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  1. Rickent

    Wi fit on board

    We pay 20 quid a month for Three unlimited sim, run it through an unlocked EE osprey and it is fine for internet and Netflix in most locations.
  2. We will be on our 5th day at Fradley tomorrow, hope we start moving but got a feeling it won't be till wednesday.
  3. Sorry to hear this too, have they been stolen ? Or have they just wandered off. Hope you are reunited soon.
  4. It's falling steadily at Alrewas, just been up to have a look and the lock landing bollards are now above water.
  5. I think if you take it for what it is, comedy, it might be mildly entertaining, but if you tune in expecting an informative car show you will be sorely disappointed.
  6. We are still at Fradley Jct waiting for the Trent to open.
  7. I remember when it used to be a programme about cars.
  8. Fortunately we are not boatbound, we are sat at Fradley Junction. It is a bit of a trek to Alrewas.
  9. What more could anyone want.👍
  10. Careful, you are starting to skate on thin ice.
  11. Saw you pass my mooring in Barrow a couple of weeks ago.
  12. Lock landing at Alrewas, no way out for us yet .
  13. If that fails, heating them up usually works.
  14. Rickent


    Raining again in Fradley.
  15. Rickent


    Did hear that yesterday, presume no change today.
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