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  1. Wonderful films! Have just bought a 30 year old Pearsons guide to the BCN. On the last page it says bicycles are not allowed on the towpaths. How things have changed.
  2. And another for XC. Met office wrong today, XC right.
  3. Our doctor's surgery at Thrapston always answer the phone as Nenn Valley, if that helps?? Apparently Peterborough to Thrapston it's Nenn and from there to Northampton it's the Nene. Now you know!
  4. Be aware that there are still lock closures on the Nene at least until the 10th April!
  5. Not sure where I heard that it was not acceptable or why for that matter, just another wonderful feature of this superb boat!
  6. Thought a woodburner next to a gas stove was a no-no??
  7. Just wondering if the pressure should be set to the cut-in pressure of the pump or the cut-out pressure?
  8. At least one of the boats there is liveaboard and I was led to believe that all the plots can be used in that way although as I said, absolutely no facilities.
  9. There's a couple of 70ft moorings available near Fotheringhay on the Nene. £35,000 with a good sized plot but no amenities apart from a tap a 20 minute walk away. Can also flood.....
  10. Sadly, yes in the Netherlands where the government forced the Dutch in to gas c/h years ago as they have enormous shares in fracking over there. The only source of diesel for the Dutch is 'white' road diesel for all users. In Belgium it is still possible to get 'red' for anything other than propulsion, unless you run a commercial barge. They can use red for everything. We have a front tank as well as a back one especially to keep the two types separate when we were there in case we were boarded and dipped.
  11. As Alan says, the boat has been located now but so far no update as to what happened next. We too wondered why the couple didn't just pay a deposit. Perhaps they were worried someone else might beat them to it at that price - too good to be true also springs to mind!
  12. This on FB this evening: Anyone able to help.. here's the full infoOn the 19th November we agreed with a Tony Hudson to purchase a 36' black 1980's Springer narrow boat 'Hobsons Choice' G110498 advertised originally on Gumtree for quick sale at £3,500.00! We viewed the boat on the water just before Outwell at Gladys Dacks Public Staithe! We then motored with Tony Hudson and a friend called Gareth to a mooring directly opposite the Crown Lodge Inn! From then we parted with £4,450.00 for the purchase of Hobsons Choice, transportation, crane and delivery to its new dry home in Sussex! Arrival date 05th December!!! No boat arrived and we have had no contact with Tony since. Subsequent contact with Gareth leads us to believe that the boat was heading towards Fox's boatyard March and that it may currently be moored near the Ship Inn at March. Please if anyone has any information at all regarding either the boat or persons involved would they be kind enough to contact both myself and the police! I have incident numbers with both the Sussex police and Actionfraud. Many Thanks debbie harding 07889007888
  13. Chatting to our Dutch boating friends we have discovered an additive available that is supposed to combat the dreaded bug. It's called Acticide. Has anyone come across it in the UK? We're going to look it up when we're back.
  14. Thanks for your thoughts. It was for a cut out switch on the back of the grill door.
  15. Hi. Trying to connect up a second hand Vanette oven. Hob's done with no problems but the oven/grill has three transparent white cables to connect. So, one has gone to the grill igniter, one has gone to the oven igniter but where to put the third?? Searching through old posts on this forum confirms what we had already found that manuals for this oven are like hen's teeth so hoping someone on here might have the answer. Many thanks.
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