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  1. 12 historic boats are still on the Rochdale, waiting for Lock 66 to be repaired.
  2. At least 11 historic boats are still at various locations on the Rochdale Canal. Most had already been delayed by a blown cill at Lock 49 in Rochdale which was repaired last week.
  3. Returning to an earlier part of this thresd - here is the Yarwoods cast iron rudder tube collar on Beatty.
  4. The Petter in Crane, photographed in 2016.
  5. Ian has changed hands again and has new owners. The boat was dry docked in Northwich a couple of months ago. She is currently based at Malkin's Bank on the Trent & Mersey Canal.
  6. Nick G

    NB width.

    in 2016 historic narrow boats Beatty and Bath shared all the locks (Ash Lock to Woodham Bottom Lock) on the Basingstoke Canal. However it is worth mentioning that two or three of the locks were very tight for two full length boats in both width and length. The 1904 edition of Bradshaw's Canals & Navigable Rivers gives the maximum size of vessels that can use the navigation as 72 ft. x 13 ft. 9 ins.
  7. This photo turned up on Ebay a couple of years ago. One of a large collection being auctioned. I think there was much discussion about them on CWDF. This is clearly a wooden boat - the hostel boat that has already been mentioned, not a BCN boat.
  8. See this link for a photo: http://nbbeatty.co.uk/jvm7iep5hr3yg7/1937-1960/
  9. It's Crows Nest Lock, No. 67, on the Trent and Mersey between Middlewich and Wheelock. The watermill is still there but is now converted to a private house.
  10. Dundas Wharf, Kennet & Avon Canal
  11. The boat which was retrieved from the Grand Western Canal in Devon is Hyades
  12. Sultan is moored at Bedford Basin, Leigh, on the Bridgewater Canal. You could contact the owner through Lorenz Canal Services.
  13. We navigated Kyme Eau in August 2011 with some difficulty in our full length deep drafted boat. There was continuous thick blanket weed above the first lock. We got through South Kyme as far as Kyme Tower, the remains of a mediaeval castle to the west of the village. We decided to stop at that point as it was getting extremely shallow and even weedier. We could possibly have got further with a lot of effort, but It seemed like a suitable landmark to have reached. We then had to reverse a couple of miles through the weed, clearing the propeller every couple of hundred yards. The first place we could wind was above the lock; another possible winding hole which we tried was too far shallow.
  14. I think the Yarwoods plate on Victoria is a replica made by Mike Constable (a previous owner of the boat) some years ago. I believe he copied it from an original. The Yarwoods plate shown on Beatty’s website is another replica from this batch which Mike sold to me: http://www.nbbeatty.co.uk/1937___1960.htm. I punched the builder’s number 586 onto the blank plate. The number matches that shown on a set of Yarwoods builders drawings for Beatty. The plate is about 6” X 4”. However just over 12 months ago I was lucky enough to get hold of Beatty's original Yarwoods plate, identified by the builder's number. Interestingly it is smaller than the replica plaque, only about 4” X 2 ”, but in other respects it is very similar.
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