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  1. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    The Police have said that they think about 80 people died but not all identified. It is of course possible there are other remains of other unidentified people too but I see little advantage in a cover up of how many. Such fires are chaotic and no register of who is in or out of the building at the time so quite difficult. To be frank I do not see much point in a numbers game whether it is 70, 80 or over 100 people it does not alter the tragedy of the event in my view. I can understand the need for identification of everyone possible for the relatives sake. Let's all hope that the enquiry does report correctly to know what happened, the process moved on and any further lessons for building control etc. can be put into practice. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/grenfell-tower-fire-victims-list-dead-presumed-killed-71-people-sir-martin-moore-bick-inquiry-a7945866.html
  2. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    I am not there doctor so not qualified to say where they are best looked after. Porton Down as far as I know is a lab set-up for research and testing not a place to treat people. You should have been watching the news tonight if you wanted an update on the victims. As evidenced by the victims themselves they did not fall ill where they were contaminated. The Policeman was most likely contaminated when he came in contact with the pair on the park bench. You do no service to your point of view twisting the sequence of events. This from the Guardian "Scotland Yard assistant chief commissioner Mark Rowley said the police officer who was first to the spot where Skripal was found in Salisbury on Sunday afternoon was “seriously ill” in hospital. His condition had deteriorated, Rowley said, adding: “Wiltshire police are providing full support to his family.” You could deliver a contact toxin through the air vents of a car easily if it was delivered misted in a fine spray. I would say if it was air-born (Novichoks is not) how could it have covered the table in the restaurant so much the table had to be removed and destroyed.
  3. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    No one has died yet. As reported today the pair have been in a coma since hospitalised. According to the scientist who was involved )now lives in the USA) in its creation if they survive they will have many health issues for the rest of their lives. The toxin is not air-born a victim needs to come in contact with it. This is why the Policeman who initially tried to help them is also critically ill. If it was fully air-born many people would have died in the Zizzi restaurant. I am not saying everything is cut and dried there is much we do not know or rather not in the public domain but the weight of probability is that the toxin came from Russia and likely the Russian authorities involved. The UK government has little if anything to gain from concocting a story about Russian involvement.
  4. Rare footage

    Avebury is many things not just the stones. It was not built in the 1930s although many stones were uncovered and put upright again and invasive agricultural buildings removed. Avebury in its layout is to a high degree what was built around 2500BC but reconstruction hasn't always got it right. It can be no surprise given the good agricultural land in the vicinity and settlement of the village itself that the area has changed and disturbed over 4000 years.
  5. Rare footage

    Arf! good one. Not Stonehenge though looks like Avebury to me.
  6. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    I find it worrying but I do not see why anyone would expect day by day reports of their well being unless something changes. How could it be closed down if it was only allegedly being produced there. As I have previously posted the fact that the toxin has been manufactured is beyond doubt and has been confirmed by the Russian government in court so a matter of record. One only needs small amounts to kill many people so quite possible to have the stuff somewhere secret. I find it interesting that people are quite happy believing that Russia is innocent but have a hard time believing UK authorities.
  7. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    Ah no probs, it happens.
  8. I think that is probably right.
  9. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    I find that puzzling and have no idea what you are getting at.
  10. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    That seems rather over the top but your participation or not is your choice. Personally I did not see a main point but thought it was a collection of rhetorical questions and felt no need to answer them. I thought your post about the daughter unfeeling given she is fighting for her life along with her father.
  11. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    I can't see that any of them have been hidden and have seen them on the news or in other media. The story of the cancellation of free school meals goes back to mid last year for example and on prime time news a week or so ago. Another example is that Analytica was on the news last night and lunch time today it was also a feature item on Newsnight yesterday. I agree these are all issues to be concerned about but none of them have been hidden from the media.
  12. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    How strange for a visiting daughter to bring a present! For example?
  13. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    What do you mean by manufactured? If you mean multiple tons of the stuff who knows but there is plenty of evidence that quantities have been manufactured by the Russians and by their own admission. You need very little to effect quite a lot of people. For example: Russian authorities admitted the existence of Novichok agents when they brought a treason case against Mirzayanov who was a Russian scientist and in this case whistle blower. According to expert witness testimonies that three scientists prepared for the KGB, Novichok and other related chemical agents had indeed been produced and therefore the Mirzayanov's disclosure represented high treason. One could hardly bring a case against someone if the stuff did not exist. You also need to remember that Russia has been a command and military power for many years (despite the masquerade of democracy they have now) and is very secretive by nature. This is evident by the manipulation of all aspects of Russian life even sport and the doping scandals. No all organisations are capable of fabrication but that does not mean they always do it. You are the one that said the government could not be trusted.
  14. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    Only you can choose what you want to believe but I work on balance of probability. For me living in a world where no one tells the truth is as restricting as believing all propaganda. You also need to ask what is the motivation to lie? What is the gain and for what purpose?
  15. Brexit 2017

    I agree there are many ways to fulfil the referendum result and even possible to get a deal that almost no one is happy with but I am not sure why you are poking the wasp nest in this way. If you mean that people should not criticise because they are getting what they voted for and so have no reason to complain then let's remember that works all ways and has never stopped some people who wanted/want to remain from complaining. We all have the same right to complain/protest/comment on what we think is good or bad about the process and try and influence the outcome.