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  1. Might be a stupid question, but is there now a market for a compost boat which goes up and down collecting compost and um.. selling it to someone?
  2. Anything involving welding & chains is a few years too advance for this novice boater. I'll keep that in mind for consideration if I do want to explore north!
  3. afraid I don't get you on the silersters part The boat I'm getting is only 48 ft, so hopefully if it's the same beam as Swift it'll be an easier fit. Good to know that others get stuck, but I'll be doing my to avoid that. It's watford and foxton that mainly concern me, but who knows where I'll end up going over the years.
  4. Thanks for the swift reply! Sadly I don't know the previous owner, I'm buying through a brokerage. The relationship is at least a little strained after some recent renegotiations post-survey..
  5. Hi all, this is my first question on CanalWorld, I don't quite own the boat yet but will do soon. She's a little girthy at 7'1" (measured in recent survey). I'm aware maps say she'll not make it up and down Waterford/Foxton, but I've been reading on here that that might not be the case. What's the best way to find out definativily, without getting stuck half way up/down? Cheers!
  6. Just finalising the purchase of my first ever boat, which will make me a continuous cruising liveaboard. Planning on asking a good few questions here, and I've already found some answers in the search. David
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