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  1. Thanks for all the help and advice but I've decided to replace original plug with one with pigtails. To replace individual pin whilst bending over engine and my head resting in shelf is just a little too much. The existing plug wires are short and not supported; which is why I think they failed. Intend making mechanical joint, soldering and shrink tubing connections then supporting extended cable to minimise potential vibration problems. Hopefully my experience will help anyone with a similar problem. Regards and Thanks Brian
  2. Thanks to all for your suggestions and whilst I appreciate nicknormans' contributions I'm not quite sure of how they relate to my situation. Thought a bit more plug detail might be more enlightening.
  3. Quick update. As Tony suggested, squeezing the tab, not lifting, releases a latch. Replacing defective connection is another problem. It looks like a one time only as there does not appear to be a way of releasing individual pin connections. Looks just like that found on e-bay : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282925670766 or with wires attached. https://www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/product/1309/category/258?prefer_full_site=1
  4. Rev Counter stopped working and found wire from smaller Starter Alternator disconnected / broken where it connects to plug. Probably due to engine vibration and the harness not being supported. Grey plug on Alternator at 12 o'clock position appears to be secured by a tab of the same colour, which I suspect needs lifting, however I'm unsure of the best way to release the plug. Tab feels very rigid and I'd hate to excessive force and cause any damage in the attempt. I'd be grateful for any advice or guidance. Regards and Thanks Brian.
  5. Funny you should say that. Good thinking 😉.
  6. Thank you all for your help and advice but just to report I located a Port Navigation Light on E-Bay. It has a chrome body, but as I'm only interested in the lens, it was a good find. Regards and Thanks Brian.
  7. Thank you all for your advice and suggestions. Enjoyed how topic morphed into discussion about Hillman Imp memories. Friend had a California and it went like stink. Might have seemed fast as I had a 848cc Mini. Regards and Thanks Brian.
  8. Thank you for your reply. I'd like to use original because, unless dropped, glass is more durable than plastic which tends to degrade.
  9. Accidentally broke glass Port Navigation Lens - clumsy. Ordered what appeared to be replacement from Midland Chandler but unfortunately, instead of item similar to shown in advertisement, was sent a plastic replacement item. Original:- Replacement:- I would be grateful if some could either supply or provide contact detail from where I could obtain item similar to Original. Regards and Thanks Brian.
  10. I need to replace Vetus 55KGF Bow Thruster Battery and would be grateful for any advice or recommendations. ... and yes I know I should learn how to manoeuvre unaided and not rely on a girlie button. In my defence I'm a single handed boater and a Bow Thruster does help. Regards and Thanks Brian.
  11. Hi both. Thanks for the replies and advice. I normally leave Multiplus on 'Charge Only' and, if you read second line of OP, I did mention that I 'Accidentally' left Inverter 'ON'. Normally Multiplus set to Charge Only with access to shorepower and when moving. Have three alternators; 75Amp Starter, 150 Amps Leisure and 240 Volt Travel Pack, when things get desperate, using microwave or on move when using Washer/ Dryer I'm confused as to Lucas Battery XV Supreme LK31MF 1000 MCA 110 Ah battery type. Exactly what category would best describe this battery type and are the default values, apart from D.C. Inverter input low shut down, acceptable? Am I correct in assuming Power Audit is theoretical maximum demand on batteries as against practical where only a few items are in use? Ring RBA50, according to manufacturer, measures batteries internal resistance which increases as battery ages. Regards and Thanks Brian.
  12. I have 5 Lucas Battery XV Supreme LK31MF 1000 MCA 110 Ah; 3 parallel supplying domestic power, 1 Engine Start and 1 Bow Thruster. Accidentally left Victron Inverter on only to find shore power had failed and leisure batteries at 9v30. Checked Inverter/ Charger settings and found they were still at Factory Default: Gel/AGM, VictronEnergy, Gel Exide A200 D.C. Inverter input low shut down 9v30, input low restart 10v90. Absorption voltage 14v40: Repeat Absorption time 1.00 Hr Float voltage 13v80: Repeat absorption interval 7.00 Days. Charge current 90A:Maximum absorption time 8 Hr Shore current 16.0A Transfer switch Accept wide range of input frequencies. AC low disconnect 180V: AC high connect 265V AC low connect 187V: AC high disconnect 270V UPS Function. Although battery indicators are all green Ring RBA50 returned results all batteries bad; reducing MCA to 500 and retesting indicated all batteries good; suspect reduced capacity. I’d be grateful for any assistance in recommending battery types for each function (do I really require 5 Leisure Batteries) and configuring Victron Multiplus 12V/3000 VA/ 120 Amp Inverter Charger. Regards and Thanks Brian.
  13. Hi all. Have connected fuel tank to dosing pump and dosing pump to Webasto with straight lengths of copper pipe; removed coiling. During reworking found that tank union olive was loose on pipe even when nut tight; pipe would move in and out of connector allowing air/diesel leakage. Webasto is now working 🙂 However there's no filter fitted and without the space necessary to fit Fuel Filter / Water Separator, I would be grateful for any suggestions for a suitable metal in line filter that complies with B.S.S. standards. Regards and Thanks Brian.
  14. Hi BEngo. The photo is correctly orientated and shows Heater Fuel Tank feed to Dosing Pump input. Arranging the spiral as you suggest, in a downward spiral, with coils horizontal would allow fuel to flow easier using gravity and stop air being trapped in the coils. However the Dosing Pump position is at the coil end and fixed. Will also orientate Dosing Pump to Webasto as suggested. Regards and Thanks Brian.
  15. That's what I'm hoping. Think what I have is a little excessive. Might reduced coils or just a wide loop. Haven't decided yet.
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