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  1. How to take the shine off a good day's cruise.....

    No matter how slowly you were travelling, breaking the ice in the middle of the cut would cause the ice immediately around his moored boat to rub/knock/scrape against his boat. Nothing you could do about it, and he should have had the sense to realise that.
  2. Fuel on Shropshire Union

    He's just a nice chatty guy!
  3. Excitation of alternaror

    Many thanks Tony, and others who have been helpful. We've just locked down onto the Severn, headed north, so I will try your test later, or when we're back on our Shroppie mooring in a few days time.
  4. Excitation of alternaror

    Each alternator has its own pulley and belt, the starter battery one with its original poly-v, and the other with twin vee- belts. Not sure about ratios, and it's dark now. Thanks fellas for your input
  5. Excitation of alternaror

    The original 70amp alternator, now entrusted solely with charging the starter, doesn't have a buzzer, and yes, increasing the revs a little does stop the buzzing and kill the light
  6. Excitation of alternaror

    Far from a modern engine! Original 1992 Lister 40hp LPWS4. Alternator fitted about 12 yrs ago. As I said, only annoying after hard river work
  7. Excitation of alternaror

    Thanks for your quick reply. It's the light as well as the buzzer.
  8. My second alternator - retrofitted to deal with my five leisure batteries, has always needed an extra few revs when started from cold, just to get 'excited' and kill the buzzer. Not a problem, but after pushing the engine hard on a river, knocking back the speed to tick over causes the buzzer to come on again - any ideas please?
  9. Canal art...beware

    I get it - you may lack the qualifications to be an art critic, but you feel free to hold forth anyway
  10. Canal art...beware

    Can we please see examples of any art produced by those posters taking the mick?
  11. Tim & Pru New Series

    After seeing their episode on the Shannon Eyre waterway, we booked a week from the same boatyard, on the same boat used in the episode. It was chucking it down when we arrived, so we accepted their offer of a similar broadbeam with a metal canopy over the cruiser stern. A delightful experience on stunning waterways
  12. Dunham Toll Pontoon

    We've used it a couple of times
  13. BCN water conservation key

    I met someone who used an adapted ratchet wrench to help with these tedious handcuffs
  14. Water, water, everywhere. . .

  15. roving traders

    If you are 'adult' enough to post on this forum, you are 'adult' enough to find the Roving Traders website without going through Facebook