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  1. Can’t I get in from the west around Runcorn?
  2. Can someone tell me how to gain access to the River Weaver from Runcorn, on a 58ft NB and plan to sail east to the Anderson Lift, tx
  3. Hacked prop and nothing fouling and seems very secure
  4. Could hear the air gushing in but seal was strong
  5. Bit confused Re this, sorry As I said, I had to prise the weed hatch open to ease the vacuum, def no water coming in thru there
  6. Checked all nuts etc and all seems ok. Did have a leaky stern gland but a small turn of the two bolts sorted that Same boat, don’t think they’re connected?
  7. Its a new boat, just developed it after 40 hrs, it’s annoying more than anything. Don’t know what a cavitation or uxter plates are
  8. At the southern end of the Rochdale, do the above 2 location allow over night mooring. Are they privately owned?
  9. Boat has started to develop an annoying grinding/ cavitation noise from the weed hatch. If I rev up then decrease revs it goes. I assume it’s air in the weed hatch? When I lifted the hatch there was a great vacuum in there and I had to prise the hatch up slightly and air gushed in for a out 10 seconds then I was able to lift it. Any ideas how to address this? Beta 43 with PRM 150 gearbox, Colecraft hull
  10. Think you’re right! Trying to contact Dave who kindly met me on the Rochdale yesterday Re this, can he pm me please
  11. https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/107200-dripping-stern-gland/&tab=comments#comment-2504381
  12. Yes adjusted both nuts equally
  13. New boat, 35 hrs on engine. There’s a drip about every 10 seconds from the stern gland. Putting more grease in via the plunger reduces it slightly. I have read previous posts re tightening the nut on the gland, did that for 1/4 of a turn made no difference. Think I have to tighten it further but how far? Till it stops? Wanted to get advice before I plough on with my spanner. Does it do any damage with water dripping through it? what happens it I over tighten? see photo many tx
  14. Aware of that tx Thought new Islington was closed?
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