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  1. RIP Trevor Maggs

    Yes and a wonderful tribute to Trevor shared with so many friends. Many photographs of Trevor shown too which was lovely. There was a spenditly fitting Order of Service, and unfortunately I saw our copy disappear into lady's handbag, which is not a problem, she is welcome. But if anyone has a spare copy they might not want to keep, I would love it. Thanks. God's speed Trevor and thank you so much for quietly touching the lives of so many. James
  2. Interesting details from the bottom of a lock.

    Thanks for all this as it is really is most interesting. Being a 'buildings man' and a retired surveyor I don't think the wrought iron work is simply a support. There would be a lot of integrity in the entire lock wall structure, albeit there is little immediate support other than an iron plate over the aperture and no stress relieving archwork or the like. But it seems also to be a baffle too to my thinking and there to help break up the flow. Clever? Now, go on you Chartered Civil Engineers, shoot me down. I've been to the pub! James
  3. OTLEY

    Hey Alan & Angie Welcome with the same provisos as Alan! But if you don't do the Facebook gossip, here is a good place to visit. I've learned loads. See you soonish, no doubt. James
  4. Sir Frank Price

    Yes, so am I as the Daily Telegraph always listed his birthday in that newspaper's daily list of notable birthdays. This coincided with the Audlem Gathering of Historic Boats at the village's Transport Weekend and there was always a unanimous standing and raising of glasses to the birthday boy at supper in The Bridge Inn. James
  5. Sir Frank Price

    Tony Hales? No we're not! There was a lot that Tony Hales contributed to both BWB and CRT, other than his time and management expertise, that he kept private and hidden. In time this may well come out but it is not for me to discuss such details on here, or anywhere else. And he did put himself about a lot more than his successor appears to do, often turning up unexpectedly at even quite minor events. James
  6. Sir Frank Price

    I have learned that Sir Frank Price has died at the age of 95. I have been trying to find an obituary online without much hard success, other than press reports of 15th January. He had retired many years ago to live in Spain. My thought is that Sir Frank, as Chairman of BWB, and Barbara Castle, as Minister Of Transport, were instrumental in saving the canals for us. Gratitude. James
  7. BCN Moorons

    I was
  8. BCN Moorons

    Not aimed at either of you, but it's not how long you've been boating, but how much have learnt! I know folks who have been boating that long but show all the signs of not having learnt much passed their first year or so. But still, they can be nice people and that's what we want. James
  9. BCN Moorons

    These boats were tied there on 5th October, blue boat on the the Main Line just to the left of the finger post in your pic, the other opposite side to where they are shown, or maybe further towards the lock. So they've moved! Wow! RH boat in your pic is a Licenced Trader. James
  10. Caldon canal

    I think you are at Cheddleton tonight as I am, with you at the top of the moorings and MARQUIS at the other end before the Flint Mill. We are three boats travelling together, planning to continue to Consall Forge and Froghall, but the EA River & Sea Level website shows a steep rise of level on the R. Churnet, so passing onto the river is getting less likely as the rain continues! The Churnet is one of N Staffordshire's lovely unspoiled and clean, but fairly wild rivers and a rapid drop in levels could be slow. Oh well, we'll have to stay here and keep an eye on it. There's always the 16 bus into Leek which runs late into the evening, a lovely little town with great pubs! James
  11. The Barbridge Inn

    I called twice at The Barbridge Inn (or is it Ye Olde?!) in late July and well into August and found that Woodland Brewery was a thing of the past there. No stuffy bar staff but chatty people serving and lots of good beer, many well hopped, which in Woodland's tenure was not and all a bit boring. I can't comment on the food other than to say the last time I ate there was in the Woodland days and it was expensive, fussy,but good. Two really nice evenings. There you are: good news! James Or drink the draft Mild ! Should there be any; disappearing in many establishments now. James
  12. Rivets?

  13. Rivets?

    Agree. They are barely visible because all you can see is waste material in the riveting process. The rivets are countersunk so the lumpy bit (rivet head) is on the inside of the hull or whatever they are holding together. With blacking on top, very many rivets on this boat can't be seen at all. James
  14. Tesco's Reading

    Interesting indeed George, but you wouldn't have a chair to sit on!
  15. Maffi

    Yes and and he's great company over a pint or few.