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  1. My god, where's that come from!! Just a bit cheaper from my publisher at Troubador or direct from me! In answer to the OP, our narrowboat managed perfectly well in Belgium and it was our favourite country to cruise in from all the countries we took it to. I always smile at the 'knowledgeable' comments on here from boaters who have never done it! If you go ahead, just make sure the length is well under 20m as there are now regulations in force for boats over that which a narrowboat cannot comply with.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. It doesn't say when they are proposing to follow this. I think bearing in mind the importance of Braunston, this is one for the APPWG to take on.
  4. There's an update on the Woodseaves Cutting stoppage too now involving a landslip as well as trees down across the canal. We're at Shebdon in lockdown and so hoping the embankment stays up!
  5. You just get cleaner germs with a cool wash, said a scientist on the radio.
  6. Our friends moored by the Odeon spent the night in a hotel. Their boat is now at the top of the riser but thankfully there's no more rain forecast and they are hoping the levels will now go down.
  7. Pictures from friends who are unfortunately on that pontoon by the Odeon. They've packed their grab bags!
  8. And the breach near Audlem is still undergoing repair. Poor ol' Shroppie.
  9. Here's the link to NABO's considered responses, including just the concern that you have identified. https://nabo.org.uk/files/NABOCommentsonT&Cconsultation.pdf
  10. So why are hire boats allowed to do it??
  11. The hire boats are doing that on the Shroppie.
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