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  1. This year we managed to get a month in a marina close to home to catch up on a 2-3 year backlog of fettling. Then back to our canalside mooring which is a better location for cruising. Best of both worlds and worth the not huge additional cost.
  2. Thanks for that - just watched both parts and enjoyed the "walk". What a pity it is still being filled in near Trowell. Nice cycle route down the Nottingham to Bramcote and back up the Erewash - just wish I could do it with the boat.
  3. Pour it into a big bin at our local site. Dustbin at side for the empty containers.
  4. PaulD

    Air flow of a vent ?

    I used Vetus vents which comes with a mesh grill for the interior. The area of 49.69 cm2 is reduced to an effective 31.80 cm2 with the grill fitted. See https://www.vetus.com/en/ventilation/deck-ventilators/aireador-de-cubierta-tipo-ufo-8164.html A proper CE marked vent should give this information in the data sheet which you need for the RCD. Maybe the data sheet comes inside the box with the Midland Chandlers vent.
  5. PaulD


    Will check the pics this evening. It does lift the rudder a bit but mine is clamped at the top bearing housing.
  6. PaulD


    Is this of interest? Pics of my rudder included.
  7. What is the best sequence of opening the upper paddles going up in these locks? If only one boat in the lock I read it is first the offside ground paddle if you are on the towpath side then the towpath ground paddle. Then the gate paddles when the bow is clear? Still difficult to hold position in the lock and it is so much easier if there are two boats in the lock. Is it worth having a line over a bollard? They seem to be in the wrong place either too far forward or too far aft. Went through Aston today both ways. The volunteers seemed to know what they were doing (better than me anyway) and I was very grateful for their assistance.
  8. Some history about Nottingham Boat Sales on Canalworld
  9. Can you prove you own your boat? If you leave it with a broker for a few months who has no proper paperwork the administrators will ask you to prove it.
  10. For sure if there is no contract of sale proving ownership the buyer has no chance of getting the boat if the broker goes bust even if they have paid for it. Administrators want proof of ownership otherwise any property in the yard is regarded as assets of the broker.
  11. There should be a contract of sale signed by both buyer and seller with transfer of ownership clearly defined. The broker should organise this.
  12. Not just agree but have it in writing. Either in terms and conditions or better a signed document. English law is very vague on transfer of ownership and if the broker goes bust you will have to prove ownership.
  13. I would be tempted to leave a couple of large buoys (e.g. oil barrels or Asda trolleys?) chained and padlocked to the piling when away from the mooring.
  14. If your parents have just sold their house it is difficult to see how they would qualify for universal credit or would need to go to food banks. Something fishy here.
  15. Narrowed it down further. It is only slow when using Chrome desktop site setting which I like as it is a reasonable size tablet and I can see the recent posts. Canalworld works OK on mobile setting. Have cleared cache and cookies - no change. Strange - looks like a Chrome issue but doesn't affect any other sites that I use. Maybe a lot of data on the site. Solution for now is to use Firefox for Canalworld.
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