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  1. Really helpful Thankyou! Through this whole battery saga I really want to know about more about my boat electrics so hopefully in the future I am a bit more capable in sorting minor problems myself.. can anyone recommend any books / YouTube vids or anything else to get me a bit more clued up?
  2. Confirmed switchy action is happening but still no luck. As well as trying to insert a little ball of foil as Tony suggested in previous comment
  3. Okay thanks for this! Yes you are right it was set to both and I always have set it to that, not sure if that is the right thing to do? Yes hopefully the mains will be sorted soon... So if I start re charging them is there a smart way to test if they are actually recharging? As opposed to dead and not taking any charge
  4. Still waiting for my electric to be topped up as the marina office hours during covid / lockdown are reduced! But when I get back onto the mains I’ll let you know. But pre to my electricity credit running out everything was working, even though I’m betting the 12v batteries had been not working for a while without me realising..
  5. Yes pretty sure both are on (and have tried flicking them the other way just incase I’m being stupid and no changes)
  6. Thankyou so much for this! I will try what you have suggested and re read a couple of times to get my head round it! Have attached other photos of the batteries also if it helps
  7. Sorry isn’t working. And just tried this still no luck..!
  8. Also now feeling very stupid for not knowing what my battery isolation was as there is a large plaque telling me.... 🤦‍♀️
  9. Also tried starting the engine and looks like the starter motor isn’t working either
  10. No Problem, thanks for offering anyway and totally understandable lock down is making things trickier to sort! If my batteries are dead , and I top up my electricity - until I get round to replacing the batteries, is there any problems with running off just the mains? I assume the mains still travels through these batteries (correct me if I'm wrong) but doing this will it cause any future problems with the electrics on my boat? good idea- will try this when I am back thank you for the suggestion.
  11. sorry the 'changed that' was related to the location you had mentioned for some reasons was 'freelance'
  12. whoops I didn't realise it was set to that- have now changed! I don't have an inverter as when not plugged in the 240V plugs don't work - which never was a problem for me as I stay put in the marina and only go out for the occasional weekend. The 'inverter charger' is this different to an inverter? Think I was more aware of my battery setup when first buying the boat and had forgotten it all as I haven't been cruising and hadn't thought about it! So will try and learn a bit more about the setup... They are open cells, and I have two batteries. will have a closer inspection of them when back, at work right now and can also take some pictures. 12v things were working when the mains was on. Last time I was off the mains electricity was August and the 12v lights definitely worked then. The lights went out and at the time the only electric I was using were the 12v lights so hard to tell if the 240 went out at the same time as the 12v. However I was using 240 plugs earlier in the evening, so if the 12v stayed on it would have been probably minutes rather than hours. As for the battery isolator being off, is this something I would have to physically turn off or can it turn it self off? thanks all for the help, making me realise I need to take more care of my battery set up!
  13. Kismet


  14. Hello! I am a complete novice, so sorry if I'm asking the wrong thing / this question has been asked before.. I am in a marina and constantly connected to the marina's shoreline electric. Yesterday the mains went out (forgot to top up!) Obviously all my 230v plugs stopped working but so did the essentials , lights, water pump etc. When I have left the marina these essentials worked when not plugged in as they run off my leisure batteries so I assumed they should work when I ran out of electric also. Does this suggest that the batteries are dead? have I been doing something wrong am I meant to not have the batteries connected at all times? Thanks in advance
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