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  1. There is a good flow at the moment, we haven't risen too much yet, but will probably go up a fair bit overnight.
  2. Svelte describes you perfectly sir.👍
  3. Just got fat useless fingers.🤣
  4. After all the rain today, the soar will be in flood.
  5. You did day you bought a large transit van full of wood for 10p😁
  6. You got a transit van for 10p? Now that is a bargain.
  7. Something is not right, at 2000 rpm towpath walkers should not be outpacing you, at 2000 revs my waterskiier would be clinging on for dear life.
  8. Alrewas is closed due to river levels, we were stuck at Fradley for 5 days in June.
  9. Of which can drop a considerable amount in a short space of time.
  10. If they are very lucky they might even get me driving, the 158 is my route 🤣
  11. From Trinity marina, Nuneaton and Hinckley town centre are only a short bus ride away.
  12. If you are lucky you will have just blown the megafuse. I have had mine go when the other half decided to run her hairdryer on a hot setting.
  13. Yes mate,the levels went down overnight, tightened the ropes this morning, will be loosening them off again soon.
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