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  1. Can anyone give me advice whether electric under floor heating is feasible. This would be used when the boat is on shoreline. Tx
  2. Thx but can’t seem to find the book you refer to.
  3. Trying to source the workings as shown where the chair, sofa makes into a bed. Need the sliders, struts, leg supports etc and suppose someone somewhere is producing them. All advice welcomed
  4. It was something like that but obviously a bit smarter
  5. revamping my boat and I can recall seeing at Crick a couple of years ago seating that faced the pullman for eating but somehow reversed to face the lounge for other times, cant recall any more specifics and could do with seeing design, anyone help please
  6. Many thanks, have more of a choice now.
  7. Pardon my ignorance, are starter batteries the type used for bowthrusters?
  8. Need to replace my battery, there’s now an Energy Leisure L110 but the latest one of the same type is too large for the housing. Can anyone recommend a smaller one no more than 34 x 18 cm. depth not a problem. Tx
  9. Have a dated Sterling International charger on my 2005 boat, should I leave it turned on when leaving the boat for weeks. Eg 4 weeks and 6 months over winter? Is it better to get someone to turn it on for a few hours every week while the boats left?
  10. Tx for responses, good idea to store in front locker
  11. Tx, wondered about putting it on the bow close to tank with its own pump?
  12. I know this seems a bit ott but are having a new build, anyone heard of an outside tap on a boat. Thinking of one to shower down the dog. Please no stupid comments just sensible constructive ones please
  13. Often no data reception on the cut.
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