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  1. Hello! i tried fitting my own bilge pump a year ago and it’s never seemed to work very well / maybe atall!? So am now giving up with the DIY approach and would like a professional to install one. Currently in packet boat Marina, Uxbridge- any recommendations of people who can do this for me? Or websites where I find people? Thanks!
  2. Thanks everyone! I will leave it where it is and sort next time it’s blacked 😀
  3. Currently in process of painting my boat and de rusting everything, have just got to the engine bay, have been using a wire wool brush / flap disks for the rest of the boat to get rid of the worst bits of rust but this means there is some potential for sparks. I assume any sparks near the batteries is a bad idea so was planning on taking out the batteries. first does this whole process seem sensible? Secondly if we were to take out batteries, is it the same process as car batteries - taking off negative first? thanks.
  4. Currently sanding down my boat to paint, there’s this metal plaque on the side of the boat, ‘Electrolux refrigerator’ two of the screws are rusted and heads have fallen off so would need to drill out to see what’s behind it. Before doing this does anyone know what it is? Just a plaque or something more important. On the inside of the boat it is where the oven is placed...
  5. Thanks for the reply Jen, I have a solid fuel stove but not using it at the moment during summer. checked my hob and oven, both burning blue. Will check the batteries now though, and give it a Hoover! Thanks for advice
  6. Hello, wondering if anyone could help, I am currently moored in a covered wet dock repainting my boat. currently at the sanding stage so there is ALOT of paint dust in the air. My carbon monoxide alarm went off, and I am confused why. I was cooking about two hours earlier with the oven, with all doors and windows closed but other than that no gas is being used, the engine isn’t on. I then opened the doors and windows and the alarm went back to 0. I’m really confused as to why there would be carbon monoxide, if I am not burning anything- could it be something to do with the paint particles in the air? Or something more serious, gas leak etc?
  7. Thanks Dave , really helpful advice!
  8. Rust is mainly on the roof, it’s not loads but but there are a few patches that are worth worrying about. I’m planning on repainting the whole thing (so ending up with as smart and shiny as a amateur can get) Thanks!
  9. Hello, I’m about to undertake the daunting task of painting my boat. I’ve got rust to treat which I was planning on sanding away, then rust converter then red oxide (have been recommended this process from quite a few people) I was just wondering, the red oxide primer that’s sold specifically for narrow boats is about three times the price of red oxide primers that you buy in DIY shops (hammerite etc.) are they actually different and is it worth spending the money on the more expensive red oxide? thanks !
  10. Hello, I have a friend who is willing to make me a new door for my boat as my current one is rotten as it was never sealed properly.... can anyone suggest what wood to use? I wasn’t planning on replacing the frame at this current stage due to money / time restraints , would it cause a problem if the frame and door are different ages / types of wood? thanks for the help!
  11. I’ve had a look at there are a few supports and putting my hand in I can feal nails that are still in the panelling but not connected to supports... thanks for the advice this sounds like a good plan! Yup there’s poly styrene (throughout the whole boat) that one day I was planning on upgrading ... just haven’t got there yet! Thanks everyone for the replies really helpful!
  12. Hello, I have a Tounge and groove headlining in my 40’ narrow boat. I haven’t been to see it for two months due to covid but just came to check on it and the tounge and groove has fallen apart, see photo. In winter it was bulging a bit which I assume was due to moisture and maybe now it has shrunk in the heat causing this? Is there a way to fix it without taking it all out, can I nail back into the horizontal battens or would that be stupid? thanks in advance. Hannah
  13. Hi, Need some help, Currently fitting a new shower mixer into my shower on my boat. The walls are un even ( not surprised) but this means that with the shower mixer central piece pushed flat, the washers of the in/ out pipes do not lie flat on the wall, See picture attached. Is there a smart way to get around this? I was currently thinking packing it out with washers then siliconing round this, but wanted to see if anyone has any knowledge to do it any better way. Thanks
  14. Hello! Sorry I'm sure its already been asked but couldn't find anything giving my concrete answers. I am pretty new to boating currently moored my 40' narrow boat in uxbridge and planning on going down to Shepperton. The Tidal part of the thames is worrying me a bit, I have read about the tide times and when is the best time to head off but any other advice on navigating that part of the thames would be helpful, is it sensible to do for someone a bit less experienced? thanks!
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