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  1. Thanks mayalld for a more useful account of the proceedings than wot I did. The Operations Manager's photo of a bench with and without gravel round it and ignorance of the giant hogweed at New Mills (with its giant sign) struck me as well. I also got the impression that local knowledge was short in supply (like the water) and that too much time was being spent pouring over spreadsheets or designing glossy posters and presentations. We all know money is short so it is imperative that it is used to maintain the canal infrastructure. An adequate water supply is, after all, essential for the fish whose welfare seemed to be high on the list of CRT's concerns.
  2. Having just attended the C&RT public meeting I can report that it was well attended with at least five C&RT employees, lots of pop-up advertising/information signs and the obligatory 'Death by Powerpoint' presentation. The added delight was a survey to which the audience members could contribute answers via their mobile phones. What fun! Or waste of time if the questions are inappropriate and a very low proportion of the audience had their phones with them. So, what did I learn? Not much. The Toddbrook reservoir will be sorted in about three years but as yet the reports of the investigations are sitting on some Government desk. There will be water shortages this summer as the reservoir capacity has been reduced by 29%, and restrictions of some sort will be necessary depending on the weather! In the worst case scenario the locks could be shut for three days each week. C&RT indicated that a solid block of three days was their preferred option but the audience seemed to be in favour of alternating days. The best option was a daily time restriction. Whatever restrictions are needed C&RT would try to give two weeks notice before implementing them. What did C&RT learn? Not much, except that the boaters on the Macc are fed up with stoppages and restrictions. I believe copies of the C&RT presentations will be available on-line somewhere.
  3. I know. I know. Perhaps I should have written should be made public. I'm no fan of CRT and have my suspicions of the reasons for poorly publicised 'public' meetings. Another box to tick?
  4. I should have received an email but didn't and had a heck of a job tracking down information about these meetings. I plan to go to the Tuesday meeting and will report back if necessary - though presumably any decisions by CRT will be made public.
  5. I have a device which phones me up (text message) when the temperature falls below (or above) a determined value. Sorry can't think of the name at the moment. It also lets me know if the power supply fails. I've been dangling the additional plug-in sensor over an oil-filled radiator so, from the comfort of my home, I can find out the overall boat temperature (at about waist, electric socket level) and the temperature a foot above the radiator (so I know if the radiator is on). Bear with me, there is a point to this. Two oil filled radiators are controlled by a separate 240v thermostat. Over the last few week this thermostat was at floor level and I was perplexed as to why the heaters (which should come on at 5 deg C) were not coming on when the waist level temperature was 0 or even -1. A visit to the boat taught me that the floor level temperature was significantly higher than the waist level temperature - presumably due to the heating effect of the canal which take some time to cool. I've moved the thermostat to a waist level socket and the radiators are coming on much more often. So, you not only need to decide on what temperature to set the thermostat at, but also consider where to place it. Got there in the end.
  6. "read" = look at black boxes
  7. One of these, who I had used for a couple of decades, changed hands a year or so ago when the owner retired. I won't say which one but it's pretty easy to find out. The new owner slapped an additional significant admin charge on their bill. I will be changing to another broker when I renew.
  8. I've now tried Ballistic Black and can add my three 'appence worth. Firstly the company SML who provided the stuff couldn't have been more helpful and delivery occurred before 11am, having ordered at 2pm the previous day. It was well packaged. The Ballistic Black does need a great deal of stirring before use. I applied it with a brush and roller. Both worked well, until the handle fell off the roller! My only preparation was a high pressure boat wash and a few hours drying. The surface was 99% in tact with just a few spots of exposed metal. I didn't use a primer on these. The Ballistic Black covers well (5 litres gave a good brushed coat to my 45 ft boat, with less rollered on for a second) and there is no visible sign of any problems regarding its interaction with the layer beneath. I've not purchased any of the suggested thinner, which might be useful for getting the final dregs from the tin. When I replace my roller I'll be putting on a third coat, weather permitting.
  9. Indeed, that's good to hear. I'll be trying out the Ballistic Black next week so will report back if there is any comments I can usefully make.
  10. The latest addition to the 'Songs of the Inland Waterways' website might strike a chord [sic] with some. The song 'Llangollen Grand Prix' was inspired by experiences on the Llangollen Canal this year. Though it has a dig at hire boaters for their speed, I feel that some hire bases fail to prepare the hirers fully. I met some lovely hire boaters who were very concerned that they didn't really know what they were doing but wanted to learn how to do things properly. Excess speed is not the preserve of the hire boater though - it's amazing how many private boat owners knock the throttle back at the very instant a head emerges from the boat they are just about to pass. Llangollen Grand Prix Chorus : From Whixall, Chirk, Whitchurch and Wrenbury They're all taking part in Llangollen's grand prix A late start to our cruising, so plans modified And we turned off the Shroppie in early July We had hoped to relax in the warm summer sun But the school hols were starting; hire season begun We moored up at lunch-time, to rest for the day All was tranquil and calm, then the boat started to sway Forwards and backwards, then against the bank smashed By the wake of a hire boat, that quickly flashed past The Llangollen Canal attracts boaters galore But many have never been boating before Newbie skippers and crews cast off and in charge Of a 20 tonne missile, which they call a barge They had raced to the hire base on fast motorways Attracted by TV shows singing the praise Of barges on aqueducts, a pub crawl afloat But did nobody tell them, slow down past moored boats Perhaps going too fast's not what they intend But life in the slow lane they can't comprehend Though instructions were given, they forget or ignore With white knuckles on tiller, down the cut they do roar Thirty, forty or seventy are speeds they can judge When travelling on tarmac; but ploughing through sludge At 3 or 4 miles per hour is well off their scale More suited to a tortoise or a fast racing snail With one week's boat hire there's no time to be slacking Three days to get somewhere, three more to get back in It's constant full throttle, there's no time to stop Until they get a mattress wrapped round their prop So here's a suggestion for novice boat crews Make sure that one member brings stout walking shoes Then ensure boat and skipper behind them do lag As they walk the towpath - with a red flag
  11. Thanks for the comments. I'm going to give Ballistic Black a try.
  12. Hi I am about to black my narrowboat which has previously been done with Coflex VT (a 'Comastic' type - now banned). I have tried to research for a suitable product to use but there are some very confusing/misleading websites out there - must be run by politicians! Ballistic Black seems to be suitable for going over the stuff already on according to one website. Has anyone used this stuff over a vinyl tar product and, if so, was it any good? Thanks in anticipation.
  13. The 'Songs of the Inland Waterways' website has always resided at a co.uk address which might suggest it was owned by a company of some sort - it isn't. The site can now be accessed using the address www.waterwaysongs.info which, I feel, better reflects its intentions and with which I am more comfortable. The co.uk address will continue to work.
  14. Hi I have a CoolZone fridge freezer which is several years old and which looks remarkably like a current product badged as Shoreline. It has a Danfoss Compressor. I have the instructions for the electronic unit for the BD35/50F Compressors 101N0210, 101N0220 and 101N0300 in front of me. They describe the vertical terminal block labelled from top to bottom -,+,+,F,D,C,P,T. I have the instructions out because I was reconnecting the flashing led warning light (very useful). The instructions state that the optional fan should be connected between + (3rd terminal down) and F (4th terminal) and that the fan will cycle with the compressor. This may or may not help. Obviously I accept no responsibility should things go wrong. Best of luck.
  15. Thanks very much for that. That will save me a lot of visits to the engine compartment.
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