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  1. We're on our way to Coventry for the City of Culture floating market that's been arranged. Was hoping to re-visit the Ashby (after 18 years) afterwards so hope there are places to moor up in early July?
  2. But the end shouldn't justify the means, should it?
  3. Keep smiling very pleasantly at CRT volunteers and staff or you may lose your licence (10.17) or maybe have your phone on record for every interaction, just in case. Any signwriting that names your boatbuilder (10.10) and for share boats (4.4.3) Home moorers who nip to the pub and back staying overnight at weekends (5.1) Helping out a stranded/broken down boat (10.11.1, 10.11.2) Home moorers on CRT moorings/land who have storage sheds or anything at all outside their boats (11.6) This is after a quick look, there's so much that is new and was not 'consulted' abo
  4. These are just some of the parts that boaters should be concerned about, if not for themselves, for others.
  5. CRT's definition of competent in 10.8. Boarding your boat in 10.12.2 Sharing personal info with others in 7.4 and 10.13
  6. It looks like there will be different boat licences now for home moorers and ccers but nothing about different fees: A Pleasure Boat Licence (“standard boat licence”) for either 3, 6 or 12 months is required to navigate on Our Canals & Rivers. You will need a home mooring for Your boat for this licence type. A Continuous Cruising licence does not need Your boat to have a home mooring. This licence is either for 6 or 12 months and You’ll have to follow Our ‘Guidance for Boaters Without a Home Mooring’.
  7. CRT's revised T&C's will be published later today, applicable from 1st June. Will be interesting to see if they include the requirement for boaters with a home mooring who will now be required to undertake a 'genuine cruise', whatever that is, whenever they go out in their boat.
  8. Have you found this: http://www.livingonwater.co.uk/index.php/content/show/living_on_water/discover
  9. The cynic in me is shouting that CRT have made this lease so unpalatable that when no-one takes it on, as after all, why should they pay for all the expensive restoration and then have it taken from them in the future, CRT will then say, we've tried, no-one wanted to take it on so the only alternative is for us to sell it. Fait accompli, quite clever really.
  10. As is the magnificent St Wendreda's church.
  11. Be careful which scratches you remove - years ago good friends lent us their boat for a week to be picked up by them further up the cut. The day before handover we got too close to a tree and heard the awful scratching noise all down one side. We finally moored up and there was the horrific evidence for all to see so OH set too that evening with TCut that was luckily on board. The next day, our friends met us as arranged and we could see Bill looking intently at the side of his boat. We held our breath. "That's strange" he said "I'm sure there was a long scratch down this side".
  12. Legging through Dudley Tunnel. Can anyone date the film and identify the crew?
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