reuse.
  3. Appreciate all the helpful comments and the utube video of how the connection works heat would not move the joints even with the biggest pipe wrench, so angle grinder to cut the clamps and a hacksaw to cut the joints with threads on I need to reuse
  4. The bottom housing sits under the engine and gearbox you would have to remove the engine to remove it as the engine mountings bolt through it. Unfortunately the exhaust goes through the rear of the bottom housing.you can see it in picture
  5. Unfortunately my beta engine is in one of them suitcase type boxes. On looking again it was the same joint in the most inaccessible place as the joint at the silencer. I am not too fussed if I have to replace the silencer and coupling as long as I can get the flexible pipe out of the elbow near the engine. Have wrapped all the joints in pieces of cloth now and soaked them with penetrating fluid to start with.
  6. There is no flange at the engine end just a screwed in 90 degree elbow at the bottom,it is a beta engine in a sound proof box only hope is that the big nut releases or cut it. Think it looks worst than it is, if it needs a new silencer it is not too bad but will still have a problem if it is seized the other end. Worked on Citroen cars for 27 years so am quite use to things being seized.
  7. Thanks for that knew there had to be a way
  8. Midland chandlers looks like the one thanks for the answers. I think with a bit of heat it will come off. But I have another problem above the silencer is a screwed in elbow and also one at the other end. Do I turn the threaded flange further onto the silencer so that the flexible unscrews and releases from the flange then remove the flexible at the other end. All the joints are screwed together the only way I can see to release the flexible is as above?
  9. Hi Any idea where I might be able to purchase a new flexible exhaust pipe from same as the picture of both ends please. It is off a beta marine 50 but am guessing the exhaust and flexible would not be supplied by Beta.
  10. I remember cycling from Clayton and on approaching Market street (first time I had ventured that far) there was a line of sunken boats on the none towpath side of the canal. Well that’s what my memory was wish I had a picture of it.
  11. Lived in the area and always remember the sunk line of boats near market street Droylsden. Canal used to be my playground love your pictures. Would love to see some of the sunk boats there
  12. If the boat has the same generators set up as my boat I would walk away and not buy one again. Mine had a 7kw motor driven off an eight tooth rib belt off the front pully. Basically a ticking time bomb. Renowned for causing the front pulley to loosen destroying the crankshaft. The engine runs at 1000 rpm or 1500rpm when you press a button. The pram 500 gearbox then slips via the trolling valve. They did not make many of these and I believe they then changed to one driven by the back of the engine gearbox. Picture of bad set up.
  13. One of the coal boats have put this on face book :Bosley & Marple Locks will close tomorrow until further notice. CRT make no mention of the real reason for this stoppage / closure which is due to not maintaining the feeder from Combs Reservoir which they have recently discovered is collapsed in Whaley Bridge So they now have both reservoirs on the Peak Forest inoperable, but at least they have as usual "consulted" (told us) about this. It's a shame they feel they have to take extra measures as they suspect boaters will "vandalise" the locks! "To prevent unauthorised access through vandalism, measures may be taken to make the locks inoperable. " Think this is where the feeder feeds water to the canal via the Whaley bridge transport wearhouse pictures off there web site
  14. After six years have finally got round to some new porthole liners, having fitted thicker insulation the old would not fit. We could not find wood or fibreglass to fit well plus the cost was high. New ones are just loose in position not yet secured.
  15. I am getting a very slight mist from breather this is only since I have removed the trolling valve set up off detailed in another post. My guess is that the gearbox control lever valve is different on a none trolling valve set up. Everything is working ok so I want to look if the elbow is fitted and then possibly exstend the breather upright so the oil runs back in. When I removed the trolling valve there was a oilreturn pipe from the trolling valve to the of the gearbox I left this pipe on and not blanked off but higher than the gearbox everything was ok till I blanked this redundant return pipe off. I might just put it back as a second breather
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