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  1. We came up Lapworth in early July and I don't recall any issues opening the paddles.
  2. Stafford River Link want to restore the Sow Navigation via a lock from the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal to the centre of Stafford. https://www.stafford-riverway-link.co.uk/
  3. I moved from T-Mobile to Three on a 100Gb contract with phone, so far I'm not sure the coverage is that good, seems like half the time when I'm travelling I can't get a signal and use the data I've paid for, or even the phone sometimes. My partner's on Vodaphone with unlimited data, other day we watched a movie on the PC on the boat using his data and that worked fine. All things being equal I'd probably see if Vodaphone had any good deals next time.
  4. I've done both and enjoyed both, although the first bit of the Limehouse Cut south of Bow Locks isn't that exciting. Didn't have any problems with the Hertford Union, one of the middle pounds was a bit low but got through fine, last time I walked through there was plenty of water, although it was pre return of general navigation and some people were playing a piano, on a boat, in one of the locks... 🙂
  5. Coupd we rename this thread 'Discussion on Anchors'
  6. Not good at all, I hope it's an isolated incident.
  7. So, when do people think we might be able to get back out boating on the canals then?
  8. Bizarrely my premium with them is exactly the same, although that includes some personal effects cover (£1000 if I recall correctly), so maybe mine is an older boat/ worth less. I also thought about shopping around, but the cover seems to be okay with them and they're much the cheapest. I've no experience of claims however.
  9. Thanks, that sounds like a good recommendation.
  10. Hi all. I've insured my boat through craftinsure for the last 3 years and they seem to consistently come out with low quotes - £106 this year for a 52 foot narrowboat. When I go on comparison sites (cetapremium.net which is supppsed to be for boats) or just check any of the regular names you see in waterways world etc, it always comes out a lot more, sometimes double. Should I be worried, e.g. re cover levels? Have any of you ever made a claim with craftinsure and what was your experience? Thanks in advance for any knowledge. Jon
  11. Really bad news. Does anyone know if the police are doing much about it?
  12. I went down to and across London this last year and enjoyed it. Moored at various places, Berkhamsted on the way down is nice, also moored near Uxbridge, Greenford and Little Venice. Had to breast up at latter, tied to rings or other boat, seems the norm in London. No one was in other boat but had no problem. Similarly moored twice near Hackney, found other boat tied to mine whilst I was out, had no problem carefully untieing other boat, moving off and carefully retrying it. Maybe I was lucky, but didn't have any problems mooring Victoria Park, Hackney Wick, Limehouse or Tottenham. I enjoyed the Regents Canal, you get through it in about four hours and hardly any free moorings but you pass through some interesting areas, Camden, Kings Cross and Islington. Enjoyed it more than I thought and did an extra circuit taking in the Rivers Lea and Stort, which were both lovely, especially at their northern ends.
  13. I had mine nicked two years ago in Open country miles from a road and fairly sure they took them by boat too.
  14. I'm my case they used local ish engineers, ie one had driven about 40 miles, from other companies/boatyards to come out and look at the boat. I guess it depends how quickly you need to move. If you can wait and find an engineer and don't mind stopping a bit, then maybe fine to find your own engineer. If you're on a pressing iteniary and need to get to certain places, maybe having the definite call out, whether or not they over charge you, is more important. I towed the boat myself to the next bridge half a mile away and through a lock to wait for an engineer I arranged myself. Guess I could have asked RCR to just do that, but then probably would have had to wait longer for it.
  15. I agree completely with this. The one time I needed it, they were no use and the excuse they gave seemed tenuous to me. They more or less said take it or leave it. In the end, other boaters in the area were able to recommend me an engineer, and he was almost a tenth of the cost RCR were quoting. I won't be bothering with them again. I don't think the Free Replacement Parts policy is sustainable, I don't think they can afford to back it. Too good to be true maybe? Either way, it seems to be thay they try to wriggle out of it. So it's not much of an insurance policy in my opinion.
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