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  1. churchward

    Brexit 2019

    Yes, you cannot choose what the phrase means or alter a fact to suit your purpose..
  2. churchward

    Brexit 2019

    You are also misinterpreting the term Great in Great Britain means the Greater (ie largest) land connected landmass in the British Isles (made up of over 6000 islands) and does not mean Great as in superior. So the term Great Britain is unaffected by its political or economic power as the fact is it remains the largest landmass of the British Isles. The statement is "no longer great" is false in that context. As far as a divided or united kingdom is concerned that is more of a matter of opinion but it wasn't united in my view prior to Brexit not because of the EU issue but due to some people wishing for independence from it.
  3. churchward

    Brexit 2019

    Perhaps on purpose but you are misunderstanding the term Great Britain. The word great stands for greater rather than great as in superior and so describes the largest connected land mass of the British Isles that is made up of over 6000 islands. Brexit will not change that fact.
  4. churchward

    Six Nations

    I often think "we just wanted it more" is an odd phrase. It is if believing one is going to win is all that matters, blow playing well we just need to want to win more! England won in Ireland and against France because they played better and executed a game plan better. They seem to be a much more coordinated side than last year and bodes well for them for the championship rather than finishing a very poor 5th last year. Who knows what they may go onto doing in the world cup if the 6 nations end well for them. But lest we get too ahead there are 3 games to play yet. I seem to remember some very exuberant and highly inaccurate forecasts of England's performance in the 2018 competition. There is the not so small matter of playing Wales next weekend in terms of any grand slam hopes. Wales have continued a winning habit of late winning 11 tests on the trot now. They have not played to their best so far in the 6 nations this year and will need to bring the A game next week.
  5. churchward

    Brexit 2019

    It is not a new redline. It was ever thus. The Conservative Party's full name is The Conservative & Unionist Party and so it is difficult with the principles it stands for, to portion off the NI and more importantly a hard border goes against the Good Friday Agreement that is so important for peace in the Island of Ireland. The agreement is still a vital one and cannot be ignored.
  6. churchward

    That Emiliano Sala plane

    possibly but it could be feet but only if it is a British or American search vessel I suspect. Quite a lot of Bae Ceredigion ( Cardigan Bay ) for instance is only 60ft deep and a good deal shallower in places. The average depth of the English Channel is around 60 metres. I see the photo shows the plane's location which could be a mistake but may not matter depending on how deep and where it is I have not looked on a chart.
  7. churchward

    Come on France.

    It's OK you can come out now. The boys had their leek soup at half-time and all was well, Da Iawn!
  8. churchward

    Brexit 2019

    the government majority or lack of does not explain the scale of the defeat in some of the motion votes, look at the voting record and you will see conservatives voting against the government and labour voting with for instance. It is not as easy to whip the vote the way the party wants especially when the size of revolt is large the whips lose most of their power. Labour is as split as the conservatives on the subject of Brexit. One only has to look at the voting record also of Corbyn when a backbencher for example to see how some have voted against their party and government.
  9. churchward

    Brexit 2019

    Who is your MP?
  10. churchward

    Brexit 2019

    Sometimes. However, the MPs will only follow the whip if they mostly agree with it. We would not have had the recent government defeats if all it took was a strong whip.
  11. churchward

    Brexit 2019

    It's not personal interests but considered opinions. In any case the referendum did and has to date taken precedence.
  12. churchward

    Brexit 2019

    MPs do not vote just how their party leaders want. If they did there would not have been the recent government motion defeats. You need to look at who votes for what in the Parliament division records. In particular, take a look at how your MP votes on different subjects
  13. churchward

    Brexit 2019

    It is not a matter of if but a fact they mainly do just that.
  14. churchward

    Come on France.

    You will have to try harder than that.
  15. churchward

    Brexit 2019

    I am not righting people's views off at all but as you said yourself we cannot know what people who did not voted think. Considered? yes and so our MPs can and do represent them by following what they think is best. However, it cannot br underestimated the importance of voting at every opportunity if anyone wants their view represented accuratly. If people do not vote they cannot count in the outcome. It is not a trite dismissal but a fact.

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