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  1. We changed our aged cassette toilet for a new Thetford C263-CS cassette with ceramic bowl, easier to keep looking good than the plastic one, but still only 15 or 17 litre capacity and still on a plastic base. Just a thought.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. 2 of us on the boat, usually 2 days to fill a cassette, 1 spare cassette, very leisurely trip over the Rochdale from Todmorden to Littleborough came close to the limit once when we had to wait an extra day at the summit due to a lock problem.
  4. I worked at a canal side chemical works on the BCN many years ago. We decided to build a new production building, the first in decades. When the trenches were dug for the foundations we had ground creosote not ground water, a legacy of tar distillation going back to the 1800s. I know of the phosphorous in the canal, not the place I worked.
  5. I suggest you get familiar with the CRT stoppages web page, put in the canals you are interested in and it will list the stoppages. This will allow you to see if the Calder and Hebble is open or not. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices This page also has a link to sign up for updates, you can choose waterways of interest and when a new stoppage occurs or is fixed, it normally gets emailed to you so you know ahead of arriving at it, or perhaps changing route.
  6. Checking my new boat I found that the bank of 6 had the main cables connected to batteries 1 and 6. I did the calcs and theoretically, connecting to batteries 2 and 5 is the best as matty40s says, but when I checked the size of the interconnects I decided to leave them as they are.
  7. At least when it comes to refilling it, there should be a good flow on the River Aire to run down from Ferrybridge. But it will still take a fair amount of time.
  8. There is the huge reservoir north of the junction with the New Junction Canal that is only separated by a few rocks that will add appreciably to the total volume.
  9. In many places, the drain under the water tap goes to a 4" pipe under the towpath which empties into the canal.
  10. I thought that the regulator on alternators had some temperature compensation in so at lower winter temperatures increased the voltage so the behaviour may be by design.
  11. if the accumulator pressure is too high then there will be no water in it, then when the tap is opened there is no reservoir of water to come out until the pump kicks in. If the diaphragm is split then there may actually be no air space in there, so again, there will be no reservoir of water to come out as the tap is opened until the pump kicks in.
  12. I have just looked at the video, memory is failing me, it was Jan 2008 flood. However, the river has been very high in some summer floods, I will not forget Gary's video, there were reports that the river over topped Ledgard Bridge flood lock on that occasion.
  13. Yes it can flood in the summer, it did really badly so about 12 years ago and put a boat called Pipistrelle onto the bank from the visitor moorings just upstream of the pub. I think that was when the scaffold poles first started getting put in, but 2015 was much worse. The boat was on the bank for 6 months or so as a crane could not get there, so it was dragged back by a powerful boat. For those of you who remember Gary Peacock, he posted video of the Calder running 4 to 5m above normal past his workshop. I moored at Shepley Bridge then Brighouse for 13 years before moving to the N
  14. I have used the floating pontoon several times. I read the article, it said they would become summer only moorings. If this is due to flooding, I am sure it was a June flood that put Pipistrelle on the bank some 12 years or more ago. That was the one that was nearly sunk when it was finally dragged back into the cut. Thread on here somewhere.
  15. The only year that I did not brim the tank in winter in 15 years was the only year I got diesel bug. On the basis of this one single event, the case for the prosecution is proven. QED.
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