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  1. I would be tempted to leave a couple of large buoys (e.g. oil barrels or Asda trolleys?) chained and padlocked to the piling when away from the mooring.
  2. If your parents have just sold their house it is difficult to see how they would qualify for universal credit or would need to go to food banks. Something fishy here.
  3. Narrowed it down further. It is only slow when using Chrome desktop site setting which I like as it is a reasonable size tablet and I can see the recent posts. Canalworld works OK on mobile setting. Have cleared cache and cookies - no change. Strange - looks like a Chrome issue but doesn't affect any other sites that I use. Maybe a lot of data on the site. Solution for now is to use Firefox for Canalworld.
  4. Narrowed it down to the Chrome browser on my tablet even though Chrome on my laptop works fine. Using Firefox browser on my tablet Canal World site works fine. Any suggestions for a setting change in Chrome that might make Canal World work would be appreciated. Actually this all started when Mr Woo opened a Chinese restaurant up in the village.
  5. Canalworld. works perfectly on my iphone and windows laptop. However pages load really slowly on my Huawei Android tablet. Are the Chinese spying on me? Tried reboots and clearing all history and cookies. Only started doing this a few week ago. All other sites work OK. Any ideas?
  6. Problem in English law is proving ownership as this will transfer on delivery in common law. Unless there is a contract which states that ownership of the boat and work on the part built boat is transferred against each of the stage payments then you are in trouble if the business goes into administration.
  7. I used "forklift" fuses for main fuses. Lots of fuse holders àvailable at reasonable cost or you can bolt them onto busbars with 6mm bolts. Smallest I used was 63A but there is a huge range on the market. Much cheaper than Midi and Mega stuff.
  8. I never tie up tight in case water level changes. Boat that is not trousers. Interesting night in Norwich a few years ago so lesson learnt. Never happens on the canal ???
  9. What 240v equipment is installed on the boat e.g. consumer unit, isolator switch ? There must be an earth leakage somewhere.
  10. Might be worth finding the previous owner. Also there should be a history of registration with CRT, boat safety certificates etc. Boat name and CRT registration number can be checked on line.
  11. I read that Dyson and some of the electric car makers are working on a new solid state battery concept which is based on lithium ion technology but with a solid electrolyte. Google solid state batteries for lots of interesting articles. But how will I explain why I need to go to the boat again to check the batteries.
  12. PaulD

    Prv letting by.

    Flow can be limited by resistance in the pipes / shower or limited capacity of the pump. Needs a bit more thought before choosing a new pump.
  13. PaulD


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