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  1. That is how I did it, the flue doesn't touch the collar until it exits the boat, the gap is filled with fire rope, as I said the collar stays cold regardless of how hot the flue gets.
  2. This is how I fitted my flue, the actual flue at the top is hot to the touch, but the collar is cold as is the wood around it.
  3. my engine is currently running as 680w of solar in full sun is currently supplying just over 1amp.
  4. you were doing quite well until the last comment, I will treat that with the contempt it deserves.
  5. pfizer and the other companies that have produced these vaccines have an indemnity so they will not be liable if anyone has an adverse reaction. Pfizer have over the years paid out over 2.3 billion in lawsuits to people who have been damaged by their products. https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://uk.mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUKKCN26D0UG&ved=2ahUKEwjt8qbrrq_tAhXeQEEAHSL5A1kQFjAAegQIARAB&usg=AOvVaw3YBOCgfBSCIFs0YpPzIPcW&ampcf=1
  6. I think his point is, as is mine is that no mrna vaccine has ever been used or approved for use on humans therefore we are stepping into the unknown, it may be fine, but we just don't know so people are right to be concerned.
  7. let me make this quite clear as you are not taking it in. Vaccines are a fantastic tool in the fight against deadly diseases, I cannot stress this enough but the pfizer vaccine and the moderna vaccine are not like previous traditional vaccines , they are a novel vaccine the likes of which has never been licenced for human use, this is my issue, we are being asked to step into the unknown, I do not see why this is such a big issue with people, if you are happy to take it, fine , that's up to you but please do not label people with genuine reservations about its safety as anti vaxxers or conspiracy theorists.
  8. There is no "risk" of you being called a cyber bully, you are most definitely one, in fact you are the worst offender on this forum.
  9. I'm not saying corners have been cut in production of a vaccine but clinical trials usually last many years due to side effects manifesting years down the line, this is where corners have been cut, it is not possible to know the effects a few years down the line, if people are willing to take the risk then fair play but I am not and because of this the cyber bullies on this forum are in full flow.
  10. wow, because I won't take a vaccine that's been rushed through I am an anti vaxxer, a freeloader, and a conspiracy theorist all rolled into one. I suppose I can take some comfort in the fact that whilst I am being targeted at least @LadyGis being given a break, maybe I could have my own thread. Vaccines are fantastic tools in the fight of deadly diseases and as I said last night I am fully vaccinated , but I will not take a vaccine that has not had time to be fully evaluated to assess potentially dangerous side effects.
  11. I didn't say I would have it when it's approved. It's going to have emergency approval. It might have been trialled but there is a reason why vaccines are trialled for several years before approval, side effects can take years to manifest and if you think it is not experimental then show me another MRNA vaccine that has been used before. Goodnight all.
  12. I'm not saying your actions were not right and I would have done the same and yes , the snottage would have been caught, but the vast majority would not. Bedtime, need some beauty sleep. I am a bus driver who lives on a boat of course I haven't got the solution.
  13. Show me another MRNA vaccine approved for human use and I will concede on this point. Until you do, it remains experimental.
  14. Jerra really didn't have anyones pants down, he offered a response to my post that's all, as I said earlier everybody is entitled to an opinion and I respect that even if it differs from my own , I don't have to resort to petty digs like " Jerra had your pants down " I'll let the government work that one out , oh hang on........
  15. If letting you take an experimental vaccine first because the risks are unknown makes me a freeloader then so be it, don't have a problem with you thinking that, if you are prepared to take the risk first then you sir are a top man.
  16. you make a good point about masks but people are convinced that they make a massive difference when they really don't. I am not going to get into a massive debate over it as everyone is entitled to their own opinion and unlike some people on here I respect their right to have that opinion.
  17. sorry mate, but simple science will tell you that the size of the virus compared to the size of the holes in the fabric means it's barely impeded or slowed , when we sneeze much of what is expelled is like aerosol, I agree that some of the snot will be caught but most will pass through.
  18. I agree that some of the larger droplets are caught by the mask but the vast majority are not, virus laden droplets pass through the very large holes in the mask fabric. I'd say more of a non risk taker, I am quite happy for you to go first and for you to let me know how you get on.
  19. It would have saved people from the large droplets but most if not all of the germs, especially virus particles would have passed straight through the mask, but you felt safer due to the fact he was wearing a mask so my point stands. Virus particles are minute compared to the holes in the fabric of masks, common sense tells you that they cannot offer any real protection.
  20. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/a-reminder-people-of-what-our-government-really-thinks-about-wearing-masks_XjFgj7ZTDAbIjFQ.html
  21. I am pro vaccine, I have had all my vaccines as have all my children, but there is no way I will be taking a vaccine that has been rushed through in seven months, the side effects cannot be known as they can take years to manifest, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are MRNA vaccines and as of now , no vaccine of this type has ever been licensed for use on humans, so if that makes me an anti vaxxer in your eyes then so be it, oh and masks have been proven to do nothing apart from give the wearer a false sense of safety.
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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