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  1. Rick-n-Jo

    Battery Isolator Switch

    I've taken apart a BEP Marine one, supposedly rated at 500A
  2. Rick-n-Jo

    Battery Isolator Switch

    Not if the inverter is switched off first (which you should) so that no current is flowing. Which is the short version of what Nick said!
  3. Rick-n-Jo

    Battery Isolator Switch

    Try just flicking the mains socket off and on. It remembers where it was in the programme.
  4. Rick-n-Jo

    Battery Isolator Switch

    It seems to be caused by the transient spike when a high load like the water heater switches off. If that happens when the machine motor is about to start, it will twitch/ stick. OK if the drum is already turning. I think this is a separate problem to just not working at all, which as said is more likely the mains sense feature.
  5. Rick-n-Jo

    Oliver Cromwell final moments

    I watched Chris Witts' YouTube video of the tow leaving Sharpness and thought then that it looked like a highly optimistic operation. Almost expected to hear that she'd been lost. Sad end to someone's dream.
  6. Rick-n-Jo

    Battery Isolator Switch

    OK thanks. I do connect mine to the battery before switching the Victrons on. Don't know but we have the same issue, even with twin inverters. When it gets stuck just switched off and on again at the mains plug gets it going again.
  7. Rick-n-Jo

    Battery Isolator Switch

    Care to elaborate on why? Genuine question, always keen to learn. It's worked for us for ten years, two Victron combi 48/3500/35s, but they are left on pretty much 24/7.
  8. Rick-n-Jo

    Battery Isolator Switch

    It's likely that this particular isolator is prone to failure because the Victron contains some big capacitors. The high inrush current causes severe arcing and burning of the contacts when switching on. If you want to keep an isolator in this circuit, a fix is to wire a 470 ohm resistor and push button switch in parallel with the isolator. Pressing the button for 15 seconds or so before switching on will gently pre-charge the capacitors and prevent the arc.
  9. Rick-n-Jo

    Number of people

    because more would be far too dangerous
  10. Rick-n-Jo

    2 Tillers, anyone know why?

    His 'n hers?
  11. Rick-n-Jo

    What do you think of this boat?

    Yr welcome. G'night
  12. Rick-n-Jo

    What do you think of this boat?

    For comparison look at the EBA members boats page scroll down to "Sara" a smaller and more boat shaped barge, but needs 4 Lynch motors, a big ole genset and a pretty huge battery bank. But that one actually works!
  13. Rick-n-Jo

    What do you think of this boat?

    Well at 48V it delivers about 8Kw, just under 11hp while drawing 200A. They're good motors but...... in a 43 ton boat? I suppose it will move, but slowly, and with those batteries not for very long. Its on the K&A. To go anywhere else requires a river passage, yeah right. This boat is not designed to move.
  14. Rick-n-Jo

    Then & Now stills from Painted Boats

    Unfortunately that website doesn't appear to work on an android phone, will have to check it when I get to a PC
  15. Rick-n-Jo

    Stained glass dog box

    Thanks both. On my list of things to do/get, although admittedly quite far down the list atm

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