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  1. In the good old days of the Waterways Managers, who knew their patch quite well and probably felt some personal ownership towards it, I used to photo all the (inappropriately) moored CRT workboat and send it to them. And I always got the response something to the effect of 'thanks for that. We shouldn't be doing it'. Still happened though.....
  2. "Boaters' views sought on managing moorings in busy London" is the title with a lovely photo of a busy Central Birmingham is an article from Damian's latest Update! Jeez, don't these folk ever check their stuff over?
  3. They did indeed. Malcolm Braine once told me they wouldn't have any welding kit on the premises! Eventually, they went into the holiday cruiser trade, but those they built were all riveted. There's one moored at Lyon's Boatyard on the N. Oxford at Warstock South Birmingham. I think it's 'Victoria'. There is a thread on here of a few years ago about it and Harris Bros.
  4. Spitfire and Hurricane, along with Typhoon and doubtless one or two others were tugs built in the early 1940s.
  5. No it's not a charm. It's an irritation and a load of waffle. Just do everyone a favour and start a new topic. After all, what you lot are going on about is of interest to many, even me, but not here.
  6. Yes, I understand that and how it happens, so why don't you start another topic and stop wasting the time of folks who might want to know how Lady L's problems are progressing.
  7. So what's this all got to do with Barrowford Locks and the stranded Lady G? You guys know how to seriously go off topic, and I thought the Mods might have stepped in.
  8. It's on the Hall Green Branch of the T&M (Macclesfield Canal to many) just on/over the main road aqueduct and on a bend, so approved mooring doubtful. But on the upside it's with 10 minutes or so walk to the Blue Bell at Hardingswood 😀🍻
  9. Excellent. More decent moorings for the rest of us.
  10. I, and this boat been with Towergate for years, and once when I had a sizeable claim, they were absolutely brilliant. Then, out of the blue, they gave me a months notice at renewal. saying that they didn't want my business any longer because of the age of the boat. So I rang Michael Stimpson, a life long boater who does know about boats, and especially insuring boats and I now have an excellent policy with Circle Marine that costs less than I was paying Towergate.
  11. I have been quoted every 5 years for an out of water survey which is ridiculous as it really needs to fall at the same time as hull blacking. If the surveyor does a good job it will need re-blacking afterwards as he/she will strip much of it off during the inspection. I have successfully argued for every 6 years. This gives me the option of re-blacking every 2 years or 3. Any insurer who knows about boats will understand. If they don't, then you can be assured they don't know anything about it and should be avoided. In the event of a claim they may turn out to be difficult.
  12. The Wey is just lovely. Recommended. Only went as far as Woking on the Basingstoke but again, a lovely waterway. It was the occasion of the Basingstoke Canal people's summut anniversary and was attended in considerable numbers by the ex working boats of the Historic Narrow Boat Club. Depth and water supply on the Basingstoke can be a challenge but these deep boats managed. No doubt more thorough advice will be along soon.
  13. They have been issuing licences without the mooring code for some months. Probably because this and other information about us and our boats is stored on their spotters' gadgetry. Shame, it was sometimes good to see where some folk came from.
  14. Excellent, but that was made by Martin Zero.
  15. And very good eating. When I see them doing this stretch of the T&M I always try to be there at the end of their day and am always happily given a fish.
  16. We navigate by WhatPub and use the phone to check. Post lockdown, many places still have odd or unreliable hours. Bloody annoying and I try not to patronise any establishment that can't keep to its published trading hours.
  17. A great little pub and never to be missed.
  18. Saw a shiny white and chrome narrow beam wonder above Hardingswood and below Hall Green in June which had cameras similarly mounted to see down the gunnels, well as much as they were, and so the steerer didn't have to leave the tiller and look out of their pure white hidey tent.
  19. Perhaps I have happier tales to recount. When I was based nearer Burton on Trent than I am now, no one would have used anyone else other than Key Diesels, but this was in the days before RCR's ownership. They were excellent and a pleasure to deal with and all was usually accompanied by some jolly banter with Kevan Key. As for RCR, I signed up for all the usual reasons years ago but I've only called them out 3 times. First, 2009, was a blown core plug in the cylinder head of my 1956 Lister FR3M at Gloucester. A very competent guy came from Stourport. He sourced one a put it in but wasn't happy with it because of a small amount of wastage to the casting, so sourced some more and came back and redid it all. 10/10 Second was a dead cranking battery in the dead of winter at Fazeley. RCR found a new one, like for like and came out that day and fitted it, charging only for the battery. 10/10 And the last time was after hitting something very solid under Bridge 22 in Nuneaton (haven't we all!) which hit the propeller and pulled the shaft backwards out of its Fenner coupling, jamming the rudder. I got a tow to Atherstone from following friends and the next morning RCR sent a fella out who was familiar with said coupling and all was done and well within the hour. 10/10. So for me, no gripes.
  20. They're scheduled till 17th I think but I had a txt yesterday from our local maintenance manager to say that they now have a pump there to take the bywash round, which will be good news for folks on the Barlaston pound which has been supplying water into Stone for a week or two thanks to an enterprising moorer up the Meaford Locks! Don't get excited as from what I hear there won't be much of, if any early finish.
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