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  1. Then they'll rot where they sit. Great investment
  2. Do those posh hulls ever get taken out of the water? Sorry, hulks
  3. In my younger school days, we used to travel partway home at half term by train from Gloucester to Birmingham. The trick was to horizontally hold a whole BR bog roll from a pencil or such like as one of your fellow travellers held his foot on the lavatory flush button on the carriage floor, and if careful, the roll was thus flushed away under the train. This was done when the train was on the famed Lickey Incline from Bromsgrove, and a further boy would have his head out of the window to adjudicate success which was to get the bog paper flapping out behind the banking engine.
  4. Have a word with Ian Mac of this forum. He Volunteers on the dodgy Manchester to Rochdale section and may well give you some help, advice peace of mind.
  5. I wouldn't get a small casserole on with that. Its bloody huge.
  6. Tell them you're worried in case there's a fish kill. That usually does it.
  7. Really it all comes down to how many hours you expect to run your stove before you change the filter. As a live aboard my stove runs almost continually from late September to late April +/-. Thus the big filter and the convenience of all three the same.
  8. One of these I have identical filters to my Kabola Old Dutch stove, Fischer Panda onboard generator and the propulsion engine.
  9. It's best suited in the coolest place on the hot plate blasting air over the hottest. So at the back and well to the side of the flue.
  10. Yes my fan goes straight onto the hot plate of my Kabola. I now have a Valiant fan but I recall that its predecessor (12+ years service) had a warning to keep it away from the hottest part, anywhere near the flue.
  11. Hello James How the devil are you?

  12. A few years ago on an overnight stop at Braunston, a fella on a brand new all chrome and white paint, white hull included (!) had a go at a fellow forum member whose Small Woolwich was breasted alongside MARQUIS demanding to know why we thought we could do that as he wouldnt have been able to get passed. He was asked how two fat boats might pass each other which brought on a grumpy response.
  13. 👍 Watching now. I can watch this time and time again.
  14. I recently bought a Bush AG56TW twin cavity LPG gas cooker with flame out device. It came with a set of LPG jets which my GasSafe man changed before fitting it in the boat. So far very happy except for the cost of an additional oven shelf. Happy to recommend.
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