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  1. Notice Alert Location: Navigation Closure: Macclesfield and Peak Forest Canals Intersection of: Lock 1 to Lock 12 on Macclesfield Canal and Lock 1 to Lock 16 on Peak Forest Canal Monday 4 April 2022 08:30 until further notice Type: Navigation Closure Reason: Water resources Update on 01/07/2022: Whilst we have experienced recent rainfall, this has had no impact on our reservoir holdings which supply the Macclesfield & Peak Forest canals and navigation remains closed on the Bosley and Marple lock flights. Whilst the locks remain closed, our teams are currently reducing the supply from the reservoirs to the canals, however due to the levels dropping on the summit pound, which is between Bosley and Whaley Bridge, we have had to reduce the supply slower than originally planned to ensure a sustained supply to the pound is maintained to help reduce any risk to our infrastructure and moored boats. During these closures, it is expected that the water levels will drop on the summit pound, our teams will continue to recharge the summit pound daily, though it is expected to take longer than normal to refill. To help prevent water loss, we have a team delivering grouting and leak sealing works around the summit and the pumps supplying a feed from the River Goyt at Whaley are monitored daily to ensure a sustained feed. We have taken this opportunity to complete a range of works along these canals to help retain water, including lock gate replacement works at Lock 1 and Lock 11, Bosley lock flight, with piling works started between Lock 4 and Lock 5. Please note, if conditions continue, we may have to close access to the Bugsworth Basin to help retain water. A further update will be provided by Friday 15 July 2022. Make of this what you will. As someone stranded on the Upper Level I feel entitled to a partial license refund.
  2. If I remember correctly, one Marple lock needed major repair as a consequence of being left empty while another was repaired a few years ago. Why then are some of the Marple locks being left empty now as they are closed to navigation? There is water flowing round these empty locks so why can't C&RT manage them so they all contain water at all times? A little thought and effort could save them a lot of money in the future and prevent further closures. BTW the Macc Upper Level is very low and difficult to navigate. I don't know about ditchcrawling - it's more like sludge surfing.
  3. The cheaper option was from The Starter Motor and Alternator Company https://www.startermotoralternators.co.uk/ There may be cheaper options but if there are I don't want to know. I bought at the higher price from the Manchester company mentioned earlier in the thread. For the record I fitted the alternator myself and amazingly it works!
  4. I have now replaced the alternator for a new 12V 90 AMP MULTIFIT PRESTOLITE ALTERNATOR 66021590M. It appears to be running well and giving a voltage of 14.59V on the battery monitor which is very similar to the voltage on the starter battery. From memory I don't think the previous alternator gave anywhere near that value (probably 13 point something). I now know that a value below 14.2V was unsatisfactory but wasn't clear on that before. My thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread and improved my knowledge. One lives and learns - and I wish I'd known the actual identity of the alternator sooner so I could have avoided being 'ripped off' and paying £46 more than I would have paid if I'd bought from a company with an website who had them in stock and offered free next day delivery!
  5. The ten year old alternator which charged the service batteries was the one which was faulty and which I am now getting replaced. The identical one (same make and age) which charged the starter battery was replaced a couple of weeks ago by RCR. I realise now that both had been giving less than the optimum output voltage for some time but the starter battery alternator had developed a mechanical problem and literally stopped rotating. I don't know the exact fault on the service battery alternator but may investigate.
  6. I've been out and about so missed the last few postings. I have taken the alternator out of the boat and to Manchester Auto Electrical who were recommended to me. I obviously didn't check the voltage on the D+ but it would have been useful to have done so and I will be able to do so in future (see below). I think the connection to D+ was good (closer view attached). I think the warning light was functioning. The chap at Manchester Auto Electrical pointed out that beneath the Isuzu label was a Prestolite label but he didn't have anything good to say about them as they seem to use their own parts which are not easy for him to get. However, he has sourced an identical replacement which I should get tomorrow. The Macclesfield Auto Electrics would have been useful to know before I drove to Salford but never mind. I'll file that info away. Thanks to everyone for their advice. Ian
  7. Thanks Tony I will get the alternator looked at and maybe buy a new one. Ian
  8. Just an update : When I went to the boat today the service battery voltage was 12.65V and the starter 12.79V. The 'dodgy?' alternator is as supplied by Isuzu (HMI Part No. 900383-ALS). The alternator as supplied by RCR has no identification marks that I could find. I checked the wiring and the connector block but everything seemed fine. With the engine running the battery voltage (as read by the BVM) was 13.0-13.1V and the current flowing into the battery bank was all over the place ranging from 5A to 30A. When the engine was revved the voltage remained steady at 13.0V and the current input went down to 4-5 amps. After a while I switched off the engine and connected the mains operated 20 amp 7-stage Smart Battery Charger. https://www.alpha-batteries.co.uk/12v-20a-connect-forget-automatic-leisure-battery-charger/ The voltage reading was then 13.1V and the current flow to the battery bank was approximately 20amp. The percentage reading started to rise from the previous reading of 83%. I know it would be very useful to have measured the voltage from the alternator but for safety reasons I chose not to risk being in the engine bay with a working engine. I have enquired of RCR as to the make of the alternator they supplied. They will get back to me. If not too expensive I shall buy a new alternator to have as a backup should problems continue with the current one on my summer trip. I may also get an expert to check the system though if the alternator 'problem' is intermittent this may or may not help. I'm not sure this additional information would help anyone who knows about these things so I'll thank all those who helped previously in case this is the last post.
  9. I was aware of the unscientific nature of the % values and nearly included a qualifying comment in my post. I don't think the batteries would be discharged as they were continuously attached to a mains powered battery charger for a week or more just before my short trip. However, I'll try to implement your suggestions Tony. The main concern was the drop of amps in from 40+ to very near zero (the BVM actually showed amps going out, presumably due to fridge consumption). I'll identify the alternator tomorrow and report back on any additional info. As I said I had to leave for home quickly and the rain was another reason for not emptying the rear deck to lift the lid on the engine bay. Thanks again for the advice. Ian
  10. I had to rush home and leave the boat today but I'll be back tomorrow to take that reading. It was 14.59v when the RCR chap measured it. In answer to another comment I'm not at Bugsworth but moored at Higher Poynton on the very shallow Macc. And the alternators are both 90amp.
  11. The 90amp alternator fitted to my Isuzu 35 engine (the one charging the starter battery) was recently replaced by RCR. So far I have been unable to ascertain its maker or model but it looks substantial (and very black). On a test journey I continually monitored the starter battery and the services battery bank using the fitted BMV712 Battery Monitor and mobile phone app. The new alternator produced a continuous reading of 14.57v with the engine running. I imagine this is what it should be. The other (original) alternator (white) which was charging a bank of three brand new Banner 110Ah batteries produced a battery reading initially at 12.4v and never got above 13.6v. Concerningly the ampage reading showed 40-50 amps going into the battery bank for nearly an hour, then basically zero amps for another hour (approximately). At some point the alternator went back to producing just over 40 amps, then my phone battery died! At the end of a 4 hour trip I had only got the batteries back to 83% capacity (after staring at 72%). When the RCR chap fitted the starter motor alternator he checked the voltage on both alternators and the services alternator (white) seemed to be producing 14.59v at that time. A check of connections shows all to be clean and tight. Have I got a dodgy alternator (it will be about ten years old)? If so, does anyone know the make that RCR supply; they don't seem to list alternators in their on-line shop. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. The poem/song has been added. Standard Craft Thanks again Mike.
  13. Many thanks to Pluto for proving the text of this 'interesting' song. I will add it to the Songs of the Inland Waterways archive.
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