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  1. Found this photo of when we were stuck for several weeks at Naburn in 2008. There's a lock under there somewhere.
  2. Is there any such supplier as the regs have stipulated a phased introduction of this stuff that presumably can't be wriggled round? Currently all 'heating' oil/diesel must contain 9.75%.
  3. Now back on SSA again! For real this time so EA say.
  4. Apparently a sensor problem at Doddington caused a false SSA to be announced.
  5. Away for just two days from Snail and as ever she throws a tantrum. This time the inverter's playing up so we've had to disconnect incase it's also frying the batteries in its malfunction. The 240V solar panels also normally go through the inverter so, what to do? Disconnect them too and/or somehow cover them up or leave them to do their usual via the regulator with nothing now draining the batteries cos we're just on hook up while we sort the inverter. Any ideas gratefully received. By the way the inverter is a Mastervolt Mass Combi 12/2500 which seems to be stuck in bulk charging mode so any ideas on this too would be great.
  6. Probably deep enough for a narrowboat but sadly no interconnecting waterway.
  7. We were invited to this a few years ago. The organisers offered to lift out and truck us from the nearest waterway that we could get to and then put us back in after the festival! Can't remember now why we didn't do it. What we did take part in was the equally fantastic Oostende voor Anker festival, held every year, see https://www.oostendevooranker.be/en/. Out of 600 mainly historic boats attending, we were the only narrowboat, see photo. It was a wonderful experience, highly recommend getting there if you can.
  8. £96 for a Bukh original thermostat seems a little biittt steep! Has anyone managed to identify an alternative supplier? Has anyone run a DV10 without the thermostat - apart from the previous owner of this one ? Any ideas welcome. Olly
  9. Wonderful films! Have just bought a 30 year old Pearsons guide to the BCN. On the last page it says bicycles are not allowed on the towpaths. How things have changed.
  10. And another for XC. Met office wrong today, XC right.
  11. Our doctor's surgery at Thrapston always answer the phone as Nenn Valley, if that helps?? Apparently Peterborough to Thrapston it's Nenn and from there to Northampton it's the Nene. Now you know!
  12. Be aware that there are still lock closures on the Nene at least until the 10th April!
  13. Not sure where I heard that it was not acceptable or why for that matter, just another wonderful feature of this superb boat!
  14. Thought a woodburner next to a gas stove was a no-no??
  15. Just wondering if the pressure should be set to the cut-in pressure of the pump or the cut-out pressure?
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