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  1. Hillmorton to Clifton stretch ruined.

    There are no canalside homes being built in Amington though. The detailed plan i have seen shows a sizeable amount of woodland between houses and canal
  2. Kids on phones.

    Well I thought it was funny
  3. Kids on phones.

    Its not just one's post count though that reflects how much time one spends on here. I post very little, but have been on Canalworld since 2004, joining at a similar time to one of the first mods Bernie (issues with previous account resulted in re-registering in 2005) I dare say i have read pretty much every single post over the years. just over 2 million posts in 14 years. At say 15 seconds per post means i spend approx 100 mins per day here. (and the rest) Looks a bit obsessive in that context
  4. Buying a boat ?...Cautionary tales..BEWARE !!

    Not quite true. The boat was massively over priced and hadn't sold for nearly a year. I didn't get as far as the survey....the broker "fessed up" to a few costly repairs after accepting the offer, and as I was about to pay deposit. (and before the survey) Whilst I pondered my next move (2 days) another buyer moved in and made a higher offer and was happy to foot the 3k repair. On one hand i was pleased I found out before we had the survey, on the other hand we would have paid the deposit, paid for the survey and so still progressed to purchase. C'est le vie Personally I would always use a surveyor....just wanted to point out that one should not use a surveyor and discount the cost thinking they may get more knocked off. I would pay for a surveyor and write off the cost.
  5. Buying a boat ?...Cautionary tales..BEWARE !!

    We had an offer accepted £9k below the asking price, which was £23k below the original listing price. There is no way the seller would entertain knocking anything else of post survey (unless there were serious issues, in which case we would walk anyway). A lesson learnt too late for us. So just pointing out that having a survey with "if they pick things up I can re-negotiate on the price" (thus potentially saving the survey cost) is not a given. Your power to negotiate post survey needs to be considered alongside your pre-survey negotiation success.
  6. Whats with the anti-pram hood sentiment? Having never used one, i wouldn't know. I am torn between semi trad and cruiser and have been considering a pram hood to keep the stern dry and covered when the boat is not in use. So im curious as to what is peoples issue with them. is it just that to some they are not pleasing on the eye? imo..... Cruiser - more space for kids/dogs, but imo uncomfortable for long journeys and my tea gets cold, and diluted by rain. Semi trad - more comfortable, if gated can keep dogs in the boat, but tend to have steeper stairs which the dogs dont like Trad - not for me
  7. Bourneville moorings - safe?

    A stabbing that left an 8 month pregnant woman fighting for her life, 2 muggings ( I know both victims), a sexual assault and a rape that im personally aware of make it an undesirable enough area for me. (Ok to pass through and moor during the day but certainly not to stop overnight) Edit to add, Staff shop is closing this year apparently. Seems Kraft don't like giving pensioners, locals or employees access to cheap out of date chocolate anymore
  8. Bourneville moorings - safe?

    To clarify, i don't know of any boaters who have had problems. But incidents beyond the canal in the immediate area....i.e within a few hundred yards
  9. Bourneville moorings - safe?

    old thread i know.....but been catching up lol They make Cadbury Dairy milk, buttons, Wispa, creme eggs, easter eggs in Bournville Poland production is Crunchie, Curly Wurly, Fudge, Roses, Milk Tray, mini eggs and a few others. The area that can be viewed when visiting Cadbury world is a functioning Factory, but low volume, not cost effective and only kept open to keep tourists happy. There are several other areas of the main factory that produces huge volumes of the products i mention...but away from tourists eyes The Polish factory was planned 10 years before Kraft took over...and building work started 5 years before. By the time Kraft got involved 90% of production had moved from Somerdale to Poland...and it was way too late. They shouldnt have made promises about things they knew nothing about. Wouldn't stay on those visitor moorings over night personally. You might get lucky and be ok, but i wouldnt risk it...and ive heard about many incidents in the area over the years.
  10. Finally -Success

    this one? http://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat.phtml?id=546991 nice
  11. kawaton

  12. Dogs on Board...

    Hi Cuthound You have a semi trad boat I believe...... how does Zeus get on climbing the stairs upto the stern? Never taken ours onto a semi trad and the steepness of the stairs concern me.
  13. Repair advice

    Colecraft, 62ft. 20 years. The pictures / details made me think the boat was worthy of a visit and potential low offer.....had it been in good condition. The search goes on!
  14. Repair advice

    I went looking to buy, but I won't be. Wasnt sure if I was being too cautious but Alan's comments (Thankyou!!) suggest I am not. £45k isn't giving it away either!! Many thanks also for clarification on other questions....I am learning. Would anyone mind giving feedback on the roof / chimney pictures. Is that a concern? Or normal on an older boat! ( in case I see similar on future viewings!)
  15. Repair advice

    Hi all Hoping to get some advice on the damage in these pictures. What is the likely cause? How serious is the damage? Whats the likely cost to fix? Regarding the damage around the windows. I know most boats of a certain age (20 years in this case) you would expect to see water damage of this nature, but this looks worse than I have seen on many other boats.....but people on here have seen many more than me. So is it that bad? The water damage near the roof I doubt can be from windows, so I am thinking maybe a pipe runs behind and has leaked at some point. It does look quite bad what are others views? The bubbling/rusting by the chimney...could that be heat damage? Is it much to worry about? what is the big blue thing in the engine bay? what is the big white box in the engine bay? not seen either of these before What is the white mould caused from ( near weed hatch area in semi trad) Still learning so please be patient with me Thanks