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  1. For curtains over our portholes, I bought brass coloured plastic rods for a few pounds. I really don't notice the difference day to day and of course they never need polishing. They may look more obviously 'fake' on the larger windows.
  2. While hubby is away emptying the cassette, thought I'd have a quick wee.... Sadly I've done that more than once too.
  3. The tank was cleaned out and painted a couple of years ago so hoping a clean out will do the trick.
  4. 😅 Well, hubby investigated the pipe from the tank and whilst it wasn't rusted, it was blocked with aforementioned crud. Poked it clear whilst reenacting the boy with his finger in the dyke (not that sort) and it's now sorted. For now anyway until it gunks up again. Thanks for comments.
  5. Hi, thanks for the replies. The pump wasn't really running on empty at all, we only realised it was low because of the colour of the water coming through and the flow has only changed since we refilled. The flow is low from the bathroom taps and the toilet flush too. The water pump seemed to be running fine when I had the pump outlet off. The pump is also running on once the taps have been switched off which is what made me think it was an air lock. How do I back flush??
  6. Hello all. We normally keep the integral water tank well topped up but think it recently got very low and the water coming out of the taps wasn't clear. Filled up at the next opportunity but since then the water pump running has been louder than usual and the water isn't running from the taps as well as it should, not quite a trickle, but not running properly. The hot water is still hot and cold still cold. Water pump filter is clear. Is this likely to be an air lock? If so, how do we clear it? Thank you for any suggestions
  7. Hope you don't mind me jumping on your thread, but I'm also looking for recommendations for a new cratch and cover. We are based on the upper Macc. So far tried coversandcanopies at Nantwich and Bethsaida, neither of whom cover that area and Kinver, who haven't got back to us yet. Any other suggestions welcome. Thank you
  8. Hello, it's a Becton B5MUG 4.5kW. I only know that the flue is at least 4 years old as that's how long we've had the boat. The stove isn't used that often as we don't live on board so no idea if it will be seized (probably!).
  9. Hello, I'm looking for someone to fit a new collar which has cracked where the flue meets the stove top. Had someone look at it who said it could be replaced in one of two ways, but they have never got back to me. Can anyone suggest someone who could do this, we are in the upper Macc? In view of the CO2 risks I'd rather leave this to someone who knows what they are doing. Thanks for any suggestions.
  10. I asked how many boats were due, so that we'd know we could move up to the start of the queue. He said he didn't know, which made me wish I hadn't mentioned our booking as we may have been on our way if I'd kept quiet. As it happens no more boats turned up, and after 2 coming through Southbound, off home he went. I asked why they'd changed it to a booking system as it seemed to work fine before, the answer was 'because of covid'....... He didn't shall we say speak highly of the system, and said many people do turn up without bookings. Surely they wouldn't make you wait for the required 48
  11. Well, we arrived at the Southern end today at 12.30pm hopeful of going through, as one boat had just gone in and the lock keeper said more were due to arrive for the 1pm passage. He said we could go straight in until he found out that our booking was for the next morning and then said we couldn't. I asked why, as it didn't seem to make any difference if we were slotting in between other boats, he said it messes up their booking system and they aren't letting anyone go in early any more.
  12. That's good to know, thanks. Did you email them or just turn up?
  13. For anyone else who is wondering, I emailed CRT today for a slot for our outgoing journey, requesting a slot as early morning as possible and received a reply within the hour, with an 8am slot. I'm less keen on pinning ourselves down to a time for the return passage but will have to do this next. It would be useful to know if they will allow changes if you end up getting there early and they have spaces.
  14. Thanks everyone for replies. I'll give it a try and see what slot we get now that we know Bosley locks will be open every day. We hadn't fancied the thought of being tied to specific days and times on 4 days out of our week hol so had considered heading down Heartbreak Hill instead. Hubby is relieved.
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