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  1. Tx for all suggestions, have tried all recommendations but none can supply the king tiller pin
  2. Tried these, can’t help
  3. Called and spoke to them, only sell by the thousand Done that, say can’t help....data protection etc!
  4. But you have to buy a 1000!
  5. Any idea where I can buy a brass king tiller pin. https://www.blackcountrymetalworks.co.uk/king-tiller-pin.htm Black Country metalworks are the only place I can find and they only sell to trade in 1000 quantities
  6. Yep had a drink in there, I’m a bit old now for that. We were moored right outside. Had coffee and than a breakfast at the bakery, pollin or something it’s called. Trip was fine and I Had no weed hatch issues but we travelled with another boat and he got snarled a few times. He blames it on his Axiom prop which I was thinking of but glad I didn’t. Anderton lift to Weaver tmrw.
  7. Tx again Dave, had a pleasure able 2 night stop
  8. Can’t I get in from the west around Runcorn?
  9. Can someone tell me how to gain access to the River Weaver from Runcorn, on a 58ft NB and plan to sail east to the Anderson Lift, tx
  10. Hacked prop and nothing fouling and seems very secure
  11. Could hear the air gushing in but seal was strong
  12. Bit confused Re this, sorry As I said, I had to prise the weed hatch open to ease the vacuum, def no water coming in thru there
  13. Checked all nuts etc and all seems ok. Did have a leaky stern gland but a small turn of the two bolts sorted that Same boat, don’t think they’re connected?
  14. Its a new boat, just developed it after 40 hrs, it’s annoying more than anything. Don’t know what a cavitation or uxter plates are
  15. At the southern end of the Rochdale, do the above 2 location allow over night mooring. Are they privately owned?
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