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  1. It's been done simply to give traders time to set up and put away again without losing valuable trading time over the actual days. Sounds reasonable to us although we haven't yet made use of this dispensation.
  2. 'We cannot give any special dispensation from time limits because you are trading.' Except they do allow us a day either side at bank holiday times.
  3. Have reached the top of the Erewash in our rather too deep hulled boat so ploughed much of the way with frequent trips down the weedhatch. This boatyard run by Dan and Vicki is at the top and they are the most welcoming and friendly pair. We got diesel from them and also a very reasonable price for use of their dry dock when we should need it next. Boaters that moor there that we spoke to were full of praise too. Full marks!
  4. Thanks for all these helpful comments. We've now found the invoice for the 'old' ones which turn out to be only 11 yrs old with a 25yr warranty so are following that up with the manufacturer Sunpower now. If they wriggle out of their commitment we will definitely be looking at these suggestions.
  5. Hi all. After 13 years our monocrstyalline panels are dying on us. Any good suppliers out there to replace 4 or 5 x 90W, especially if they will bring them to the boat, currently on the Erewash, about to be on the T&M. Googling doesn't come up with much but prefer recommendation anyway.
  6. We also put a hole in the bottom of them to let the water out.
  7. Wouldn't be without our Sigmar, have loved using it for the past 13 years live aboard but it runs on diesel and with all the question marks over this fuel, for how much longer sadly?
  8. Agree with all of this except that Germany does now accept 20m pleasure boats.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. We hear that Germany has now come in line with other European waterway regs and allow pleasure boats up to 20m. This of course still doesn't help with us leaving the EU so only being able to be there for 3 months. And then there's the problem also of medical insurance which the government have now put advice about on their web site. Soooo glad we went over when we did. A carefree and wonderful experience now probably denied to everyone else.
  11. We were over there in Mainland Europe with our narrowboat for 10 years but gave up after the uncertainties of the Brexit vote. Feel free to pm me with any questions, I've also got a book out 'A Cigar in Belgium' which will give you lots of hints but - you're biggest problem is that you will only be allowed over there for 3 months after a No Deal Brexit or probably even with a 'deal' one which is hardly worth the thousands it will cost you to get over there with the boats.
  12. We hadn't realised either but it looked good for the solar panels so made a snap decision. Bit busy with people and dogs, also hadn't realised it was a bank holiday. The muddled calendar of retirement! Knuffels.
  13. And it's still working a year on as shown by your OH today, I'm tempted to get one too. Was great to share the locks with you.
  14. We're now at Foxton and the restrictions continue.......with so much rain forecast for tomorrow we thought we'd check out the Bridge 61 pub instead of going down.
  15. Leon was around 9 days ago when we did the Arm. He's lost his mobile in the cut so not contactable.
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