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  1. Just got the Alrewas T&M river section closed message, not that I've been down that section.
  2. Dare I ask, what is it we should object to about the new terms and conditions? I managed to miss the consultation. Have looked on crt website and got to page 14 of a set of a terms and conditions, but must be missing something.
  3. Looks a bit like the Lea Navigation near Enfield Lock to me.
  4. So, re: CRT enforcement of 14-day rule post lockdown and Tier 3 areas, should you notify CRT if you're not visiting your boat as it's moored in Tier 3 area (and you live in another area e.g. Tier 2) or not?
  5. I've moored at the north end twice before going through Harecastle, including the first time on a hire boat from Heritage. Didn't have any problems.
  6. It also doesn't bear thinking about if one of them had fallen in, particularly in the early shots when the boat was moving about on its moorings.
  7. We came up Lapworth in early July and I don't recall any issues opening the paddles.
  8. Stafford River Link want to restore the Sow Navigation via a lock from the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal to the centre of Stafford. https://www.stafford-riverway-link.co.uk/
  9. I moved from T-Mobile to Three on a 100Gb contract with phone, so far I'm not sure the coverage is that good, seems like half the time when I'm travelling I can't get a signal and use the data I've paid for, or even the phone sometimes. My partner's on Vodaphone with unlimited data, other day we watched a movie on the PC on the boat using his data and that worked fine. All things being equal I'd probably see if Vodaphone had any good deals next time.
  10. I've done both and enjoyed both, although the first bit of the Limehouse Cut south of Bow Locks isn't that exciting. Didn't have any problems with the Hertford Union, one of the middle pounds was a bit low but got through fine, last time I walked through there was plenty of water, although it was pre return of general navigation and some people were playing a piano, on a boat, in one of the locks... 🙂
  11. Coupd we rename this thread 'Discussion on Anchors'
  12. Not good at all, I hope it's an isolated incident.
  13. So, when do people think we might be able to get back out boating on the canals then?
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