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  1. Maybe some panel manufacturers expect them to be laid flat and attached via brackets at each corner rather than being balanced in the end middles on A brackets. I'm thinking out loud really and not sure that panel manufacturers would expect them to be laid flat.
  2. Hello. I know that I am not going to get an accurate answer to the below as it depends on how strong the brackets are and also the strength of the panel frame but as usual peoples thoughts and experiences will aid me. Mounting solar panels on stainless steel A brackets ... what maximum physical size of panel would you recommend they would take before the panel itself may start to bend and get damaged? What sort of weight of panel would you say could be a maximum? Cheers Joe
  3. Fin rads heat up when all normal radiators are turned off. OK.
  4. Hi. I have a Webasto Thermo Top EVO that does both hot water and central heating (I have four radiators and two fin rads.) but my question is just about heating water. In the warmer months when just wanting hot water I know that I have to keep a radiator valve open for water circulation purposes but do I actually need to have a rad valve open if I have fin rads as wouldn't the water circulate via those? Hope that makes sense. Joe
  5. It is located in the same area as my water level meter. Will keep that in mind.
  6. Thanks everyone. The buzzer is towards the front of the boat. I will trace the wiring, tighten me bits up, turn the volume up and see what happens. Wonder if it is to tell me when the battery power is low. Joe
  7. I am a new owner to this boat and found this tucked away under a panel where 12 / 240v sockets are. Any idea what it is / could be for? I've done a Google search for 'RS 621-135 12 volt' but not a lot comes up in relation to this item. I have not had a chance to trace the cable yet so that may have given me the answer without having to post this but this may help others. Cheers Joe
  8. In the end I bought ... Huawei B535-333 Poynting XPOL-1 v2 5G KUMA 400mm mag pole Running on a THREE unlimited SIM for £12:67 a month (12 month contract). Aerial cable plugs directly into back of router without any adaptors. Not setup the aerial yet but currently using the router's own aerials for the time being. Lets see how I get on. Joe
  9. Ed happened to be at my marina today so I had a chat with him. Gave me some good advice but he is fully booked up until August. However, he gave me the details for Phil Owen of ProElectrical as another good installer - he is located around Cosgrove (Milton Keynes area) but will travel. He said very good things about Phil and also that he works closely with him. I think it is good that an installer will recommend somebody else to take work away from them in order to please the customer. Thanks Ed for this and the chat.
  10. I also have heard good things about Ed so will call him - cheers. However, I don't like the way he lays his panels flat and gets rid of mushroom vents so will discuss that with him.
  11. @Tracy D'arth Looked this up and it says company dissolved 6 October 2020. Not called the number though as only just read this message now (21:25).
  12. Afternoon. Can anybody recommend any solar suppliers / installers in the Nantwich, Cheshire area or ones that travel over that way. I have looked on the net but just looking for recommendations from on here. Thanks Joe
  13. The question below may apply to other Huawei models but I'm concentrating on the B535 as that is what I think I want to buy. I have seen adverts for B535-232, -235, -333, -932 and more. I'm guessing that the number after the '-' is the region of the world as an Indonesian one is being sold as -932. Which one is for the UK market? The ones I see most for sale are 232 and 333. Also, if I were going to run it off 12 volts them and I right in thinking that I need a cigarette socket or such 12v DC-DC inverter with the relevant spec power output for the router? Something like this but with relevant spec ... SM3753 | Custom Power Design Laptop Car Charger, 12V dc Input, 15V dc Output Plug In, 2.4A | RS Components (rs-online.com) Cheers Joe
  14. @PCSB I'm at Aqueduct and on Plusnet (EE) and there is very very poor signal.
  15. Morning. Has anybody any experience of using Eliminox fuel conditioner? ElimiNOX - ElimiNOX Eco™ Cheers Joe
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