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  1. JJPHG

    Beast from the East - possibly

    Indeed they should. There were quite a few occasions, when my briefings to the presenter, which I stressed in words of minimal syllabels still morphed into something quite unrecognisable from what I wanted them to ‘present’
  2. JJPHG

    Beast from the East - possibly

    They say highs and lows here as well. As an ex-UK weather forecaster (in the good old days when we were in beautiful Bracknell) I can assure you that we did go to school 😊. The problem started when marketing consultants were brought in (all the rage in the mid 80’s) and the consensus was that forecasts needed to be ‘dumbed down’. Anyway - back to the forecast, ECMWF model is trying to develop a bit of a block with easterlies and sub-zero daytime temperatures not beyond the scope of possibility. It is a long way off in forecast terms though but the ‘signal’ has been there from the models for a few days now so the chance of a change to proper winter cold is definately increasing.
  3. JJPHG

    Beast from the East - possibly

    I’m not talking about the weather now but some PROPER cold stuff next week. The type of stuff winters were full of when I was a lad - or so it seemed
  4. Looking more and more like some proper cold stuff might make its way into the UK next week. Start your panic shopping and stocking up 😊. Shame, we timed our trip just a couple of weeks too early.
  5. JJPHG

    Quiet routes

    Yes - I do empathise with you about the dilemna and certainly if I do get to the point where I am a liveaboard or have my own recreation boat and more importantly the time to explore myself then I can find out or myself. However on the other hand it is nice to know which areas at least to aim for, for my fleeting visits back home so I can at least get the best experience (to my tastes). I personally wasn't expecting detailed descriptions of spots to aim for (just areas) but of course you wouldn't know that from my original post. I found a perfect mooring spot on this trip which will go into my little black book, but as you say, if I was to divulge this on social media its unlikely to remain so (or available) for very long.
  6. JJPHG

    Quiet routes

    Hi, Yes it was us. So glad to have actually met somebody from the forum on our travels. Hopefully your making good progress whilst the weather stays reasonable it doesn't look like I'm going to get to see any 'nice' changeable stuff before I have to set off back. I see from your website that the youngsters navigation proved a tad entertaining for you 😃. They may not be able to steer but they have their uses and were also able to get the that log out of the paddles a few locks further on. Thanks to the many replies everyone. There seems to be plenty of choice. Quite like the idea of the fens having lived there for a good number of years back in my youth - freezing fog and flat as a pancake landscape has a perverse appeal to me.
  7. JJPHG

    Quiet routes

    Just had a wonderful few days re-familiarising with boat life between Foxton and Leicester. Only met one other boater the entire time who, like others I suspect, 'hides' away from the tourists and 'hoards' during the busy times and does the bulk of their cruising during the quiet winter months. I thought this was an excellent idea so any recommendations as to which stretches are less popular during the busier months, for my next trip back 'home'.
  8. JJPHG

    Flu jabs

    I didn't say they did stop infection by contact. All I said was that they are 2 to 3 times more effective than the jab. Now if you wear gloves and a body suit as well...
  9. JJPHG

    Sea water levels

    I think you'll find the theory is that it would be diverted not shut down alltogether so yes the UK would become colder (so the theory goes). However just because our little corner of the planet gets colder does mean the next ice age is coming. For that we probably need a friendly passing asteroid to smash into us.
  10. JJPHG

    Sea water levels

    I'm not sure it was - I think Scandanvia was lower that it is now. It's slowly been 'rebounding' from the weight of ice on it during the last ice age, so it's not the sea that's risen but the land
  11. JJPHG

    Sea water levels

    I would also venture to suggest that the great minds, on the whole, are funded by the political establishments who don't have the desire to turn those minds towards solving the problem for fear of what it would cost them, both financially and politically
  12. JJPHG

    Sea water levels

    Unfortunately the claims are not laughable - but as always represent a spectrum of possibilities, the most extreme of which are picked up by the media and run with as if it was a fait accompli. When I started out in my meteorological career many many years ago global warming (that's what it was called in those days) seemed incompressibly unrealistic and yet here we are, with all the sensor data indicating we are indeed towards the high end of those early projections. Of course, not all ‘scientists’ agree and it would be bad science if they did. There is always a place in science to question and challenge. That said the overwhelming consensus of climatologists is that climate change is a real and man-made affect. Now before anybody jumps up and says ‘yes – but climate change has always been here’, yes you are correct, but all the evidence suggests that the rate of change has NEVER been so rapid as we are currently experiencing. There is no precedent on which we can base projections and therefore we have no idea ultimately what the consequence of our actions will be. We might end up with a better, more balanced ecosystem but on the other hand we might be heading down the path of the next great extinction. Is it really worth the risk? Should we take the arrogant approach that technology will come to the rescue sooner or later? Sure it might but at what cost? As long as the world economies are based on capitalism (state or private) and associated trade, there is little realistic expectation that the vast investment likely to be required would ever be palatable to the political elite.
  13. JJPHG

    Sea water levels

    Exactly right. At current ocean temperatures a 1 deg rise decreases the density by about 0.0003% but given that the average ocean depth is about 3500m that equates to a rise of about 1m. Melting ice doesn't contribute much at all.
  14. JJPHG

    cancelling apps on a smartphone

    For those annoying apps on my iphone that are hardwired into the O/S I have created a folder called Useless and stuck them all in there. Granted it's not got rid of them but at least all the c%*p is in one place
  15. JJPHG


    Revenue models, applicability and all that stuff aside I like w3w for its entertainment value. The bathroom in our house is bunny.spray.bits and my mums house/garden is parent.bungalows.ideal

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