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  1. Journey with Jono is also one of the better vlogs, he is also an ex BBC journalist and comes across very well.
  2. Absolutely spot on, I was not defending the comments made by some members and you are right in what you say , but as has been said, sometimes a stolen boat isn't a stolen boat so people want to know all the nitty gritty before they invest any time helping.
  3. I don't think she is getting a lot of stick, I think some members feel information is being withheld or she is being economical with the truth, rightly or wrongly, but an over defensive attitude will do her no favours on here.
  4. Just read through this thread and although something is not quite right about this "theft" Emma is doing herself no favours with her attitude.
  5. We did it in June when the levels were still high and yes, plenty of throttle to get you through the swirling currents.
  6. Horrible cold draughty things, houses, wouldn't recommend it.
  7. To be fair it is crap to offer winter moorings in a spot where there is a danger of flooding, you would expect it to be safe for the money they charge.
  8. No boats on the winter moorings at Barrow.
  9. He made so much hard work of that, press the button , tip the cassette up and all the contents are out in seconds, put the pipe down into the elsan and nothing splashes back. Fill with clean water , empty again and repeat job done. It doesn't really smell if you use the right amount of blue.
  10. With the water levels as.they are and just going into winter, I can't see things improving any time soon. So thankful to be on a relatively safe mooring.
  11. That weather system is forecast to move south again overnight, the Soar is already way up, another night of rain will not be good.
  12. I use 3, £20 unlimited. Not sure if this deal is still available.
  13. Multi fuel stove is great for drying out the air in the boat, we have no issues with condensation when the fire is in, we dry our washing next to the stove and still have a dry boat. We do get condensation on the windows and frames first thing in the morning and a little when cooking but that's about it.
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