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  1. We've tried to light the stove on our boat for the first time. No idea when it was last lit. We don't appear to get any fuel through into the bottom of the stove. Having had a fellow boater have a quick look, he doesn't think the "prodder" goes in far enough and thats why the fuel isn't getting through. Its also so heavily sooted inside that none of the little holes can be seen and these very little visibility through the window I've struggled to find any comprehensive instructions on how to clean it. Can anyone advise? Can I put a wire brush inside and give it a scrub? Any tips on cleaning it without covering the whole boat in soot as I've just spent 2 weeks scrubbing the interior and don't fancy doing it again any time soon Thanks
  2. Thanks for this tip I played about and worked out I needed to turn it off and on between programmes rather than just moving the dial Got it to fully drain now Full of gunk inside but that's another problem. Reckon it's been sat unused for q good few years
  3. Joining this topic for some advice as well. Had boat 8 weeks with candy aquamatic on board. Run test wash with no clothes. Machine appears to work fine but water only part drains at the end. Have tried to get it to manually drain and spin but still left with 3 inches of water in the bottomed time. The washer was originally on a bench top in a utility space with discharge hose going down to Hull outlet but we've replumbed it to sit under the bench so discharge hose now runs upwards to Hull outlet just under the Gunwales. Could that be the issue or something else?
  4. Looking for some advice as its getting colder. Have been loving on my boat for the last couple of weeks with hoppers on all windows open. As it's getting colder can I get away with closing some or do I simply need to put on the heating / diesel stove to counteract the chill / draft? Also I use WGAC 3ply bamboo toilet paper at home which is said to break down much easier and quicker than paper toilet roll. Would this be OK for a vacuum toilet on my boat? The manufacturers say its OK for septic tanks
  5. Anyone need a smsll tumble dryer. Came with bost but don't need - we need the storage space more Free of charge to anyone who can collect from sawley marina
  6. Yay we're getting somewhere. I think I stated early on there was a sound that felt a bit vaccummy (technical word). Hubby said we need to take bed base apart to investigate further (and that needs the sofa bed to arrive first) but he thinks the tank is under the bed. Any recommendations how we clean the output pipe based on Tony's comment? Or do we dismantle and replace?
  7. Because it was sold to an intermediary who sent her for a few weeks to bridgehouse marina to do her up to sell (as it was a slow seller) and therefore doesn't know much about the onboard systems Anyhow the photos have finally arrived you'll all be pleased to know
  8. Definitely don't have a control panel. Waiting for hubby to send me photo as I wasn't at the boat this weekend. Not cc's so have to wait for a week to take a new photo
  9. We definitely get quite a bit of water running through ours but the toilet arrangement looks like the one Tony posted of a dump through
  10. Hmm so that's the problem. He can't get the whole filler assembly off. Says it would fit if he could. And he will be worried about being too brutal to get it out and damaging it In that case are there any other fuel locking solutions we can try
  11. Me again. This time on behalf of hubby. Bought fuel locking cap from midland chandlers and he can't get it fitted Here is his description. No photos in situ as he didn't think to take them and now he's annoyed he couldn't get it working so put it back to how it was Trued to put the fuel lock on. Cannot get it to fit properly. If you put it on top of the fuel point the circle is too small to let the cap out. Cannot put the cap on top as it won't catch the thread of the actual fuel pipe. The bit on top of the fuel pipe that the fuel cap sits in does not come off. No idea how it is supposed to work Any help would be appreciated
  12. Thanks We think the smell is going out the external vent not coming back up the loo which then comes in the open porthole hoppers and makes the bedroom pong. Hubby is at the boat today so photo will be forthcoming shortly
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