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  1. Tell it you are a robot and see what happens.
  2. It wasn't a couple of weeks ago, it was roasting.🥵🥵🥵
  3. My boat was dark blue, top and sides, have now painted all but a slight bit on the roof in white primer, when it is in full sun the blue bits are hot, but the rest of the roof that is white is cool to touch, the inside is cooler too.
  4. A light coloured roof will help massively, as will good insulation.
  5. You will be roasting in a black boat, The difference in temperature in sunlight between a light coloured boat and a dark one is massive.
  6. Just been on the news that three pubs that opened at the weekend are closed again due to customers testing positive for covid 19. I won't be using a pub for the foreseeable.
  7. A couple of years ago a youngster referred to my dog as "sick" I informed him she was perfectly well.
  8. I think the problem is made worse at the moment due tobthe water levels being low, it certainly was a brown trouser moment seeing the boat at that angle.
  9. Yep, saw it but couldn't do anything about it due to wind. Came through Kegworth deep and had had enough so attempted to moor at the very end of the lock landing, got caught by the wind again and am now facing the opposite way , but safely tied up.
  10. Just to let peeps know , if anybody is coming up through Ratcliffe lock on the River Soar, the left side of the river is only about six inches deep, I exited the lock and was blown over by the wind and ended up completely grounded with the boat leaning at a very precarious angle. Took 15 minutes of pole action and engine revving to finally get floating again.
  11. Saw that last year at Leicester Racecourse.
  12. Yes, we passed them last week, very sad.
  13. I am expecting to see a fair few coming my direction today from Sawley as I head that way.
  14. I wouldn't want to be a novice hirer going out today, it's blowing a gale out there.
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