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  1. Both oak lined rear metal doors on my narrow boat became blackened after approx 9 years to a point where I decided to remove and replace the panels. Found and removed all screws but still could remove panels. Confirmed finding all screw by inserting thin blade between panel and metal door to full depth. Unfortunately, it would appear that builder also glued panel inserts into frame. Being slightly discouraged, decided to consult Google for cures for renovating discoloured oak where I found advice using Oxalic Acid. Removed staining without too much effort. Worth trying before destroying panel? Advice given elsewhere suggesting there should be a gap between panel insert edges and metal door frame. Hope this helps.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. Thanks one and all for comments and advice. Regards Brian
  4. Thanks Pearley. There's a temperature regulator on the calorifier which regulates temperature but still can't achieve required level.
  5. I knew there was another reason for keeping one ... bit like a canary down a mine 😉.
  6. Thanks ditchcrawler. Have you any experience with thermostatic shower valve on boats?
  7. I've always had problem regulating Shower Temperature and think it's about time I stopped dodging shower when temperature changes. I've reduced the hot water temperature from the calorifier but the water is still too hot. Boat fitted Manually adjusted Mira Shower Mixer, Shurflo 2901-0213 pump and cold water Accumulator. Contemplating fitting thermostatic shower valve. Option B would be to fit a separate hot water pump and accumulator but that would be more expensive and require major work. Would be grateful for any advice from anyone who've fitted a thermostatic shower valve. Regards and Thanks.
  8. Make sure they remove Mill Scale before painting ... will save lots of problems
  9. Dip pipe blocked:- Would suggest trying to blow back towards tank from pump to check.
  10. The only note to Ray T's photo is that because clearance between gearbox drain plug and hull is limited, I would suggest one end of high pressure hose has 90 degree connection.
  11. Fitted Pump to drain engine and gearbox sumps provided by Beta Marine ...
  12. I don't like brutal and always try to use minimum force. I inserted multitool saw between panel and metal door on all four sides followed by probing with utility knife blade and I'm confident that there are no more hidden screws. There may be some kind of grab adhesive but given panel secured with screws, can't really see the point. Think the only thing left is the grab adhesive. Thank you all for your suggestions.
  13. I'd be grateful for advice on how to remove wood panel from metal rear doors. Wood panel has started to rot from bottom and in need of replacing. I uncovered and removed 6 screws, hidden with filler, and used a multitool to break seal between wood panel and metal door but still can't remove panel. Any practical advice gratefully received. Regards and Thanks Brian.
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