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  1. Price is high for Sawley. £179k would buy a nice home in the area with no annual service charge.
  2. PaulD

    Inverter woes

    I was thinking the same thing. New anodes?
  3. Paint it black. No problem touching up then.
  4. If you are craning it back into the water gaffer tape over the exhaust outlet and engine air inlets in case it goes in a bit wonky.
  5. Interesting that latest 2019 figures show that annual immigration is 59,000 from EU and 200,000 from outside EU. So Brexit will not solve that problem.
  6. If we didn't give wealthy pensioners like me bus passes, winter fuel allowances, and other bribes to vote conservative we might be able to solve the growing homelessness problem and become a first world country again.
  7. Two people! We would use 4 oz of gelignite in my earlier career.
  8. After thrashing it for half an hour with two sledge hammers.
  9. Unjustified criticism of semi trad sterns - you just need to get the engineering right. I have a semi trad stern a foot longer than standard but with no fixed seats. There are two stools / boxes for steerer and first mate at the rear with a short vertical back - I can sit there all day. We use folding seats for any passengers which are comfortable. We can also sit 4 at a table on the deck. The semi trad stern provides shelter from wind and a bit of privacy. Keep looking.
  10. The T&M wide locks after Shardlow are all hard work going up. You have to go back and hold the centre rope round a bollard to stop it running forward. Even then it will be all over the place. Worth waiting for another boat if possible.
  11. Like most boys we had a motorbike. If we didn't fix it we didn't go anywhere. Dad had a toolbox. Grew up and got married then fixed the cooker, electric wiring, gas cooker! brickwork, door locks etc. Then bought a shell and fitted out a boat - every 70 year old boy needs a project! Have my own toolbox now. Something has gone wrong in today's UK I think. If you can't fix anything a boat must be a living nightmare.
  12. Dan, you are right about the Sun Inn and the station. Fact check next time. Locals still call the pub the Navigation which is nice.
  13. The Great Northern used to be called the Navigation which was appropriate as it is on the junction of 3 canals. Don't know why they changed the name because it had nothing to do with the Great Northern rail company which had its meetings in the Sun Inn in nearby Eastwood. The Navigation was a great quirky pub with walls covered in memorabilia.
  14. PaulD

    12V Heaters

    Because in 34,999 boats there is adequate ventilation.
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