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  1. There's some incredible figures in it. For instance, page 5, the whole world population is only 7.9billion but it does say 'c' and a 'guesstimate' for dog visits so I suppose they've covered themselves for making up any number they thought of. Surely CRT could have featured a lock beam that was in good condition, see page 4?
  2. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/media/original/46298-10th-anniversary-booklet.pdf?v=ec8769
  3. The strimmer belongs to a boater who moors at Shebdon, she left it behind by mistake. I've messaged you!
  4. This article has come up on FB. Made me wonder if insurance companies should be asked if they'll cover inland waterways boats charging phones etc on board. There have already been instances of near misses when these batteries have been found just in time on boats before they've caused the fire. However, I haven't heard of any boat fires where this has been the cause. https://marineindustrynews.co.uk/insurance-refusals-on-lithium-ion-boats/
  5. Latest thoughts are Camden and Joe Skinner.
  6. Whoa, don't shoot the messenger. Maybe copy this all in to an email to them? And this first of three vids being made to show the route has just come up on my FB feed:
  7. Oops, oh well, I'll leave the link on as it does tie in with the OP.
  8. The society that is attempting to restore the canal all the way to Shrewsbury is very much active: https://sncanal.org.uk/
  9. Apparently the fire brigade were called who helped them off the boat. This story just gets worse!
  10. I know of a live aboard psychotherapist who uses Zoom for client sessions.
  11. I should perhaps have written 'response' rather than policy. Wait 'til it breaks was admitted to though.
  12. Said in a meeting with CRT last year.
  13. CRT's admitted policy is no repair until both have failed so this is no surprise.
  14. Today, a reply from North West to a boater who asked about the potential problems on the Macc and PF this summer, see FB NABO page.
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