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  1. Quite a way away and below deep-ish Yard Lock so shielded by the geography and I'm unaware that there has been any complaint from there. Any valid complaints have been from dwellings in Trent Court (the old hospital buildings). The pub has two elevations to the canal, one facing Canal Cruising's yard and their small basin, and Trent Court, and the other set at a different angle against the canal proper and where, when here, my mooring. There is a quite tasteful 3 storey residential development of flats and housing behind the towpath hedge and therefore behind me. They would suffer no worse than me if there was a real problem. But there really isn't, but I suspect this is where many of the moaners reside. Shame
  2. The Crown Wharf does not play loud music late at night, or any other music late at night for that matter. Most complaints were about the noise of mass conversation, with some poor soul complaining of a choir practice, which in the summer months can be heard, and is quite delightful. They're a bit good.
  3. But don't forget that's the income from boat licences. It doesn't stop there. Without boaters with money in their pockets, so few of CRT's business tenants would be viable and able to pay them rent. The estates department is doing so well that the director for this, Stuart Mills, earns, with his bonuses (not begrudged) more than CEO Richard Parry! Almost every boatyard is a CRT tenant, and then there are all the other businesses along the towpath side of the cut frequented by boaters where the freehold belongs to the Canal & River Trust, from pubs to shops, to goodness knows what. And many on the offside too. They have been asked to come clean and show all this in the Annual Report as income derived from boating activity. Some is slowly creeping in. No boaters, no dosh!
  4. I, we, whoever, do the tidal Trent every year or few and have just found and joined 'Trentlink - Safe Navigation of the Tidal River Trent' on Facebook. Frequent updates, sometimes several a day, and in the last few, ongoing updates on the Vazon rail bridge across the Stainforth & Keadby Canal, including a boat who was told it was closed and turned up and they opened it! Worth a look. Everyone else I've mentioned it too, including old Trent hands, have joined up straight away.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. Meanwhile, they took an angle grinder to the one below Star Lock in Stone (T&M) and chopped it down!
  7. It was the BBC that reported this this morning and is still insisting that Castle Street is a towpath on their website news. The path referred to is a riverside walk. No canal anywhere near.
  8. The point raised was that old hire boats are or will be eligible to take part in the Braunston Parade, inferring that they would be invited to participate in the Braunston Historic Boat Rally, held at the end of June. I think you'd all better take that up with the organisers. This is a privately organised event, based around a privately owned marina and boatyard, and I think I know what their answer would be!
  9. Why? Is it a working or ex-working boat?
  10. If you are getting on in years or are in some way disabled and are going to be single handed, telephone CRT and talk to them. If not, get on with it. They are delightful and delightfully easy, as long as with the rest of the Shroppie, you are mindful of the fierce by-washes.
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