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  1. Dan, you are right about the Sun Inn and the station. Fact check next time. Locals still call the pub the Navigation which is nice.
  2. The Great Northern used to be called the Navigation which was appropriate as it is on the junction of 3 canals. Don't know why they changed the name because it had nothing to do with the Great Northern rail company which had its meetings in the Sun Inn in nearby Eastwood. The Navigation was a great quirky pub with walls covered in memorabilia.
  3. PaulD

    12V Heaters

    Because in 34,999 boats there is adequate ventilation.
  4. Colregs18a applies not Donald Trump regs.
  5. Where does it say that ? What about giving way to sail boats etc.
  6. I don’t have lockers in my semi trad rear deck. Access to engine is similar to a cruiser stern.
  7. I don't think Craftinsure asked about experience. Actually my boat handling skills are not much better now than during my first week hire about 30 years ago.
  8. Must have been an inspiring one week hire!
  9. Richard Party said on Newsnight that the problem was found during a CRT routine inspection.
  10. According to the BBC it was the vicar. SOS on the church bells etc.
  11. Seems to me we have lost the ability to manage anything responsibly. Government and private organisations run by politicians and bean counters with no practical experience and no accountability.
  12. Like in many industries - power plants, mines etc. Backed up by people on site as required. What is standard practice elsewhere on dams around the world? Discuss.
  13. I read in one report of the public meeting yesterday that the reservoir will have to be completely rebuilt. I assume that means dam, spillways, drawdown system etc. I also assume today that all levels and functions can be monitored remotely from a control room so that people only need to attend if needed.
  14. My comment about Boyles law wasn't serious , apologies if it came over as criticism. I was going to add that Hell is having a cassette loo but didn't want to start another diversion.
  15. No it's not. Boyles Law wouldn't lead to any conclusion about thermal effect so the University is crap.
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