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  1. PaulD

    Trojan Lithium Batteries

    I read that Dyson and some of the electric car makers are working on a new solid state battery concept which is based on lithium ion technology but with a solid electrolyte. Google solid state batteries for lots of interesting articles. But how will I explain why I need to go to the boat again to check the batteries.
  2. PaulD

    Prv letting by.

    Flow can be limited by resistance in the pipes / shower or limited capacity of the pump. Needs a bit more thought before choosing a new pump.
  3. PaulD


  4. PaulD

    Sliding Hatch

    My hatch runs on plastic strips and I had the same problem of water running down them and some of it ending up on the rear steps. I also cut grooves so that the water runs off before the hatch which has worked well. Big question is why the problem suddenly started after 10 years. Could it be global warming or the new moorings?
  5. PaulD

    Folding steps idea

    Yes but it looks good ply. And the magnets.
  6. PaulD

    Folding steps idea

    Half a sheet of 19mm veneered ply?
  7. Front steps? Step for side hatch on a hinge? https://hideawaysolutions.com/ Only available in USA. No connection just looks a useful idea.
  8. PaulD


    Everyone is being very kind and helpful. If you know nothing about boats, live hours away from your proposed business and prefer the lazy option there might be other opportunities for you.
  9. PaulD

    Squeaky Fenders

    Round ones squeek too. Rope ones are best.
  10. PaulD

    Nottingham Boat Sales

    Article in the Nottingham Evening Post today about the trial of David Shakespeare at Nottingham Boat Sales. https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/local-news/jailed-boat-salesman-blamed-flooding-1518137 Apologies if already posted somewhere.
  11. PaulD

    Erewash Canal

    Langley Mill and Eastwood are good places to eat. As well as Basilia, the Royal Gurkha across the road and the Grand Siam Thai in Eastwood are highly recommended. No connection apart from visiting them on a regular basis!
  12. When I called Jabsco about hammering when turning taps off they said I should have fitted an accumulator! So I did and the hammering stopped. No problems at all since.
  13. PaulD

    Victron Transformer -3600 Noisy

    Mine hums but you have to be very close to hear it. Haven't seen it for years - its at the bottom of the electric cupboard. Maybe you have something loose?
  14. PaulD

    Numax X31 MF

    I think they are probably the same batteries as I understand all the sealed ones use calcium to reduce electrolyte loss. The C has been dropped from the Numax data sheet product list for calcium batteries even though it still says CXV in the title. I remember reading several threads about short life caused by using too low a charge voltage with sealed batteries so I just ignore the E03 error. This is not a recommendation to anyone else - just my conclusion from reading a lot of very conflicting information.
  15. PaulD

    Numax X31 MF

    Are these same as my Numax CXV 31 MF? I set my Smartgauge to setting 6 and get 03 error every time my Victron goes into bulk.

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