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  1. Don’t think you have upset anyone.but think people are worried you may be stripping without knowing the cause of the the fault. We do not know your mechanical knowledge or experience and think I think you need some help with correct diagnosis. It will be worst when the heads off and you possibly not see anything wrong. Other ways water could get in by any water to oil coolers.is the coolant level dropping it should be if it is going in the oil? Is it worth removing injectors spinning engine over see if there’s water in the bores. I still think you need someone to have a look at it.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. Agree with Sam owner needs help not to start stripping this down,if there is some fuel coming out the pipes on turning over the engine it’s unlikely to be the valve gear.I would remove the air cleaned and put hands over intake while turning over on starter and see if there is any suction,then bleed and check fuel flow from tank to pump. I as well think owner needs assistance
  5. Water in the oil soon goes creamy coloured oil. Could it be a small amount of unburnt diesel which has ended up in the sump due to none start via rings? Think you need some assistance with locating fault if you feel it is outside your comfort zone and knowledge it could be something quite simple. If it was running ok before it was turned off cannot see it being anything that bad.
  6. Follow the stop cable to where it is secured on the engine or diesel pump bet the cable or linkage is jammed in the open position disconnect the cable and work manually
  7. HOSE 15MM X ½" X 300MM (63404) View reviews (38) View all Q&A 10mm bore. Suitable for drinking water. EPDM rubber inner tube. Stainless steel braided hose. More Info View all: Unbranded Compression Hoses
  8. Why not buy the same pump no messing about with pipes.the blue bit near the pipe on the pump is a quick release I think to detach pipes from pump without disturbing pipes. my pump does not need an accumulator in the system so I replaced pump with same pump.Also I replaced pipes near pump with the braided hoses to cut down vibration and noise?
  9. Watching it as my mum loved the royal family think the queen and Charles in fact enjoyed the recent programs on Charles are ok don’t like the tax payer paying for all the hangers on even if they bring in a lot of money via tourists
  10. They will shut down if there is air in the system they cut out if there is no water going through the system,so bleed it we’ll header tank needs to be above the level of unit. Thereis a very similar recent thread on this site with lots of advice about what to check if you do a search
  11. Pumps fastened to unit connected by short rubber pipe,I have wondered are coolant pipes the right way round at unit is it drawing the coolant from the radiator circuit and not direct from the header tank ?
  12. I bought a kit off eBay with a second hand webasto and the bucket of water and a funnel to bleed was the method I used to make sure the unit worked before going to the time consuming job of fitting.At least it should prove if in fact the unit is faulty or if it is the way the unit has been installed. My own webasto system was then installed knowing what air locks can do and ran without bleeding at all due to the way the header tank and location of the units and pipes.
  13. This is from the manufacture fault finding site The installation location of the heater should be as low as possible to ensure self-venting of the heater and circulation pump. This applies in particular to the circulation pump (Thermo Top E and C only), which is not self-sucking. The circulation pump may be installed in the location provided on the heater or remote from the heater integrated in the coolant circuit. The correct direction of flow through the heater must be observed (coolant outlet on top, coolant inlet on bottom), otherwise malfunctions may result. Are you sure that the pipes are also the right way round connecting to system
  14. Said it was air at the start drop the webasto unit so it is near the floor it’s only three screws to do this as the exhaust and fuel pipe will bend this will make it so the water pipes supplying unit are not going uphill to unit getting rid of air traps
  15. Yep creeping crack cure works for me on my hatches no leak at all and had tried lots of things my hatch is above the bed so know it has worked
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