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  1. Hi Tony, so you would recommend removing all the old stuff?
  2. About to renew the packing on my stern gland. Am told best to remove all of the old and need a special removal tool. so….is it necessary to take all the old out and do I need the removal tool?
  3. Link doesn’t work
  4. Tried them, no replacement, have to buy from Vetus
  5. Tx for that, will think about a change of filter, any ideas which one would suit?
  6. There’s a fuel filter already on the Beta 43 engine, is it usual to put a second inline fuel filter in?
  7. Anyone know where I can get a non vetus element for this filter, they are £37 plus vat for vetus element. Element vetus code is vt33eb
  8. I am the author of this post, boat been left for 6 months due to Covid...back to it, been out for 2 weeks and the noise has gone! A complete mystery..any ideas please
  9. When came past them all boats moored up and premises closed
  10. Got, Tx but tried all suggestions, no joy. It’s going in!
  11. Don’t suppose anyone going up the flight on Tuesday 20th April so we can double up. We are a double crewed 58ft nb
  12. Any idea why this keeps cycling even after taps turned off? It works fine but when I turn taps off it keeps running but not at same Iintensity as when I have taps on. Checked filter bowl, ok and can’t find any leaks? Could it be the pressure switch and can I adjust it?
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