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  1. I have just replaced my tank due to a leak from the main body it was a slight leak that was only apparent when the tank was hot. I had to remove insulation to locate it. On removal of the tank there was signs of the immersion heater leaking at some point as well this was replaced also along with the accumulator. New tank was about £300.00 immersion heater £35.00 pounds and £35.00 for accumulator
  2. Pleased it has worked for you well worth the money. It’s a shame the manufacturer of the gearbox has not sorted the problem out.
  3. Lancing Marine 292 plus vat delivered next working day
  4. Thanks to everyone’s replies and especially Albion have fitted an accumulator soft shift had a short drive and it has transformed the gear change completely, I got advise before fitting that the original controller is a soft shift one. Unfortunately as the box used to have a trolling valve i have had to put a straight pipe instead of an 90 degree angle pipe which now hits the accumulators between the two points the trolling valve used on the controller I need to change this pipe as it gets in the way of the sound proofing suit case over the engine trip to have one made to fit or a none trolling valve controller which does not need the pipe?
  5. Just done mine with SML paint a 60 foot boat three coats 25ltr with 2ltr to touch up did not do base plate. I would just buy 15ltr of under seal no thinners that should give you three coats and some touch up. It needs stirring very well and we got it hot by standing it in hot water and keeping it warm. We transferred small amounts to a roller tray first coat was hard work the others were easy. it drys quickly and looks good.
  6. Set up from the gearbox is a very large rubber bonded joint then straight through the stern to prop shaft. Have someone who if I remove the box controller will advise if it’s already a soft shift one then decide an action plan then suspect it needs the accumulator set up.
  7. Later and new boxes seem to come with the the soft shift controller but not the spacer and accumulators
  8. I can find no backlash it’s a good solid set up the only thing i cannot check is the drive plate but have no chatter. the engine and box are in a beta acoustic suit case and i am often asked if the boat is electric as it’s that quiet. That’s why the box noise is so irritating.
  9. Have in the passed recalibrated the rev counter and adjusted the idle as slow as i can go. the morse controls do not bring the engine off idle till well passed full gear selection. My boat has a 22 inch prop which I do not think helps the noise.
  10. I have a PRM 500 gearbox which clunks into gear unless you are very gentle selecting gear. The fault is well documented online and there is a soft shift controller replacement or an accumulator set up from the likes of beta. Has anyone on here carried out replacement of the controller or fitted an accumulator and this has cured the noise. Someone has said you can modify your original controller but not provided the information to do so? all threads of different forums never seem to have a positive fix.
  11. bramble cutting is lovely if you can get on not many moorings and popular. Marbury park is lovely plenty of mooring and nice to walk round not far from Anderson boat lift and a crt service station
  12. Amaising amount of cupboard space. As long as you are organised will sleep four with little space for passing each other. good point is plenty of safe space when cruising out the back. Fantastic solid boats.
  13. Another pleased customer who used Martyn Ross. Lovely chap explains everything so you can understand if any problems.
  14. I did them five years ago and have had no leaks
  15. I used clear silicone sealer as where the window glass sits acts as a gutter for rain water. there’s a small hole which directs any rain water out of the boat.
  16. Setting your battery up you use the C20 reading for your battery’s supplied by the manufacture which is slightly less than the battery one. Roughly if your battery’s are 460 it’s about 420, you need to check with manufacture. All I do then is charge battery’s fully then with nothing charging battery’s let them drop below 85% to synchronise. After this I just watch the voltage reading and amps reading to monitor the battery charge
  17. Having both roof hatches and also opening side hatches with glass in. I wish I did not have the roof hatches there a pain with condensation this time of the year. Much prefer the view and light of side hatches.
  18. Diesel Engine Mitsubishi K3D 979 cc 21PS Modell K3D Engine Type 3 cylinder Diesel capacity 979 ccm max.power at 2700 rpm 21,0 PS / 15,45 kW Bore 73x78 mm Starter system Electric start 12 Volt Weight 124,0 kg Dimensions (LxWxH) 560 x 430 x 590 mm
  19. Have a corner bubble stove which came with the boat, it has been the best thing on the boat, clean no ash controllable heat. Convinced friends who have had one fitted they love it and will not go back to a coal/wood burner.
  20. Yes found that out today not enough fast heat from a blow torch. So a hacksaw to limit damage to unions I wanted to reuse.
  21. Appreciate all the helpful comments and the utube video of how the connection works heat would not move the joints even with the biggest pipe wrench, so angle grinder to cut the clamps and a hacksaw to cut the joints with threads on I need to reuse
  22. The bottom housing sits under the engine and gearbox you would have to remove the engine to remove it as the engine mountings bolt through it. Unfortunately the exhaust goes through the rear of the bottom housing.you can see it in picture
  23. Unfortunately my beta engine is in one of them suitcase type boxes. On looking again it was the same joint in the most inaccessible place as the joint at the silencer. I am not too fussed if I have to replace the silencer and coupling as long as I can get the flexible pipe out of the elbow near the engine. Have wrapped all the joints in pieces of cloth now and soaked them with penetrating fluid to start with.
  24. There is no flange at the engine end just a screwed in 90 degree elbow at the bottom,it is a beta engine in a sound proof box only hope is that the big nut releases or cut it. Think it looks worst than it is, if it needs a new silencer it is not too bad but will still have a problem if it is seized the other end. Worked on Citroen cars for 27 years so am quite use to things being seized.
  25. Thanks for that knew there had to be a way
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