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  1. Abaft - perfectly good 13th century Anglo Saxon English.
  2. Semicircular stern, semi trad without lockers. Can get at the engine, gearbox and stern gland from all directions. Can have a party on the rear deck. What’s not to like.
  3. What’s wrong with semicircular sterns ??
  4. PaulD


  5. PaulD


  6. There’s a whole new ball game now in the EU to cover anything e.g environmental permits where they haven’t got round to making a standard. It is called Best Available Technology - BAT. Another course to go on!
  7. When CE marking started a risk assessment was done to determine which standards should be applied and the consequences of each risk to ensure it was being dealt with adequately. I still have my course notes. It was originally intended to be within the ability of any competent engineer. Gradually the process degenerated into an expensive paper exercise to demonstrate compliance with a huge list of standards many (most) of which were irrelevant and not associated with any real hazard.
  8. Nothing on the manual or on their website. The Johnson bilge alarm using the same sensor says "passive amps" 16mA so I guess the switch is probably the same.
  9. The Johnson switch also will not work when required as the enclosure is not waterproof. I have a collection of failed switches from the bilge and grey water tank. Seemed a good idea when fitting out.
  10. We don’t have bench seats / lockers on our semi trad. We use fold up chairs and the cabin sides add a bit of privacy if sitting out by a busy towpath. Room for a fold up bike and a big dog as well. Easy access to the engine / batteries. Ours is not a live aboard boat so we are not worried about losing a bit of cabin space.
  11. You forgot that you will need to remove the cyclists hanging off the centre line.
  12. When you have got the bows fully across the canal reverse back to the mooring and everyone will think that is what you intended to do. Just did it a couple of hours ago!
  13. Had same experience at Fradley two weeks ago. VL opened the paddles and never looked at me or the boat. For the next ones we took over.
  14. According to the locals these issues have all been reported to CRT many times. The sunken boat was apparently recovered but some of it got pushed back in. The gate at Stenson has CRT ribbon on.
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