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  1. This is a classic response. Anybody who questions the official narrative is ridiculed. Operation Northwoods is an interesting read.
  2. Wife took the dogs for a walk earlier and near Pillings lock there is 4 boats all moored close to each other and they all had the chairs out and were sat together drinking beer like it was just a normal day.
  3. Since the so called "lockdown" we have had more people walking on the towpath than ever, lots of groups as well. Allowing people to exercise is just encouraging people out, I get that it is good for peoples mental health but we are fighting a global pandemic.
  4. Watched this last night and we are definitely living this film at the moment. Worth watching.
  5. And they even named the virus after a beer, just to rub it in.
  6. We will know who has had it and they can resume normal life.
  7. If you wanted to be seen it would cost you a lot of money.
  8. My MOT was due on 13th April, at least that's one less thing to worry about.
  9. Is this official now? Just been on gov site and yes it's official.
  10. It is the forgotten classic but that probably means that fewer survived, which should push up the value on the ones that do remain.
  11. This is the Escort I owned in the late 90s. Wish I still had it.
  12. My first car was Escort MK1 1300GT, paid £180 in 1984. Would be worth big money now.
  13. Even basic Fords are now fetching big money, MK1 Escorts, Cortinas and Capris are the big money cars.
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