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  1. We still have the Seffle sitting in our workshop waiting for a nice boat for it to go in or someone to buy it! I understand that these smaller engines were imported along with the 25hp versions by Willow Wren in about 1962. They are rated at 7/8hp at 1000rpm. They are lovely little engines and benefit from the reliability of a reversing gearbox. I believe that they had several options from new for starting. Our one has a glow plug but some are blow lamp or even firework start. Obviously with a retractable pin in the flywheel. They have a rotary governor, water pump and lubricator and grease fed main bearings. That's got me thinking. We best get it out and get it bopping - WATCH THIS SPACE! Below are some photographs from several years ago and I appreciate they aren't very good, but it gives you the general idea.
  2. The success of the Fish Class motors was following the modification of Clover, Cactus, Clematis and Cypress
  3. Don't believe everything people tell you! Nice to meet you this morning ;-)
  4. He's not a joiner, he is a shop/kitchen fitter!
  5. Phone Norbury Wharf Limited. They do some great offers - especially last minute. Visit their website www.norburywharfltd.co.uk
  6. Norbury Wharf Limited. That's part of their job - wood work and boat fitting! Visit their website for contact details www.norburywharfltd.co.uk
  7. The Betelgeuse was used in Chester as a trip boat. The Little Woolwich butty that was named Iona by Shropshire Union Cruisers was the Bellerphron which replaced the earlier Barlow's Iona. The photograph is Bellerphron in her Iona guise tied outside The Junction Inn at Norbury Junction. Her steerer that is lent against the gunwhale is Mal Edwards MBE. Iona is still working as a trip boat today on the river Wey
  8. I can find you a mooring at Norbury. Only 20 minutes drive from Barlaston
  9. I've seen much worse. At least they are practical
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