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  1. I would say it would be a lift on flat bed and move about 100 feet and drop boat off there a crane would be able to do it I guess in a lift swing round and then drop,but I am thinking that the Hiab would be much cheaper?
  2. Hi Sam they have a slipway but no crane you have to provide your own crane or Hiab there but thanks anyway
  3. Can anyone recommend a company to lift a boat out of the water and onto a hard standing at the Macclesfield canal near high lane the boat is 23foot and less than 3000pounds weight? Was thinking it only needs a Hiab
  4. Thanks for the reply Eeyore that helps I have also a message which after a telephone call has made me believe its possible to convert back to a normal set up
  5. Sorry Mike about opening grammar but just wanted to get all the detail of the system on paper for those who have not heard of the system, the boat when new was sold as a gassless boat all singing electrics. Guess what it has a bubble stove with a large bore 28mm loop pipe for heating with no pump on it, when we bought the boat that was the one item we believed we would have trouble with and would be removing it’s been the best thing ever very cheap to run no mess. So if I can get this boat back to normal set up I will be very happy. As for Beta filled in the form for parts with the numbers they require to identify the unit received an email saying they have received it then nothing. I have had good service from Beta from there technical team in the passed but everything is very slow without you chasing them.
  6. I have a beta marine engine with a prop gen.the generator was powered by the crank pulley via a shaft and was famed for the pulley becoming loose and damaging the crank shaft. I have removed the generator and the shaft drive. I am now left with an engine which is controlled by an exspensive relay which operates a solenoid valve which operates on the deisel pump lever to run at 1000rpm or 1500rpm only.the prm 500 gearbox has a trolling feathering device which has a potentiometer controlled by the cable which would normally be connected to the diesel pump lever to control the throttle the feathering device controls the speed of the propshaft from zero the 750rpm.would anyone know how to and if possible or has anyone already taken off the the trolling feather system and converted the throttle to run off the cable like a normal boat.I will contact Beta if need be for there advice but have been already waiting weeks for a return email regarding parts
  7. Thanks for your reply I was thinking on giving the boat a good run to see what the indicator settles at or removiving filter and running it which should send it over to green to show it’s working.i have been looking at modern filters but as filters in pressure line it’s a 500 prm box runs at 23 bars I believe so most spin on ones are 10bar.i agree with the oil as it runs on engine oil it’s thick
  8. I have just got round to removing the filter bowl and the only markings is UCC 3.5i have carefully washed the filter and changed the box oil with the same oil I always do.i have ran the boat in gear for a while and the indicator is slightly in the red yet the filter seemed quite clean still trying to get a filter now I have seen it best price so far 150 pounds.I suspect the gauge is faulty on the unit and wonder if to buy a complete unit as they seem to be not much more expensive.to test the gauge I wonder if leaving the filter out and running the box would send the gauge back into the green?as a test of the filter being blocked.any thoughts or ideas
  9. The system will not run if there’s no water in it I believe? Is the water in the bilge also from this system and it’s not bleed well.its a simple wiring circuit if you have wiring diagram to sort electrics
  10. Thanks for all the advice looks like we will be redirecting to my mums For now.
  11. We are moving onto our boat shortly and need to somehow get our mail redirected and be able to collect it as we will not have an address.royal mail collect does not seem to help or work as we do not have an address as a last resort we could have it sent to a relative what do others do?
  12. Works great used it to seal a small leak on a hatch
  13. Hi Tony thanks for the reply love reading your posts and learnt so much on here.But surely if the supply tank is supplying a good supply of cold water through the webasto the system will take longer to get to temperature? Than reculculaing part warm water from a small radiator my heater tank receives all the water on the return flow into the top of the tank and takes water to supply the webasto from the bottom which has cooled off.
  14. Have installed a webasto on my boat which only heats the calorifier fitted a large 30 litre header tank to stop it cycling run the webasto for three quarters on an hour and have had no problems so far the cool water of the large header tank seems to work
  15. chevron


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