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  1. Iv been a great fan of this forum and have lurked and read many helpful topics. I now have a problem with my engine I have now replaced 3 heat exchanger polar end caps in quick succession that split following the engine overheating. I have no leaks, I have hot water through the calorifier so presume the thermostat is working, no oil discolouration, I have bled the air using a tap on the top of the skin tank and with the rad cap off have seen the water moving so the pump appears to be working. Rad cap is 7psi. i ran the boat back to its mooring with the cap off so no pressure and got myself a head gasket test kit that turned from blue to yellow showing exhaust gases present in the cooling system= head gasket leaking?? this is where I am at... my local engine man has retired so can anyone direct me to a good engineer to help me? in the meantime I am considering a can of head gasket sealer only for now and repair in the spring..good idea? have I missed owt?
  2. There is only one way to avoid criticism:

    do nothing, say nothing and be nothing...

  3. Ok, cheers biscuits, I may consider this but then I will have give some thought about then maybe voting...another pointless task I fear...I’m off to self-isolate as my head now hurts.
  4. Ah, ok and thanks. 30 year old legislation that has not been amended I see but you have me convinced...I do move about a bit but I also live aboard for more than the stipulated 28days in a calendar year so as I have no desire to apply for permission to do this I will return my head under the sand and return to living in my own stress-Free bubble avoiding any confrontation or financial inconvenience to myself using only cash and a wink to get by....cheers all.
  5. My I ask, Alan, what source re you using to quote the information you re providing? if it is written in law, which law?
  6. Good to have ll the replies and I’m glad I shook the tree. to recap I think you are basically saying that even though I have lived there for over ten years I probably shouldn’t have been doing as the owner of the land does not have permission for ‘residential’ moorings’ so if I want to keep the worms in the can I should just carry on and say nowt to anyone...I get it. You are all correct with the responses and I respect them all but BIscuits, you are right, yes I do move my boat up and down for quite a few weekends a year and I also spend a few months here and there around Europe but legitimate or not it was and is my homecoming base and I would be foolish to poke my nose out further than I need to given lol the facts....I suppose I will just have to resign myself to not having/knowing my credit score in the end....ho, hum.
  7. Good to have ll the replies and I’m glad I shook the tree. to recap I think you are basically saying that even though I have lived there for over ten years I probably shouldn’t have been doing as the owner of the land does not have permission for ‘residential’ moorings’ so if I want to keep the worms in the can I should just carry on and say nowt to anyone...I get it.
  8. Well I do have a bank account as I bank online and have been allocated a ‘number’ by the bank when I moved on to the boat as my address did not have a postcode. I also have a separate correspondence address. The banking isn’t a problem, it’s the registration I wish to sort out. I have no planning permission as I do not own the land and quite rightly I pay no council tax as a narrowboat is not classed as a property as it is not on a residential mooring....we go round again.
  9. Again, thanks for the reply but where has it ever been written that you can’t live on a boat that is moored on private landowners land?...I you have this to hand I would appreciate a link to this?...or is that just an unwritten rule because believe me, I have looked. I appreciate that the councils my not have thought to include us but we shouldn’t be ignored either. im not planning to upset my applecart either but would like to stay informed on the pros and cons....this come about really s I wanted to do a credit check on myself and could not proceed without a postcode so these things are all connected..has anyone managed to do this I wonder?
  10. Morning All and thanks for taking the time to reply. i appreciate the advice given and have looked into it a little deeper. I found the form to register like you said on the commission website and have sent an email to the local council with a ‘tentative’ enquiry. i take your point Alan but really in this day and age you should be able to register your existence without having too many problems arising from it, shouldn’t you? when I said that I have lived on a non-residential mooring I just mean that it is not a ‘registered residential mooring’, it is an agreement I have with the owner of the land and then I pay the CRT for mooring on the canal and my licence. I have done this for many years openly and without a problem so I’m not sure what would change if I was to register with the local council? i didn’t move on to the cut to avoid anything, I simply decided that I preferred to live on board a narrowboat rather than a house and would like the council to acknowledge that the process to register shouldn’t be different just because a boat is not seen as a property in their eyes and they have omitted to facilitate this with their processes. i was sort of trying to gauge what other boater’s do when their sole residence is a narrowboat....am I an exception to be thinking of registering I wonder?
  11. Good evening from a new/old member. Advice/Opinion please. i have owned and lived on my narrowboat for over 12years on a non residential mooring, paying my way for CRT and private moorings etc but have never got round to registering on the local electoral roll. I’m thinking of doing this soon as I understand it is possible to register when living on a narrowboat at a permanent mooring. How many boater’s do this or have a reason to do it I wonder? I tried to check my credit score but without a facility to accept nothing other than a permanent house address i found it impossible. im really not bothered either way but I AM interested in the fact that there seems to be no recognition that some of us do quite happily reside in boats away from the nosy nellies of Experian etc....but why should this affect our credit score when I have a job, a bank and a National Insurance number?....has anyone else experienced this?
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