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  1. There was earlier talk of piping in the combustion air from the engine room, the Refleks instructions someone posted explain that this is a bad idea. If you start your engine with the stove burning, the engine room will go below atmospheric pressure as the engine draws in air, potentially drawing fluegas back from the stove. I do not know all your boat details but this must be considered properly. Secondly, you have stated that drawing in the external air is to help with carbon emissions. I am not sure that this will help much, yes you save some heat inside the boat by not using your warm air for combustion, but instead you draw in colder external air, so your fire runs cooler for the same fuel burn rate, so the stove gives out less heat for the same fuel burn rate, which matches the reduced heat demand due to not using heated internal air for combustion. Nett result is no carbon saving when you consider the complete energy balance.
  2. PeterF

    Where next?

    Currently you can not get from the eastern L&L (Leeds) onto the Huddersfield or Rochdale as the Calder & Hebble is closed at Figure of Three locks until well into 2021, only date for completing the repairs is "spring 2021", which could be anything in a 3 month window. Link to Pennine Waterways site
  3. That takes me back to borrowing the in laws 36ft Springer in the 1980s. It stopped in about 1988 when he welded an extra 9ft into the shell.
  4. Give Hartlepool Marine Supplies a call. Link
  5. I grew up not far from Kiddie and lived in Stourport in the late 1980s before moving away and I can not recall this reputation of Kiddie at that time. The in laws boated through a few times and had no troubles.
  6. I used Google Earth once to measure canal width to see where I could turn my 55ft boat to save a lengthy return trip, although you can not tell if you can use the full width. Probably uses the same images and measuring as Google Maps.
  7. Stoppage emails received saying the wide locks will be open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9.00am to 3.00pm with lockies / vollies present during the narrow lock stoppage.
  8. I first saw a terrapin in the 1980s on the Trent and Mersey between Great Haywood and Stone. Apparently the weather is too cold for them to breed in the UK, thankfully. I saw a very large goldfish about 12 inches long in the Huddersfield Broad about 10 years ago.
  9. No, further downstream, Thornhill flood gates, downstream of Dewsbury where you go into Long Cut / Broad Cut. Been through it many times and never a had problem. My usual method at that particular lock going downstream was to start further out in the river, mid channel rather than hugging the right hand bank as you are showing in your mark up. Then start going for the lock and you get an early sight line into the lock to see if it is clear and you do not need to be as tentative about checking. If it is clear then you can enter with some revs and good steerage. If someone is coming out, at worst you can do a U turn and come back again if the flow on the river is too much to hold station, normally with little fresh on the Calder you could hold station mid river. If you are too close to the bank as per your sketch then little option but to approach tentatively because you have no idea if someone is coming through the flood lock, so you go slow and loose steerage.
  10. I was at Colecraft a few months ago and they had a couple of shells ready for new Black Prince boats with the distinctive wide rubber strip as the bow fender.
  11. PeterF


    My engine cooling water to the calorifier coil has valves in, so I can close one of those valves so I do not heat an empty calorifier if it is drained dow . See if yours has valves. If you run the engine with an empty calorifier the engine may heat up more quickly but will not get any hotter.
  12. I will third this advice for exactly the same reasons. We have a boat in build after spending many years with a second hand boat. We chose a builder and provided detailed information pack of what we want, layout, equipment spec etc. etc. The builder has stated that they have never received such a good up front pack of information, Without years of experience the new boat build would have been more hit and miss, or going with the norm for the builder.
  13. Wolverhampton 21 locks. Start at Aldersley Junction just south of Autherly and climb up to the top of Wolverhampton passing such sights as the refuse incinerator on the way to the chocolate box image of the top lock seen in the photo above.
  14. An article in the Waterways World that has just come out states that the bookings will be handled by CRT using the same system as for booking Anderton Lift, Standedge Tunnel etc. I have used the online booking before for Standedge, reasonably straightforward, I do not know if there is a parallel phone booking system.
  15. Is the Don affected by the tide at the aqueduct, I think so, is that at the high range tomorrow allowing for low pressure from the storm.
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