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  1. thank you I had I need 1012mm x 514mm so the size of those is not going to fit, but thank you
  2. Both could be an option. Three new ones means i can fit them myself. If i get replacement glass - i need two that are slide in windows that open at the top so they need those twisting latches to keep them in place and need sealing around frame. And one window is fully pane that doesnt have the frame. the others are fitted with rubber edging frame (im worried id struggle to fit that one myself though) Another option would be to get two glass and one full window thats new i suppose
  3. One of the windows doesnt even have the frame and two others are so old if i tried to get them out theres very little chance they will be intact its a frame for two slide in glass windows that fully open
  4. I am looking to replace three of my windows. I bought the boat with the windows smashed. First thought ill get a window guy from reading to get those done as one of the windows is fully pane and my old ones need resealing too but after measuring before covid ive been calling the window glazier every week since end of june and he hasnt looked at his notes again at a bit of a loss since he is the glazier who covers london area. Trying to get these fixed so can finally get the insulation in so been at a standstill with being able to progress with my home. So plan now is to purchase 3 new windows and fit them ourselves. Hoping the apperature of the window holes is pretty standard. Does anyone know window supplier hopefully near or in London who supply narrowboat windows that doesnt cost an arm and a leg? I got some quotes lowest i found was like £170 for a window plus like £150 for shipping. which added up to like around 600 pounds for three windows seems like i surely can find a better option then this.
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