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  1. Got a feeling this is going to be a long running and entertaining thread. 😅
  2. The access cover is right there. Why would you want to extend it to deck level, you would not be able to reach the prop to clear any crap.
  3. Get down quick " offer ends sunday"🤣🤣
  4. Three volockys on at Barrow deep on sunday when we came through.
  5. Rickent

    Too much solar?

    Whatever the 2m temps, the sun is still the same strength at this time of year and will continue to get stronger, even on a cloudy day I'm sure there will still be a decent amount going in.
  6. Rickent

    Too much solar?

    I get this, but if out cruising and you find a nice spot and stay for a few days then even a small solar array is going to be invaluable. A home mooring with hookup is great as I have one, but a good few pennies can be saved by not running a battery charger all summer.
  7. Rickent

    Too much solar?

    Now we're talking.
  8. Rickent

    Too much solar?

    Panels now fitted and have been off grid since friday , fridge is running 24/7 , tv, lights pumps and phone chargers plus fan during the day. At 8.30 this morning batteries charging nicely and 9 amps currently going in. Should be full by lunchtime. Why anyone would choose not to have solar is beyond me.
  9. Rickent

    Too much solar?

    I have one panel of 170w but am waiting for 2 more to be delivered this week taking the total to 510w. Shoyld be enough to keep the fridge running.
  10. Abril forst, very good😂
  11. I've looked at those, but I know if I get one swmbo will expect me to get all my jobs done so I'll leave it for now.
  12. When my window shattered two years ago I replaced it with a polycarbonate sheet and it is still in place now, might replace it with another piece of glass when I get round to it.
  13. Rickent


    I am a bus driver and a cyclist, I really DO own the road 😁
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