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  1. I Hate Boats and Plumbing.

    I had exactly the same problem, I was pumping out the cabin bilge every couple of weeks. After I changed the pipe it took three to four weeks for all the water to filter its way to the back. I now have a dry cabin bilge for the first time in almost three years.
  2. A narrowboat abandoned in France

    Has any body actually been aboard to ensure the Blackmores are not deceased onboard ?
  3. End of winter?

    If the depth of cold arrives as is forecast then I would imagine everywhere will be frozen solid by then. The event happening in the stratosphere that Matty40s mentioned in an earlier post is record breaking and could potentially lead to some extremely cold conditions in early March. The conditions that Mac of cygnet describes above followed a very similar but weaker stratospheric warming.
  4. Bilateral Worlds.

    If carlsberg did heaven, then this would be it.
  5. Winter Ain't Cheap!

    Our boat is never cold, I don't have a thermometer but I guess it's usually around 70° most of the time, a little cooler overnight when the fire is turned down. Like Phil it's normally shorts and tee shirt whilst on the boat.
  6. Winter Ain't Cheap!

    That does sound a lot, we use one bag of supertherm a week plus two bags of wooden blocks at a cost of £16 a week and my fire is on 24/7 and the boat is always toasty.
  7. Don't know about the oil temp but definately remove the filter after you have drained the oil or you will have a bilge full of oil.
  8. Message for "Grace & Favour"

    That must be why the current is still flowing at Barrow, damn eco fans , bloody menace I tell thee.
  9. Celebrity go boating

    I is chuckling now.
  10. Celebrity go boating

    You fart in ma whitbread?
  11. Falling in,drowning and rescue!!

    Me too, I wouldn't have said he was over 70 looking at that picture.
  12. Places with a bad reputation that don't deserve it

    You are right but it's that short section that people remember.Leicester City Council could deffo do more.
  13. Places with a bad reputation that don't deserve it

    I think the problem with Leicester is the amount of rubbish in the canal as you go past Abbey Park towards the space centre. It is quite grim and I can see why people want to get through as quick as they can.
  14. fuel filler vent

    Thanks BEngo, all makes sense now.
  15. Help. This is my fuel cap, inside the vent there should be two pieces of flame arresting gauze. One piece is missing. I am sure it will be a fail on BSS, so how is it replaced. There appears to be a large nut on the inside of the filler cap so this would suggest that the piece containing the vents is removable. Is this the case and where could I source a replacement.