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  1. Ok, but one of the new ones is a Honda EU2.2i. The man next to him has had a EU20i for some years. A Honda will cost at least twice as much as the opposition but will last umteen times as long, start on half a pull every time and ARE the quietest. As the man said, Honda, end of. James
  2. Correct! Four more have appeared in the past few months on our moorings for the daily battery charge; 18 boats, half of which are residential. In Stone we think of nothing else, I had a EU10i for 15 years (!) and now and replaced it with another. James
  3. Call Karen at Canal Cruising Co at Stone. 01785 813982
  4. Albion Motors was a Scottish automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturer. Founded in 1899, Albion Motors was purchased by Leyland Motors in 1951. Keep safe James
  5. I believe that Albion is a name for the whole island of Great Britain, not just England James
  6. Try Dave Freeman at Taff's Wharf on the T&M just up from Rugeley. He took out a small Saab single from a boat last year, or the year before. It might be what you're looking for, might be not. You will find him in the BSC Surveyors ads. James
  7. JamesWoolcock


    I don't think so. This engine had a complete top end rebuild down to and including the big ends in autumn 2011, including new pistons and liners. I am talking about cold starts in cold weather. This only applies to the first start up of the day. After that a mere touch of the start button and it's away. I've used this procedure for 14 years so I don't expect it not to start at all. It guarantees a quick and easy start up and a cranking battery long life.
  8. JamesWoolcock


    FRs were designed to run on 10, not 30 SAE oil. But this one is a little tired at the bottom end now so I now run it on 20/50 CC and as I've said it is set on low compression all the time. At start up it has 35+ lbs/in and runs happily all day at around 20. Not many FRs do that, James Yep. Read my post Richard.
  9. JamesWoolcock


    Hello, Another FR owner here. The Decompression Lever is at the front of the head assembly and is there for hand starting. All FRs had a hand start but for electric start it's use is unnecessary. It should not be used for stopping the engine; the engine control lever on the left hand side and in the pump cover plates should be used. It controls the rack. Forward to stop, back to run. Vertical (I think) for extra fuel but generally not needed The Changeover Levers control the high or low compression. Up is high compression for cold starting and they should be pushed down to low compression after a short time for running. These engines were often fitted to tugs (as in this boat) and I have little doubt that some tug captains would have abused them on occasions for extra umph! This engine (FR3) had them renewed a few years ago but they leaked so much their use was soon abandoned. The engine starts and runs at low compression all the time and is much friendlier to an elderly engine's bottom end. In the warmer months it starts fine, but in colder weather the trick is this: Remove the Air Cleaner by the two clips. Incidentally the felt discs in this should always be kept DRY and cleaned by knocking or vacuuming the dust out. There is an oil bath in the bottom of the Air Cleaner housing and it should be used. Close down the throttle. Aim the flame of a DIY gas torch into the Air Cleaner body, but try not to consume all the air which the engine will need to start so don't poke it directly down the air induction tube. Press the starter button and gently open the throttle and away she goes.... Put away the torch and replace the Air Cleaner And now the oil tank. Marine versions (Engine number ending in MP for marine propulsion) are all dry sump and there is only a small capacity "sump" on the bottom of the engine which collects the oil for the scavenge pump to pop back into the copper tank. 25Litres capacity is about right. Leave this arrangement well alone. I hope this helps. James
  10. Bridge 91 was all fine when I drove over it this morning. I didn't stop but nor did I notice anything untoward. I moored here for many years so I know it well. James
  11. I have ben using BoatPost as my bone fide address for some years. They offer a service that fowards my post to wherever I am. Excellent. The only difficulty I have is with the NHS who asume that 'one size fits all' so my address for them is c/o my dotor's surgery. It all works well and I vote in Stone, Staffrdshire where I have a mooring, although I'm only there part of the year. BoatPost: boatpost.co.uk Contact David as above. That might be what youre looking for. James
  12. Hi Gareth When we were there in early June they had handspikes. My new one came from Shire Cruisers at Sowerby Bridge, and so purposeful does it look for self defence, I was worried carrying across the town in case the Rossers saw me ! James
  13. I emailed the Boating Assoiation well in advance with a similar question about V.13. There were many days without a reply but eventually, 30 minutes before entering Keadby Lock and out onto the river I received a reply: "Sorry for the delay in replying; there is a version 15 but version 13 is still adequate." Hope to see you at Audlem. James
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