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  1. OP hasn;t visted site since 24th March. I'm guessing they received them.
  2. So did the OP. I was keeping on topic, rather than debating businesses in general
  3. But the OP cancelled. Therefore they lose the deposit. Nothing odd there. I was advised by Anglowelsh, if i couldnt find an alternative date, they would refund my deposit. I found one for next year. Difference being i waited for them to tell me they couldn't honour my initial booking.
  4. Should just have deferred til next year. If everyone is alive and well, next years (annual) trip is paid for. Forget the money aspect. Money was always spent. It;s memories that could have been made that are lost. Thats noones fault. We were due to be on a boat today with anglowelsh. I knew it wasnt going to happen. i waited, they called, i rebooked. Next years trip sorted.
  5. Bosley lock 12 is not closed yet
  6. I did read on Facebook that the repair had been postponed until Winter. There was information mentioning the stoppage on the CRT site, but the day after reading about the postponement, the CRT site was updated and the stoppage removed. I hope it has been postponed as i will be going through WA on 6th If anyone hears any different please do comment as i will need to amend my plans
  7. Get with the times. A gold plated phone more like
  8. If 6 of you go to Barcelona the price goes up. The cost of the narrowboat hire doesn't. We are hiring a boat for 10 days next week for £1000 less than what we are paying to go to Majorca for a week in mid August. PS, im still here
  9. its a case of reality over your personal preference. All those routes can be done in a week. Comfortably for many people. I did the four counties from Shobnall my first time At least youve found out they have moved
  10. Agreed when they were at Mercia, but not now they are at BTM. Ashby and return is simple enough or Caldon and return or four counties lots of routes tbh
  11. Ive hired from lots of different companies over the last 25 years, and taking into account price, quality of boat, service and a boat suitable for kids there is no better than https://www.aquanarrowboats.co.uk/narrowboat-hire/
  12. Nice, Thanks. only have memories of the one. A 13 year old warning though.....is that a record?
  13. I too have been a member since the old forum, (albeit under a different name back then) Every time i come on here there are people complaining that the forum is going down the swanny, its been said by someone or other for 15 years. It does make me laugh! ....many have left, many more have come. i consistently do both There were some big fallings out in the early days too, it will never change. So get over it, take a break, leave, or change name. Its not hard. Also ive had a warning on my account for 10 years, since a drunken friend at a house party sat at my PC and changed my avatar to something someone deemed offensive. Even the DVLA have removed my points a few times since then.
  14. I grew up a few miles away from the D&D, and my old school mates dad used to own it. It used to be much better then than it is now. The food, beer, gardens, events and clientele are all less desirable these days. That said i'd still rank it high on canalside pubs as the food and beer arent bad, and its in a nice location.
  15. One of the forums earliest members (also at the time THE youngest member). I remember when he bought that boat. Hope all turns out well.
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