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  1. Rickent


    I know nothing about politics but this man is as crazy as a box of frogs. The world is not a safe place whilst he holds any power.
  2. Rickent

    Tv licence dilemna

    I thought the law had changed, and not having a tv licence is now a civil offence, and not a criminal offence.
  3. Would it not be better to mix the sand into the paint then apply?
  4. Rickent

    BWML Marinas Bertholders Associations

    Thinking about what ?
  5. Rickent

    CRT licence

    I don't display my licence , just my index number and not had any issues in the last three years.
  6. Consider it done
  7. Watch the game in the pub and save your data, the only cost is the price of your beer.
  8. Rickent

    Happy Birthday KathleenBridget

    Happy birthday Kath.
  9. Rickent


    Winter is great though, stove blasting whilst freezing outside.
  10. Rickent

    It's like bloomin' bumper cars!

    Come on Matty, you do know it's a contact sport.
  11. Rickent

    birstall trouble

    Sounds like Braunstone to me...now there's a posh place.
  12. Rickent

    birstall trouble

    999 if you feel threatened.
  13. Rickent

    Bosworth Marina

    It's one of those big things that I drives innit.😊
  14. Rickent

    Warburtons Crumpets

    According to radio 2,crumpet production will be affected by the co2 shortage.
  15. Rickent

    Bosworth Marina

    If you are a very lucky boy you might catch my bus into the village.

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