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  1. Morgan Giles. V. substantial fiberglass hulls. Hydraulic drive. Used to be a hire fleet of them based at Aynho Wharf on the S. Oxford.
  2. They categorically will not cover for towing or being towed by another boat. Which I only found out after"insuring" a motor and butty with them for several years.
  3. Not mine, Chris Witts, check out his YouTube channel for more varied and interesting waterways related films.
  4. 6.30pm diver still down behind second gate blasting silt. Fair play, must be pretty grim task.
  5. A good short history of Bantocks on Blossoms blog here.
  6. Check out the DVD "Towpath Encounter" from Sight Seen Partnerships to see exactly how it was/is done.
  7. Rick-n-Jo

    Tar Varnish

    Yup, and no longer manufactured. I'm open to suggestions for what and how to replace it. Apparently it can be overcoated with bitumen, but I won't be doing that 'cos it's rubbish. Blasting? 150 year old rivetted iron hull. Looking at Jotamastic 90 or similar, wondering how thoroughly I'd need to get the YEARS of coal tar off.
  8. Thanks, I might have done that a month or two ago. Done drawings and have pins being cast now, and am actually quite enjoying the challenge. Going for 6mm for the plate, local co. can bend it. Now for the wood.....
  9. As a first step towards making a full set of running gear, I'm making topmast and luby. Any suggestions what thickness of steel to make the side plates from?
  10. East end is an easy slope, Braunston end is as you say, interesting.
  11. Or indeed even a horse! Driving one consists of walking behind controlling it with long reins, possibly even while towing a boat. You need the boards permission to do that nowadays. Now I'm not sure where you'd be legally if you were instead leading the horse, after all if leading an animal on the towpath is not allowed that would rather compromise dog walking........? Back on topic, I looked hard at the motorcycle options, even going so far as to design in a nice long 10' well deck, looked at hoists, scissor lift table, ramps etc. You have to bear in mind that you plus a heavy bike on a ramp resting on one gunwhale is going to make even a well ballasted deep drafted boat tilt alarmingly. In the end the cost and complexity of the engineering didn't justify the limited use so I shelved the idea. (The 10' deck is lovely though) I'm looking again now at really small 125s - think monkey bike, or maybe wait until lightweight electrics become practical. The idea being to commute back to wherever a larger vehicle is, or just for shopping etc.
  12. I have had a thrust bearing, actually a Plummer block type being used to take axial loads as yours, show the same symptoms. Quiet at low speed but noisy above a certain load. On dismantling I found that due to slight misalignment the bearing had been locking up under load and the prop shaft then spun in the inner race, causing the noise. Check soon or you may be looking at prop shaft replacement.
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