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  1. Rickent

    Solar panels

    mines still going strong.
  2. I have just taken a new mooring without electric hook up, my batteries are Exide hyhbrid marine batteries, they are 5 years old now but have had an extremely easy life up to now with 680w of solar keeping them topped up all summer, and battery charger plugged in during the winter. I will find out soon enough how good they are and how quickly I can bugger them up.
  3. my batteries were 12.6 at 6am yesterday morning, inverter on with fridge running overnight.
  4. This, Bimble are good price wise soloing as you know what you need beforehand.
  5. spot on, my 12.7v at 10pm last night dropped to 12.5v whilst fridge was running but went back to 12.7v when compressor stopped.
  6. 13.6, solar just started to kick in.
  7. I will let you know at 8am in the morning.
  8. will the authority pay for recovery and repair of sunken boats ?
  9. zinser sticks to any surface without the need for a key, will even paint glass. zinser first, followed by a good quality oil based gloss is the way to go.
  10. why try to re invent the wheel, if taking air from the outside to feed a stove was beneficial then all boats would be doing it, a lot of work for nothing.
  11. I really don't know, clothes will still dry in front of a stove with air drawn from the outside. My point is, the damp air is drawn through the stove and goes out the flue.
  12. we dry all our wet clothes around the stove in winter, the stove draws the damp out. Drawing air from outside is crazy. Never had a problem with condensation.
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