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  1. Beta 43 engine temperature does not reach normal operating temperature. I expect temperature to be approximately 80 degrees Centigrade, Thermostat Temperature, but only achieves 60 degrees Centigrade. Compared Temperature Sensor resistance, given in Beta Marine Manual, and found them to approximate - both min and max. Connected Thermal Couple to confirm Temperature Gauge reading. I cannot remember Temperature Gauge ever reading anything approximating 80 degrees. If it was a car I'd suspect a faulty Engine thermostat, or no thermostat fitted but, having large skin tanks, I'm unsure how these would affect engine temperature. I'd be grateful for any advice or guidance as what to expect. Regards and Thanks.
  2. Understand limitations of digital multi-meters but if you know someone with an analogue multi-meter and can leave it connected as close as possible to alternator 'W' output ...
  3. Beta 43 Marine manual suggest checking alternator output from 'W' connection; should be approximately 9 Volts A.C.
  4. Clean but not polish ... there are better things to do than repeat the same operation only knowing you'll have to do it again and again and again ....
  5. Would it be possible to construct a small fuel tank, above the injector, and use gravity to feed diesel directly into high pressure injector? If engine starts then the problem is before injector pump ... at least will divide system.
  6. Watch quite a few impressive videos and it appears to be the easiest way to remove contaminates which build up over time from high pressure systems without dismantling. Has anyone used diesel purge as a regular treatment, or following a 'bug' invasion ? Any considered advice or suggestions gratefully received. Regards and Thanks Brian.
  7. Sound exactly the symptoms I experienced before finding water pickup pipe blocked - see 'What have you fettled today' post #1055. Probably not the same but worth checking before purchasing a new pump.
  8. Lopped off 2 inches of fresh water input pipe inside fresh water tank. Having found rust particles inside Shurflo Pump and noticed that pump gradually, over time, took longer to pressurise system, and whilst contemplating purchasing a new pump, decided to look inside fresh water tank. Tank had been painted with two pack and, whilst generally looked sound there were patches where rust was beginning to appear so decided it was time for repaint. Purchased Sigmaguard CSF 585 and resigned myself to adopting fetal position inside tank to prepare surface for painting however, before starting, noticed a rest coloured stain under fresh water pickup pipe. Because clearance between end of pipe and base plate was so small, approximately 1 cm and unable to use a mirror, investigation performed with tip of small finger ; could not feel end o f pipe so decide to lop it off - see photos and spot difference. Luckily, the remaining good metal pipe internal diameter is just less than 15 mm and provides a good interference fit with standard 15 mm plastic pipe.
  9. Beta Marine reply: 'As standard, our propulsion engines are supplied with 40A engine harness fuse connected to battery positive stud on starter motor. This fuse is to protect the positive supply up to our control panel key-switch terminal 30 You are correct, our diagram 200-06421 (attached) shows this same fuse, so no need to fit another. The fuse you must fit is the 10A one, to protect your additional relay being fitted to switch power to the electric fuel pump. In this way, the only additional load on the engines control panel is kept to a minimum.'
  10. Having purchase a pump from Beta Marine and been given additional components, including a 40 Amp Fuse, Holder and Relay, I would respectfully suggest that their inclusion would suggest a 40 Amp Fuse should be fitted and that the circuit was not fully understood. You are correct in stating that the 40 Amp Fuse is in place for glow plugs etc., however the relay supplied by Beta Marine only requires approximately 150 mA. However, unless I've missed something there's nothing on the circuit to indicate the reason for it's inclusion. If the diagram illustrates circuit required to add an electric fuel pump, why does it include a 40 Amp fuse which already fitted?
  11. Just a quick mention to those contemplating fitting an Electric Lift Pump to an existing Beta Marine installation. The 40 Amp Fuse is fitted as standard to all installations and, as its already fitted, is not required when fitting pump. 200-06421 wiring electric fuel lift pump.pdf
  12. No rubbish in street or lock ... can't be England
  13. My hatch cover furthest edge is contoured to match roof line with approximately 1/4" clearance. Sliding it towards hinged doors is not possible because hatch opening is raised and almost touches the inside of the hatch cover ... very little wind and no rain ingress when hatch is closed.
  14. I had a similar problem with a sticky hatch but unfortunately, cleaning and lubricating rails did not solve problem. Water had found its way between channel brass and steel causing rust to form and expanded pressing channel brass against runner thus preventing hatch from sliding smoothly. Solution, if possible remove hatch cover and remove metal from channel in runners, making sure to remove metal from the non load bearing face so the hatch height remains the same. Unfortunately I was unable to remove hatch cover as boat builder had mounted mushroom to close to hatch cover so I had to unscrew runners and fiddle them out one at a time. Now, besides making sure everything is well lubricated, I fit lengths of pipe insulation over channel brass everytime I leave boat for any length of time - pipe insulation is already split which makes it easy to fit.
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