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  1. Just been yelled at to get out of the way by a jogger who came up behind us on a narrow bit of towpath when walking the dogs. We can only hope he had tested negative just before.
  2. Update from Damian at C&RT - this problem with towpath users is being discussed at C&RT tomorrow. Apparently we have not been the only ones to have emailed about it. Hope they do something better than giving us a sign to print off about keeping your distance, which by the time they've come close enough to read it on the boat.... no more needs to be said!
  3. We are getting water tomorrow and then moving somewhere quieter while it seems that C&RT are neither going to close towpaths or lock locks. Getting very anxious about the laissez faire attitude of most of the passers by here, most of whom don't seem to think that the 2m rule applies to them. TBH, most towpaths aren't wide enough to allow for this anyway, however, where we are it just about is but doesn't make any difference to the behaviour of most. This makes even putting the dogs out a nightmare to keep us safe. Please C&RT, either close the towpaths as other national parks authorities have or at least publicize on the news that you are requesting people not to walk/cycle past moored boats. Life has become hard enough without this added problem of trying to keep safe with uncaring passers by.
  4. Sick of people thinking it's all a great joke and walking very close to the boat while we're sat in the bow so we're trying this. C&RT have asked people not to walk past moored boats at all but this needs to be publicised to safeguard us live aboards.
  5. Surely there's no need to panic if they are keeping the locks open? More of a worry for us are the amount of people going past the boat on the towpath. C&RT have asked people not to walk past boats but how many look at their site? Or take any notice anyway? We have been diving face first in to the hedge to avoid them as we have to let the dogs out still on a towpath too narrow to safely distance.
  6. They must be either incredibly delicious or incredibly addictive to worth risking your life for.
  7. We too are live aboard ccers and have moved this morning to just above Aston Lock so that if the worst happens and C&RT lock the locks, we are the right side of services. This thread made us think about doing the sensible thing, thanks CWF!
  8. Coalboat Auriga filling us up with diesel last week at Whittington.
  9. Wolverhampton Boat Club are friendly and helpful, also Urban Moorings at Horseley Fields usually have a free space.
  10. Electronic prescriptions can be sent to any pharmacy of your choice in England only. This does not work in Wales and Scotland. We have had lots of supermarket deliveries all over the place to the boat with only once a big problem and that was with Tescos who it seems are not so good at reading instructions. Morrisons, Sainsburys, Ocado have all been no problem at all. As previous posters have said, moor somewhere easy for the driver to reach you, get the postcode from google and leave clear instructions to ring you when they get there.
  11. He does seem to be going to the pub that's after the lock in front of us and back again. Don't know what the boat moored there thought when he parked his front wheels on their mooring rope!
  12. Ok, thanks for this. He looks like a farmer and/or maybe a hunter, no reg number and not tearing along but fast enough of course that we nearly had a problem with our deaf old dog this evening. Think I'll check with C&RT. I suppose they may have given him permission??
  13. We've had a quad up and down the towpath here on the Birmingham & Fazeley at Bodymoor Heath several times today and still gone 8pm he's at it. Is this now allowed? We thought that anything motorised wasn't.
  14. Quick update - Shirley liftbridge was remotely reset for us this morning. There were no problems at Kings Norton and we have made good our escape from the North Stratford. We still have no idea why such a long length of canal has been included in the Hockley stoppage.
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