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  1. Yes, but in France, Germany, Spain etc. let alone USA there are millions of caravans and motor homes but no more narrowboats which skews the development costs even more.
  2. Going back to the early 90s we got held up on the Trent & Mersey between Burton and Shardlow where a pair of narrowboats got stuck in the bridge below one of the broad locks trying to exit the empty lock together, can not remember which one. Stuck for many hours. After seeing that I never leave a broad lock at the same time as another boat.
  3. Some marinas had terms placed on them in their planning consent limiting the number of nights stay on boats per year and have these in the T&Cs. Hire boats are different as the hirers do not stay in the marina. I recall a number of years ago someone hiring out their boat, I am sure it was not an official hire arrangement and the hirers stole it.
  4. PeterF

    Mystery object.

    Looks like a float for level measurement, I have seen one lock with bottom guillotine gates that has a float in to make sure the water level is low before raising the gate at Todmorden.
  5. Yes the baffles help as Boater Sam says to avoid a direct bypass route, but they also increase the velocity by making the flow path of lower cross sectional area, industrial heat exchangers use them extensively. Therefore, you could make your tank 4 times wider and put lots of baffles in to compensate and have a large coolant volume for no reason and a more expensive tank to boot. Keep it narrow with few baffles.
  6. Heat transfer between a liquid and a metal surface occurs due to turbulence in the fluid continuously moving small volumes of hot fluid to the cooler steel and turbulence is generated by moving the fluid at high velocity. The best tank is one that is very thin with high velocity, but this would have a high pressure drop, so you come to a compromise, wide enough to pump fluid around but not too wide. With a very wide tank and slow flow without turbulence, the flow is laminar and only the thin layer of liquid next to the surface gets cooled down, the bulk of the fluid does not touch the surface and exits the unit uncooled. Before retirement I designed industrial heat transfer equipment.
  7. Some quick observations. The BSS inspection is only carried out once every 4 years not annually, so unless you are including cost for remedial work you can reduce that a lot. You do not normally pay for water to fill your water tank, this is free, unless you are budgeting for some bottled water. What sort of toilet, cassette is cheap, usually free to empty, if it is pump out that is perhaps £15 to empty and if you have a smallish tank that can be every second week, so 26 times a year or with frugality and a larger tank once a month. That is boat specific. You will not get solar during the 3 winter months, so will need to pay for electric from shoreline or burn fuel in a generator or your boat engine, not sure how much to allow. If you are running your engine frequently then it will need at least an annual service, perhaps more frequently based on manufacturers recommended intervals. You could learn to do it yourself to save costs.
  8. Are the engine and eber on separate fuel take offs from the diesel tank or do they share a common offtake. If the offtake is common and there is a partial blockage in the fuel line could the fuel suction from the engine limit diesel flow to the eber. I might be talking nonsense, but I would expect the engine fuel pump to be more effective than the one in the eber.
  9. There was a thread a couple of months ago where someone's solar charger and alternator settings meant that when close to fully charged, the warning beep just started to sound quietly. You mentioned solar on your boat, just a thought.
  10. Last year on the L&L a hire boat came past us when we were moored up, the boat was doing maybe 1mph as the bow came alongside, then as the stern approached I realised the engine was doing about 2000rpm. I shouted to them they had a prop foul and helped them pull to the bank and then offered some advice on clearing it. As they started to get it off, the end of a long 14mm blue rope started to appear. After a few moments, one of the crew said "so that explains where the rope off the back of the boat went".
  11. Can the boatyard at Wakefield on the river Calder crane bots in.
  12. Well off topic. Removal of the right breast has always confused me because as an archer myself I know that for a right handed archer at full draw, the string passes over the left hand side of the chest not the right and right handed women wear chest guards on the left. More information than you need. I once shot outdoors on a hot summer day without a shirt on and almost gave myself a nipplectomy when I was not standing correctly, this was my left hand one being right handed.
  13. Most likely a coupling of erosion and corrosion, the erosion removes the corrosion products which normally act as a bit of a barrier slowing down corrosion, revealing fresh steel to rapidly corrode. Seen it a lot in the chemical industry in pumps and high velocity / turbulent pipework if there are solids in the fluid.
  14. The width of the flow path is reduced so the velocity of the water is higher, so it is more turbulent and thus has a better capability to transfer heat from the water to the hull (heat transfer coefficient), which further increases the performance of the tank.
  15. And each extinguisher needs to be a minimum of 5A/34B.
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