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  1. What do you think of this boat?

    Yr welcome. G'night
  2. What do you think of this boat?

    For comparison look at the EBA members boats page scroll down to "Sara" a smaller and more boat shaped barge, but needs 4 Lynch motors, a big ole genset and a pretty huge battery bank. But that one actually works!
  3. What do you think of this boat?

    Well at 48V it delivers about 8Kw, just under 11hp while drawing 200A. They're good motors but...... in a 43 ton boat? I suppose it will move, but slowly, and with those batteries not for very long. Its on the K&A. To go anywhere else requires a river passage, yeah right. This boat is not designed to move.
  4. Then & Now stills from Painted Boats

    Unfortunately that website doesn't appear to work on an android phone, will have to check it when I get to a PC
  5. Stained glass dog box

    Thanks both. On my list of things to do/get, although admittedly quite far down the list atm
  6. Generator - inverter or standard?

    True. The only other thing that I can usefully add to the conversation is that Victron combis seem to be pretty sensitive to frequency and waveform. While my old cheap Wolf frame Genny would work the charger and pass through 230v, two more powerful and expensive ones I've tried recently would not.
  7. Stained glass dog box

    Exactly what I want, not the stained glass though it's very pretty, but the brass slidey prop things. Where do you get them?
  8. Generator - inverter or standard?

    If you follow the link, it says that the output is inverter.
  9. Cupboard doors

    I think I would retain the bottom of the door behind a lip, so it's sitting in a socket but able to tilt forwards. One or two magnetic catches at the top, or simple brass turn catch, and handle at top, so that to open you pull top of door towards you and lift out.
  10. inbuilt marine generators

    It isn't, of course. Beta Marine's prop-gen and Travelpower both combine the functions in one motor. Ours does away with the propulsion motor all together. The electric generator has a secondary function of moving the boat - by electric motor.
  11. inbuilt marine generators

    We have a Fischer Panda, but the vehicle version rather than the marine, to avoid the hassle of raw water cooling. In vehicles they can share the existing cooling system or be plumbed to their own radiator. Since you're unlikely to be running the engine and Genny at the same time, the skin tank can handle both. And heat the hot water. Enough for a bath in an hour! You will need good access for servicing (every 100 hours) or it will be an impractical nightmare. Oh and the vehicle version has a water cooled internal pre-silencer making it almost inaudible outside the boat.
  12. Interesting Pulley at Atherstone Top Lock

    Oh look, my photo! Parkhead 2012 I think. I was "assisting" the demo ( had to splice up some new traces for the harness after a breakage scattered bobbins as I recall) As said above, the towline was attached the the back end, and the horse pulled in the opposite direction to start the boat out of the lock at a brisk pace into the basin. I had a long line on the front T stud. As soon as the stern cleared the lock the ellum was put hard over, once the boat had started to swing I took a turn of the fore end line round a strapping post. Boat then performed a neat 180 and was pulled straight back into the lock for the return trip. Worked a treat!
  13. heritage cookers

    I had ours serviced by a local heating co. a year after I got them to commission it. In fact he found not much to do, and since then I check it over myself about once a year if I remember. The only thing that's needed changing was the burner jet, the original was a temperamental thing constantly blocking and not lighting. Replaced with a brass Danfoss, ten years trouble free, just fitted a new one. Apart from replacing the screws that hold the hot plates in, nothing else has needed doing. Rick
  14. Connecting South to North

    Or get a proper seaworthy boat, sail out of the Thames, back in the Humber. And please leave the lovely quaint anachronistic old canals alone for us who enjoy them in our cramped old narrow boats.