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  1. I have also worked on ammonia production plants, emergency evacuation respirators were located in strategic positions around the plants in case of leaks from the process. Nobody on the plant was allowed to wear a beard in case you needed to use an emergency evacuation mask, contact lenses were similarly proscribed as any ammonia in the air could dissolve into the moisture on your eyeballs and with contacts emergency eye baths would not flush it out. Every so often we would go for respirator training and we would be put into a wooden shed after putting our masks on and then someone would inject a bit of ammonia into the shed, you soon knew if you had not got your mask on.
  2. I used to work for the company that made the stenching agent for natural gas, which contained hydrogen sulphide, and if you breathe in higher concentrations such as can form in a closed environment, then the hydrogen sulphide desensitises your olfactory nerves and at high concentration the deadening of the sense of smell is instantaneous so you do not smell it. For that reason personal gas detectors were worn as we could not rely on smelling a leak.
  3. The galley photo appears to show a lift up flap, there is a vertical section of worktop with aluminium edging under the gunnel, it appears to be hinged to the main worktop by the end of the sink / fridge.
  4. As I said on another thread, my boat went on brokerage just before lockdown, it sold earlier this week on the first day the brokerage opened for viewings and no silly under priced offer either. There is pen up demand for boats, people appear to have identified what they want to look at during lock down.
  5. As an example, when cables 1 and 2 are disconnected there is no current flow, assume the fuse has a high resistance for some reason, as there is no current flowing through it it has no voltage drop, so you read approximately 13V at point A. Now you connect up something with a current draw, the solar controllers, a lamp for example, now there is some current flow through the fuse, therefore, the fuse will have a voltage drop due to the high resistance and you will only read 3V say at point A, B or C because 10V is being lost over the fuse. With your readings, with everything connected, you are measuring 3V on the busbars, therefore your high resistance is somewhere between the batteries and the busbars. You add a load and start with the multimeter on the batteries, then move one step at a time from battery terminal -ve to the +ve crimp, then fuse input, then fuse output, then crimp at the +ve busbar. If at some point the voltage drops then you have found the length with the high resistance in. If you do not find it then put the +ve multimeter back to the battery +ve terminal and work along the negative route.
  6. Our boat went on brokerage the day before lockdown, today was the first day the Marina was open for viewings and the boat has sold, there seems to be pent up demand waiting to be unleashed. We were worried that there would be a very slow restart to sales or chancers making ridiculously low offers.
  7. A theoretical question, if there was a sudden rupture of a hose or ejection of a core plug creating a cloud of steam in the engine bay, could the steam then displace enough air that the combustion of the diesel in the engine was prevented, thus the engine stopped, which in such a case may occur before any overheating damage occurs. It would then be able to be restarted easily, although running like this will end in tears.
  8. I have the water and the fuel gauges fitted, both work very well and have done for over 13 years.
  9. If your water outlet is at the bottom then you can still fit a pressure sensor type of level gauge such as this one, there are other suppliers. You need to add a T piece into the section between the tank and the pump, unless you have a second unused connection. This will read an increasing depth of water as the tank fills, the only thing is that the volume of water will not be linear with depth as the shape of the tank changes, however that is probably not too much of an issue.
  10. Latest boaters new just out states that licences are going to be extended by 1 month due to inability to use boats. Quoting from the update Boaters update ....So today as an interim measure we are extending all licences that are due to expire at the end of April by one month to run until the end of May. All other current boat licences will be similarly extended by a month from their current expiry date. I urge you to continue to renew licences – we will look at the situation again in a month’s time when we hope that the full extent of the disruption will be much clearer.
  11. You can get specific double pole solar isolators for high DC voltages such as https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/32A-2-POLE-4-POLE-1000VDC-TRUE-DC-ENCLOSED-ROTARY-ISOLATOR-IP66-SOLAR-PV/172752383221 or https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Solar-Panel-Isolator-SALZER-D221-83200-700N1-32A-450V-to-20A-650V/121912721002 However, they are quite large..
  12. Or the Victron Colour Control GX or Victron Venus GX for those of us who have never home baked a raspberry PI.
  13. Morris Ankorsol engine coolant anti corrosion fluid has been mentioned before on the forum as an option in this situation. Morris Ankorsol
  14. I have an ammeter on my alternator output and solar panels, if I do not go cruising until after lunch on sunny day the batteries are already full from solar, therefore my alternator ammeter reads zero and my solar controller reads 5Amps tail current rising to 8Amps when the fridge cycles on. If I then pass through a shaded region, the solar ammeter reads less and the alternator ammeter rises above zero. You can only fill your batteries the once (as long as your voltage settings are correct of course).
  15. Last year, I was front boat in a group of 3 boats, wife walked to the end of the first narrows, phoned me saying clear and all three of us set of. Trip boat turned up and would not stop even though he was told we were almost out. Much cussing and cursing, had to reverse to the passing point for him to pull in and then shuffle three boats past. Would have been quicker for him to wait. Idiot.
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