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  1. Scary read! What do you think, Moominpapa?
  2. Section 105, Maintenance of the Board's Waterways in that Act does rather say the opposite.
  3. I'm not sure, I know the BCN are. I will check tomorrow, thank you. As well as being so involved with boating Sadie was also a gifted and spirited member of a local folk dance group, Pig Dyke Molly who are also involved in fund raising for this bench. There is a crowdfunding page at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/cheryl-jakes?utm_term=YvxpVjnb7
  4. Happened to be talking to Mary of Bethsaida Covers at Shebdon about this today. There have been a couple of fairly recent breaches of the embankment here when presumably the stop planks were used and looking at the badger damage below us, the next one could be soon although after lockdown we hope or we could be caught out! A quick search on here has found this:
  5. For those who knew Sadie and Fred, money is being raised for a specially carved memorial seat to be placed in the Bower at Whittlesey. If you would like to contribute, please pm me for details.
  6. No he probably couldn't. It will be left to others who may well beat his dubious accolade as they are very experienced in it. I, a very experienced boater, did have a look and liked your more unusual approach with some waterway's history. More of that would be a refreshing change for us 'old hands'. Keep enjoying, you are obviously not someone who has taken to boating simply as a 'cheaper' way to have a roof over your head.
  7. We've heard that C&RT are stopping these email alerts in December. We too know how useful they are so I have asked the question if this is true or not and if so why for their Annual General Meeting on Wednesday.
  8. Yes, this is all we could find about the story too although we did hear an inexplicable 'squeak' rather than 'shriek' when we walked the dog last evening.. There are a few inhabited tents in the woods so hope that they have had some sleep regardless, feel for them as it's getting a bit nippy as well as damp here now. We're here for another night so will report any sightings/hearings.
  9. He did but we'll never know what woke the dog up
  10. Moored this evening by bridge 66 on the Shroppie we look forward to experiencing the 'shrieking spectre'. Only a squeak so far but, so close to Hallowe'en, who knows. The Shroppie apparently has a few ghosts including the Chester Roman soldier, the 'bleeding steps' near Rugely and the Monkey Man at bridge 39 to name a few. Hoping for a quiet night.........
  11. Passed a Ferrari in my 2CV uphill in the snow one winter. It was soooo good.
  12. We got through with the help of a very friendly C&RT chap with whom we had a lovely chat along with all the other boaters waiting while he 'winched' the beam open enough. He was still valiantly putting through several other boats well gone 2pm this afternoon and there's one waiting this evening for tomorrow. Fingers crossed for him.
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