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  1. Agree - it's overhyped. What about the disease which already affects about 3,500 in the UK with a mortality rate also of about 3%. No mention of that, maybe because it's 'old' news. The disease that oh, by the way affects some 10,000,000 globally..... TB Another communique this moring (adding Italy to the list of testing courties). Interestingly the sensitivity of the PCR assay is only about 75% and its specificity even lower at about 65%. What that all means is with the current testing methods a lot of positive cases will get through and similarly a lot of people without the virus will be being isolated when they needn't. There is a much better test available - a chect CT but hardly a realistic option for the number of cases likely to hit the hospitals My own opinion is that the virus will run it's course. Regrettably it will kill a lot of people especially those vunerable to respiratory infections. Control measures are unlikely to be very effective in the early days (at least until the exact mode of trasmission is determined) but that doesn't mean some attempts should be being seen to be being made. Vaccination is unlikely to be the answer as a curative as the virus is historical a sod to effectively vaccinate against (none to date more than about 30% effective), however in the long term it might become a useful tool as a control measure.
  2. Reading my wife’s BMJ and the various A&E (which is called ED over here) communiques is making interesting reading. Covid19 appears to be symptomatic in only about 20% of infected people so unless states are going to implement mass screening all these token measures of sealing off ports routes etc are really on to appease the public - they will have little or no effect on the transmission, unless as I say, everybody is screened. The second point is that the 14 days is rather arbitrary and based on the behaviour of other coronavirus variants rather than anything empirical. The two things I found most interesting are that the virus only seems to have a half life of about 90 seconds in bright light and dry conditions but up to 20 minutes shaded and cool (out of the body obviously). The government over here has years of experience running interment/detention camps so why not use Australia for all the infected peoples of the world. It would be a far better environment to control the spread than sticking people in isolation, indoors where the virus can just linger. Somehow I think the nimby mindset will predominate though. The second is the theory (and it is just that at the moment) that what they call a significant proportion of transmission can be achieved, apart from the main route of droplet inhalation, but also via droplet landing on the eyeball. Rush out and buy those goggles now before the panic buying for those starts!
  3. Over here its the opposite question - will it ever start raining, at least enough to temper the bushfires.
  4. Pedant alert! Avo is an avocado, arvo is afternoon ? Have to admit that Esky’s, apart from being easier to say that chiller box or cool box, are pretty good bits of kit. We have one on the verandah thats lasted 12 years in the Queensland sun and still does the job keeping the pimms cold at this time of year.
  5. Last January we went with Boutique Narrowboats which although on the more expensive side did have a well set out and equipped boat. They were based at Debdale Wharf we we hired but I believe they have now moved to Market Harborough (according the there webbsite they were due to - www.boutiquenarrowboats.co.uk), which will probably be a lot easier to get to for somebody not used to the area than Debdale. The only snag is they are geared up for couples so there'e a nice big bed at the bow but the sofa was comforatable and my son (12 at the time) had no problem sleeping on it. I foound it quite hard to find an operator thatt was open over winter although Christmas/New Year hirings were more available - if expensive. As per previous advise check closures etc before you book or plan you route. I'm a countryside person so we headed towards Leicester a route which is largely designated SSI (special scientifc interest) and even in winter was very nice.
  6. Until there is a perfect policing/investigative and justice system that can guarantee guilt there will always be a (small) number of innocent that will be 'removed'. Punishment invarably reflects contemporary socal acceptance which in the UK at the moment, although I accept it may be changing, it is not willing to accept the risk to those few (innocent). Some states in the US on the other hand clearly think the risk to the greater population outweighs the innocent casualties of 'war'.
  7. Being ‘staff’ should not preclude involvement in a discussion and maybe all staff should have a disclaimer statement in their footer bit stating that any views expressed are personal and do not represent (etc etc). HOWEVER, I would concede the point made somewhere in this discussion that the forum itself ‘Technical and account support’ does imply a degree of authority to ‘staff’ on subjects posted therein. I would agree that, the comments made, could by the nature/title of the forum, be construed as advice and that imho are probably not the best way to deal with such emails. in this case maybe the best solution would have been to move the post to a different forum?
  8. I got 2 emails!! Was very suspicious as I don’t even have a paypal account. Would add my voice/vote to those advocating not to reply as, yes, the least it shows is that its an active email account.
  9. Yep https://www.filcris.co.uk/product/vison-edged-mink-raft-115m-x-06m-x-26cm-minkraftve looks very very similar
  10. Cheaper to manufacture? Easier to fit? Easier to clear? Look better (not to all but to the majority maybe)? In round ones the water doesn't get stuck in the corners ?
  11. I assume you mean when the boat is stationary and idling otherwise momentum would play all sorts of games and lead to who knows what. The other problem (just one off the top of my head) with implementing an idle engine cut-out would be that you would at least need to have an override switch so that, if you wanted, you could run the engine to charge the batteries. You don't always want to be moving to accomplish this. More comments from far more knowledgable boaters will no doubt follow when the sun rises on your side of the world
  12. Whilst the glass itself is unlikely to break due to the heat the differential stress from the frames or supports can cause issues. Not quite the same but we have lost 5 glass panels from around our deck and pool (coincidentally one went only yesterday) in the last 4 years, due to this. This one was the last straw - we will be changing the fencing type now.
  13. Doesn't help matters that the value of the GBP has fallen so much (and likely to take another hit soon) that the market shifts towards tourists who see better value for money. My last trip early this year was nearly 40% cheaper to us (amazingly roughly the same cost in GBP) to our trip back in 2006. Yes - we always cruise off-season so get better deals but businesses will charge what the market will bear. It's just that the market itself has probably changed. Don't have any facts to back this up - just a thought
  14. ? - thanks but it's always nice to hear from those with far more experience/time on the water than I've had . Better to 'float' these ideas on here first and find out they are hair brained than wasting time thinking any more about it
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