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  1. JamesWoolcock

    shoreline fridge

    Hi Mike By ECU I think you maybe talking about the little black box on the back. Sorry but electricity is all a dark art to me and always will be! I have a Shoreline fridge/freezer now 12 years old. Half way, if that, through it's life till now, still going strong, mine died and a quick phone call to Shoreline sorted it. A new one was supplied and all good since then. Ring 'em? Regards James
  2. JamesWoolcock

    Leaves at Hockley Heath

    Leaves at Hockley Heath? Just a few seconds in neutral and one or two turns of the prop astern sorts that. But the bloody pigeons! That takes a lot longer to sort the paintwork and cabin top in the morning. James
  3. JamesWoolcock

    Harry Arnold

    I am so saddened to hear this. Saw and chatted only very recently. I moored at Fradley Junction for quite some years and saw a lot of him and enjoyed his wise words. He told me much about the history of this boat after her working days in which he was involved in condemning her first cabin fitted as a cruising boat! Should I boat to a 'boaty' do in the Midlands, Harry always turned up. Bless you Harry. You enriched my life and understanding of the canal world I live in. James
  4. JamesWoolcock

    Boat length

    Nor me. Just in case she's longer than CRT think. She fits very nicely into the very top of a manageable licence bracket!
  5. JamesWoolcock


    Now there's a thought for the future George. A foldaway sofa for the bank side! Heading for eBay to get one first. Hope you made it to Hawne without too many problems. See you soon. James
  6. JamesWoolcock

    Anti vandal keys

    And all of the Leeds & Liverpool where there are some newly made chain type locks that are machined too tight for most keys! Hopeless.....
  7. JamesWoolcock

    Narrowboat colours

    Yes. The same boat. Molly was built by Tony Francis for the late Kevin Scragg. He did a some sort of exchange (£+/-)with Roger Murrey for FMC MONARCH when she was still in steam. I am told Roger Murrey had Roger Fuller extend her tug deck by building a complete new fore end thus replacing the original and Roger Murrey renamed her Zulu. The internal painting is Kevin Scragg's and I suspect Kevin (Hazardous) Worthington who in his later narrow boat days worked as painter for Steve Hudson. I remember Molly in BWB colours before being repainted in Hingley's livery which was originally, I think, on their tug CROWN. There is even more to the tale of CROWN but for another day perhaps ....
  8. JamesWoolcock

    Odd enquiry

    Swarfega. Rub it in then wash the item. 100% I think on fresh oil and grease. James
  9. JamesWoolcock

    too p or not too p

    I gave up on all such relief in locks after I heard the commanding voice of a school teacher call out "Now children, gather round"! Yes indeed. The size of the bottle neck is what is important to most of us.
  10. JamesWoolcock

    too p or not too p

    Over the years I've learned so much from so many former working boatmen that has made so much difference, but the relevant tip given to me for single handed male boaters is to carry a fabric softener bottle. I'm never without one! Cheers Ed ? James
  11. JamesWoolcock

    What will happen to the Flapper in 2019

    Any news on The Prince of Wales?
  12. JamesWoolcock

    Bloody Day Boats

    I met a quite a few on the Bridgewater on the way to Lymm today and very entertaining. Lovely weather. Lots of pirates. Lots of booze. Lots of people on board too. But it's wide and deep so they had more room in which to screw up and they were having a lovely day on the waterways. James
  13. JamesWoolcock

    Deep locks

    That's because they haven't fixed the leak in the bottom gates.
  14. JamesWoolcock

    Minworth embankment repair

    So it wasn't just me! I suggest to help to improve things you should tell of this to [email protected] She is the engineer trying to solve this situation and I know she would really welcome your input. She's very approachable and really would welcome your comments. James
  15. JamesWoolcock

    Minworth embankment repair

    Oooooops Typo: " ...in the mid 1970s" !

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