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  1. Just goes to show - very few things in life are certain..... and when it comes to weather/nature..... well
  2. Big summer (thunderstorm) event yes that can happen. But for 'normal' intensities of rain it wouldn't. Other factors to bear in mind are water table levels, vegetative evapotranspiration rates, ambient humidity, wind speed and amount of non-porous material (concrete - yes I know it's porous but not in the scheme of things) are what I can remember from my flood warning days. Thankfully computers took over and were on the whole, a lot better at forecasting.
  3. No - probably is the correct term as it depends on a myriad of factors but primarily the rainfall/run-off relationship. Granted at this time of year with the ground at or close to field capacity rainfall will equate to some corresponding rise in river level.
  4. Haven't been on the water enough recently to be able to contribute but be ready for the 'sharing that will means it will no longer stays pretty' brigade!
  5. Exactly right. There is very little conclusive evidence that EMF has the purported carcinogenic effects or much effect at all. That said it might be we just haven't uncovered the correlations yet. The other risks already mentioned I think are far far greater than the EMF potential risk.
  6. JJPHG

    TV licence

    All this has got me wondering. I hardly watch tele these days (maybe an hour a week at most) and from here the BBC iplayer is blocked - presumably because of the licence restrictions and being overseas etc etc. However I do read news apps and increasingly these have embedded videos which sometimes include BBC content. Sometimes these videos are subject the region restrictions - i.e. blocked but sometimes the content is shown (sport generally blocked) Does that mean you would have to have a licence to read news apps as well I wonder as the content has been live on TV at some point?
  7. Well that's fine and yes the temperature where you put the thermometer is exactly (depending on the accuracy of the thermometer) that. Meteorologist are predominately interested in the temperature of the air mass and that is what is referred to in the forecast otherwise all they would say is something like it will be 15°C in the shade today but 25°C to 50°C in the sun depending where you are, what surface you are on etc etc - not much use to anybody. That said though a forecast for say 25°C on a cloudy day would be very different to the same temperature on a sunny day for that guy down in the engine hole and in that respect the shade temperature is not much help to him. It gets very complicated when you put the real world into the picture but it is possible. For example I used to provide heat stress forecasts to the military decked out in full NBC kit and stuck in bunkers all day but to extend that to public forecasts would be impossible impractical to say the least. Normal service looks like being resumed with frosts returning towards the middle of next week. All this goes to show to the OP the variability and beauty of the British climate. We may moan about it at times but it's a fascinating creature - I am biased though.
  8. So it appears. It takes a while for news to get round to this side of the world. Well done Kew
  9. Worldwide we (meteorologists) quote shade temperatures otherwise it gets very complicated and comparison is next to impossible. With climate change yes the chance of another 1976 type summer (I was in Wales at the time so we didn't quite have the same experience ) is increasing and rather than being a 1 in say 500 year event (don't know what the actual probability is) it will certainly have come down and we might get to see a couple in our own short lifetimes
  10. 25°C!! Really - in February. I'm moving back . Don't you mean 15°C. The highest ever recorded in the UK in February is 20.6°C
  11. I remember when I was researching a case once (a good few years ago) that the temperature difference can be as high as 50C, but that was in a slightly more favourable latitude and was with a very dark matt paint. That said your point is still very valid and even under these extreme and favourable conditions the expansion is not going to get anywhere close to the 1" quoted
  12. It's not really that much different to the weather in Perth that time of year. The nights are a bit warmer in the UK but other than that as I say not much different You might get a few 'hot' days (that's UK hot not Australia hot), but the thing you will notice if your not a regular visitor is the variability. The other thing which I didn't realise growing up there but now notice on my trips back home is the wind and 'damp'. Just pack your normal winter clothes and you'll be fine. This is the reason we tend to visit in the UK winter. Their summer is similar to our winter (assuming as most of us do - live near the coast and not out bush) and personally I miss the cold, damp, drizzle and days of anticyclonic gloom.
  13. It is here. Annual ritual of if I buy anything I'm lambasted for wasting money but if I don't............
  14. Did a quick search on this discussion to see if it had popped into the conversation but couldn’t find anything so - anybody here got dual residency/nationality and able to claim 2 state pensions?
  15. Ditto - would have liked the choice but that was not offered/allowed
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