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  1. Bridge 91 was all fine when I drove over it this morning. I didn't stop but nor did I notice anything untoward. I moored here for many years so I know it well. James
  2. I have ben using BoatPost as my bone fide address for some years. They offer a service that fowards my post to wherever I am. Excellent. The only difficulty I have is with the NHS who asume that 'one size fits all' so my address for them is c/o my dotor's surgery. It all works well and I vote in Stone, Staffrdshire where I have a mooring, although I'm only there part of the year. BoatPost: boatpost.co.uk Contact David as above. That might be what youre looking for. James
  3. Hi Gareth When we were there in early June they had handspikes. My new one came from Shire Cruisers at Sowerby Bridge, and so purposeful does it look for self defence, I was worried carrying across the town in case the Rossers saw me ! James
  4. I emailed the Boating Assoiation well in advance with a similar question about V.13. There were many days without a reply but eventually, 30 minutes before entering Keadby Lock and out onto the river I received a reply: "Sorry for the delay in replying; there is a version 15 but version 13 is still adequate." Hope to see you at Audlem. James
  5. Did Sheffield to Doncaster yesterday, two boats, both single handed, in under 9 hours yesterday. Yes a long day. And a start at 9ish at Tinsley Top helped but the trip up will need a stop over. Why di we do such a long day then? Because Doncater is great town, way, way above our expectations. Stayed here on the not over attractive but almost town centre VMs on the way up and for a couple of days too. All the shops and stores you would expect in a sizable town, and more. Great market. The Information Centre will even provide you with a CAMRA mag with all the good pubs on a map! We have ended up patronising the lovely 1930s back room in The Plough, or Little Plough to some Rotheram sadly has no moorings in town recognised by either Nicholsons or more importatly, CRT, although there are some! We stopped at the secure moorings above Eastwood Lock, and witnessing the natives while on a dog walk further along, I'm glad we did. Got an excellent taxi into town and back that night which I can strogly recommend; the taxi that is, Great trip. James
  6. Twas I that was asked yesterday by Ian McCarthy as he did a sterling job helping us up from Manchester, to have a look at Lock 62 when I arrived in Chadderton (Rose of Lancaster) yesterday. Which I did. It was that the bottom gates don't close well. But through lack of water I could tell little else. The pound above was empty and the bottom offside gate to Lock 61 wouldn't close up or open. The pound above was 9" off weir so I was concerned how far I might have to go today to run water down, so I decided to ring CRT in the morning. I rang and they were there before I was. As the low pound above 69 had recovered overnight, some water was now running through the empty pound from the bye-wash. Amongst all the detritus on the bottom in the empty pound is a large amount that have appears to have come courtesy of Network Rail or whoever, working on the lovely rail bridges above! Amongst all this was clearly to be seen, a two foot whirlpool with the water disappearing down a hole! Later the guys reported that it was the wooden plug from a drain off to a colvert that was missing. But all is now fixed, possibly as The Biscuits suggests and I'm leaving in the morning, although I expect that there will be quite some running of water and the stuck gate is now shut and wants to stay that way. For whatever reason some of you may suggest, the team from CRT turned out very quickly, woked at it all day and cheerfully sorted it. On each of the times I went up to have a gaup, I met one of them one his way down to pass on progress to me at my boat by the R. Irk aquaduct. Top marks and thank you all from the helpful ladies on the phone to all involved. You are appreciated. James
  7. Just to let you all know: A Celebration of Andrew's life will be held at Bradwell Crematorium, Chatterley Road, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire ST5 8LE on Monday 18th March at 1.30pm. Then afterwards a very informal gathering at the Etruria Industrial Museum, Etruria Vale Road, Etruria, Stoke on Trent ST1 4RB. It's a celebration, so come dressed in what makes you happy.
  8. Sad to report that Joe Chetten died last week. He didn't look at all well when I last saw him at Tipton and Park Head in the autumn and he told me that one treatment he had been receiving had created another. A working life long boatman and in recent times renowned, and for ever in my mind as one of the 3 Black Country Joe fender makers, along with Joe Hollinshead and the late Joe Self. Always to be seen and chatted to at all events with any working boats about within quite a drive from his Black County home. I shall always value knowing you Joe. Thanks for the info on this old boat. James
  9. I think you will find that it's all supported, but I may be wrong. I have a Mk 3, but my electrician using a Mk 2 has told us that my 13yo or so Phoenix Multi Plus 12/2000/100 is now a bit dodgy. Over much of the winter and tied I use a Honda EU10i to recharge my AGMs daily. For the last few months after say an hour the charge voltage rises way above what has been set but after an hour's rest when all cools down the charge proceeds within the settings. It's had it's day. I have ordered a new Victron 12/200/80. Farewell good and faithful servant but I don't like fires on boats. Jmes
  10. Hi Mike By ECU I think you maybe talking about the little black box on the back. Sorry but electricity is all a dark art to me and always will be! I have a Shoreline fridge/freezer now 12 years old. Half way, if that, through it's life till now, still going strong, mine died and a quick phone call to Shoreline sorted it. A new one was supplied and all good since then. Ring 'em? Regards James
  11. Leaves at Hockley Heath? Just a few seconds in neutral and one or two turns of the prop astern sorts that. But the bloody pigeons! That takes a lot longer to sort the paintwork and cabin top in the morning. James
  12. I am so saddened to hear this. Saw and chatted only very recently. I moored at Fradley Junction for quite some years and saw a lot of him and enjoyed his wise words. He told me much about the history of this boat after her working days in which he was involved in condemning her first cabin fitted as a cruising boat! Should I boat to a 'boaty' do in the Midlands, Harry always turned up. Bless you Harry. You enriched my life and understanding of the canal world I live in. James
  13. Nor me. Just in case she's longer than CRT think. She fits very nicely into the very top of a manageable licence bracket!
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