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  1. Coming up Stoke (Bruerne). The next lock is the top of the thick before the long pound to the top two.
  2. The price is displayed on the adverts and on this website https://norburywharfltd.co.uk/boats-for-sale/ Not really too difficult
  3. Ring me and I'll tell you all about her, better still come and have a look at her! www.norburywharfltd.co.uk
  4. I had some copper "rings" made for my engine in Hyperion, thinner than the manual says and to Tim Leech's specification. Increased compression and made starting a whole lot easier and instantly solved the smoke issue. I have some spares hanging up in the workshop somewhere!
  5. It was Jack Taylor (of the new ACCCo) that nicknamed the AS2's "tata roasters" from when he had the 'Hyperion'. Him and Elsie reckoned they used to wrap potatoes in foil and cook them on the manifold when loaded. There's nothing wrong with an Armstrong with the correct blade. On the Shroppie with a loaded boat: after coming round Cut End and through the stop, the exhaust manifold should be glowing red by the time you get to Chillington - else your hanging about! Jack was a great chap and told a good story whilst propping the bar up in the Dashers at Knighton or eating an ice cream here at Norb
  6. We still have the Seffle sitting in our workshop waiting for a nice boat for it to go in or someone to buy it! I understand that these smaller engines were imported along with the 25hp versions by Willow Wren in about 1962. They are rated at 7/8hp at 1000rpm. They are lovely little engines and benefit from the reliability of a reversing gearbox. I believe that they had several options from new for starting. Our one has a glow plug but some are blow lamp or even firework start. Obviously with a retractable pin in the flywheel. They have a rotary governor, water pump and
  7. The success of the Fish Class motors was following the modification of Clover, Cactus, Clematis and Cypress
  8. Don't believe everything people tell you! Nice to meet you this morning ;-)
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