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  1. Agree but how did they do that unless it was somewhere outside? Or somehow through a window? Thank god for our portholes! Although thinking back, we did have a JCB come through one of those in the past but maybe that doesn't count being rather more of a, hopefully, one off.
  2. Mountbatten and Halsall get our business whenever possible but we will always seek out coalboats (that sell diesel!) wherever we are on the system. So good to see them still in business with their colourful and historic boats. They can scratch our sides any time 😃
  3. Logic may not be required! Here's the NHS advice with reference to antibody tests.
  4. We too. Would it survive the Shroppie shelf or lock scraping?
  5. Is it really so that C&RT are sacking making staff redundant and using volunteers to man the tunnel instead? There's a petition against it already set up so I suppose it must be true.
  6. We have a small axe front and back easily accessible. Only needed once so far when in a lock in Belgium and we got hung up on an underwater shelf running along the side wall of the chamber. The lockies thought it was hilarious and carried on opening the paddles so out came the axe. They looked more serious when they saw me hacking away at our front rope but no apology. There were times when I wished we did the locks over there!
  7. Such a boat savvy Santa, I got one from him too.
  8. It's a ratchet type, about the same size as a normal windlass, just a tad heavier. There was a thread on here about them a little while ago. https://gowindlass.co.uk/
  9. Maybe splash out on a Gowindlass. Wouldn't be without mine for those hard to shift paddles.
  10. Please, please, if it's really what you want to do before you peg it, just do it! There are always excuses to be found to not do what you would really like to, ignore them all. It doesn't matter what curved balls may come your way, there is always a way through, always boaters in this community who will help. Mooring - lots of spaces in marinas for people who "spend a lot of time on their boat", hint, hint. The under 50ft size will be eminently manageable single handing. Let us all know the name of your boat which you will be getting soon and we'll all look out for you and give you a hand through the locks, if you need it, which after a few, you won't!
  11. Plenty of boats have past us having got through this morning.
  12. Got stuck a few days ago on this same tree and rock slip that had so reduced the depth. This had started in November when we saw the first tree coming down the bank towards us. Reported then to C&RT so was surprised that still at the end of July it had not been properly cleared, or maybe shouldn't have been surprised.
  13. We get a few grins when the pun sinks in - we are nb Wandering Snail with 'Less Cargo Trading Company on the side panels.
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