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  1. Ha ha! We need them in this weather, have the fire going now . They are now attacking the tree with a chainsaw. The dingy has just been dragged past on the towpath, the outboard having run out of petrol....
  2. A tree is blocking the arm between bridges 7 and 8. CRT have viewed and said it has been logged as a priority.
  3. How did I not know about BT / Sky pub finder?! I now have a choice of pubs in Kidlington, thank you! From the Pearson's it looks like Thrupp will be the nicest for mooring. So, we have a plan. Best get going. Thanks all for comments.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I can see the Great Western and Nell Bridge in the Pearson's but will hopefully be further along than that by Saturday night. Perhaps as far as / no further than Kidlington. Ish.... Will definitely try calling the Bell. Thank you.
  5. Hello, we are on the Oxford canal near to Banbury headed towards Oxford and hoping to find a pub to watch the Champions League final on Saturday. Any suggestions please? Thank you.
  6. I've noticed that Phil Speight has some courses at Bollington Wharf, in case that's of any interest Sarah.
  7. Looks to be between Oakgrove and Bosley Locks: CRT closure notice
  8. That's not the story they gave me when I rang, but sounds more likely. We are pottering around the Macc this week as we can't delay taking the holiday from work any more, it's strangely quiet, one boat on the Macc pontoon moorings and none at all at Gurnett. The weather probably hasn't helped, lots of rain, naturally. We were limited also by lack of elsan and rubbish facilities at that end, it would have been nice if CRT could have put a skip next to the Macc water point as we can't use the facilites at Bosley.
  9. The stoppage notice has been updated today: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/12878/bridge-14a-burgess-arm-towpath-bridge-near-higher-poynton-macclesfield-canal Still no change to the notice for Bosley that CRT told me would be updated last week to reflect the partial re-opening, so no idea whether or not that is happening any time soon.
  10. Having (optimistically) re-booked my week holiday at work for September, I just tried CRT's live chat to ask if there was any update on the Bosley closure as the notice was from 23 July. I was told that Bosley was in fact open with restricted passage, but then realised she was just reading the start of the stoppage notice, and hadn't read the later part saying that it was closed from 13 August. Anyway, I have just had a call back, saying that they can't give a definite date, but in the next few weeks are planning to open the locks at restricted times to allow boats to get to where they need to. He is going to update the stoppage notice.
  11. I hadn't actually considered which bridge it was, I'd just looked at the red line on the map and which winding holes the notice told you to use, but I went past today and you're right, it can only be the bit under the bridge at the Trading Post which I'd assumed was mostly privately land. Fingers crossed then!
  12. Just realised Bosley winter closure starts at the same time, so unless I've misunderstood, we will just have those 10 miles for that period.
  13. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/12878/bridge-14a-burgess-arm-towpath-bridge-near-higher-poynton-macclesfield-canal This one. Obviously hoping Bosley will be open by then for proper trips, but for weekend pottering about we won't be able to get very far.
  14. And from November to mid December, it will only be 10 miles.....
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