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  1. No party from any one country could claim a victory over the entire EU Parliament as the seats are pre-allocated to each country and so each countries elections are only to fill that number of seats. The UK has 73 MEPs. However, should Pro-Brexit parties gain a large portion of those seats and it follows a majority of votes in total it has a huge significance for what happens next in the UK. It is also worrying for the EU (some in the EU have already said so) who then will play host to a significant and disruptive group. I doubt it could be overly disruptive but certainly an irritant.
  2. I did vote to remain in the 2016 referendum but given the result, I do believe it must be implemented. I would rather do so with an agreement than leave without one.
  3. Good to know you can indeed use Google. Niether of your links represent a manifesto for the elections. They both show the parties aspirations for the UK staying in Europe as one might expect and I am familiiar with them. The ChangeUK TIG party show similar although less detail. Both Change UK and Brexit Parties are new so still shaping their output. However, Brexit party will be a single/key issue party and so they do not need to be too elaborate just motivate those that are frustrated that Brexit has not hapened yet. We will see these grow into a proper manifesto as the campaign starts proper. Likewise with the Pro-Brexit Parties and whatever Labour and the Conservatives decide they represent. Folk need to pick their favourite and vote. If people let Farage set the agenda (no matter what you think is absent) he will get a huge victory in the vote and there will be no hope of a new referendum or any reversal of Brexit. If the country has changed its mind the Remain vote needs to take heed and vote for what they want. Anybody that thinks this is a simple vote of EU MEPs just like any previous election is being naive in the extreme.
  4. Which when faced with an apology you fail to accept it so I think I have your measure. I withdraw it.
  5. No not meant as an insult just an expression of surprise aytnot being able to get what the party is about. Also, it is rather obtuse to go on about the point when there are no details available from any party about their campaign policies as yet. If you are feeling insulted then I apologise but you should also consider not insulting people's intelligence by trying not to understand something. Just how was I supposed to interpret your post?
  6. I suggest if you cannot work out what a "Brexit Party" stands for there is something wrong with your thought process. For clarity, I am not suggesting or encouraging anyone to vote for them but I am encouraging people to vote for what best represents what they want to happen be that leave or remain and any flavour in between. BTW as the campaign has not started officially there are no manifestos or policies from any of the parties yet.
  7. I certainly do find it odd that some seem unable to work out what a party called "The Brexit Party" might stand for. I can understand that "Change UK TIG" takes a bit more research but not too hard to work out they represent the opposite and want to remain in the EU.
  8. I treat as I find. No, I will not try again you did not get it from a post saying google was your friend you still do not get it when I provide a link so I assume there is no helping you.
  9. To be fair to the OP he was saying he was paying in advance now it is at 5% but would go back to monthly DD when they go to 0% discount.
  10. Then you have been informed incorrectly. Google is now your friend too. As I am in a generous mood here is a linky just for you. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=brexit+party+candidates to be even-handed here is a linky for TIG too http://lmgtfy.com/?q=tig+party+candidates BTW how many of the leading parties candidates or policies for the MEP election can you name?
  11. Indeed, if there is no advantage in paying up front monthly DD makes sense. I don't think there can be a surcharge for DDs but that might only apply to credit cards. It may be for CRT that having annual lump sums paid are not that much of an advantage to them these days in the world of low-interest rates etc. (so the discount rate is too generous) and regular cash flow of DDs is better for them too.
  12. Very true but I didn't say it was my friend!!😁
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