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  1. I asked how many boats were due, so that we'd know we could move up to the start of the queue. He said he didn't know, which made me wish I hadn't mentioned our booking as we may have been on our way if I'd kept quiet. As it happens no more boats turned up, and after 2 coming through Southbound, off home he went. I asked why they'd changed it to a booking system as it seemed to work fine before, the answer was 'because of covid'....... He didn't shall we say speak highly of the system, and said many people do turn up without bookings. Surely they wouldn't make you wait for the required 48 hours notice period? The signs on the locks don't give you that length of time to book ahead if that was the first you knew of it. Anyway, it's a nice spot and nice weather, just frustrating to have to wait 20 hours for no apparent reason. And he wasn't a volunteer.
  2. Well, we arrived at the Southern end today at 12.30pm hopeful of going through, as one boat had just gone in and the lock keeper said more were due to arrive for the 1pm passage. He said we could go straight in until he found out that our booking was for the next morning and then said we couldn't. I asked why, as it didn't seem to make any difference if we were slotting in between other boats, he said it messes up their booking system and they aren't letting anyone go in early any more.
  3. That's good to know, thanks. Did you email them or just turn up?
  4. For anyone else who is wondering, I emailed CRT today for a slot for our outgoing journey, requesting a slot as early morning as possible and received a reply within the hour, with an 8am slot. I'm less keen on pinning ourselves down to a time for the return passage but will have to do this next. It would be useful to know if they will allow changes if you end up getting there early and they have spaces.
  5. Thanks everyone for replies. I'll give it a try and see what slot we get now that we know Bosley locks will be open every day. We hadn't fancied the thought of being tied to specific days and times on 4 days out of our week hol so had considered heading down Heartbreak Hill instead. Hubby is relieved.
  6. Hmmm thanks for that, still not clear what kind of a slot you get.
  7. Could anyone who has booked a passage also confirm what kind of a 'slot' you are given? Or is it just a passage for that day? We normally do a long day to get close to the North end of the tunnel ready for the first passage the next morning, but the restriction on Bosley Locks make it difficult to know what time we will be able to get there. Thanks
  8. We received this email too but aren't able to attend due to work. Wondered if anyone else on the forum would be going and would be kind enough to report back? We are currently envisaging another Summer tootling between Bugsworth and Macclesfield but would love to hear differently. Thank you.
  9. Agreed, although along the road, it's a nice walk. It takes me about half an hour from bridge 15 to Waitrose. Unfortunately the bus only runs until 5pm ish but a taxi back is a similar price to 2 bus tickets if you have heavy shopping.
  10. If you moor near to bridges 18 or 15 you can get the little bus into Poynton (391 / 392 bus I think) where there is an Aldi, a small Morrisons and a Waitrose along with several smaller shops and some good places to eat and drink. We think it's a nice place to spend a couple of hours.
  11. Thanks both for the additional comments. Today's update, we bought a cordless drill and made a hole in the floorboards under the bed big enough to use a drill pump. We extracted several more buckets of water from there, which again looks clean and doesn't smell but seems an awful lot of water to result from rain / condensation. We've got to the point where the drill can't extract any more (realising that we will need to keep checking this as the water moves about). Will keep the vent covered and plastic over the rear portholes for good measure and are taking her to Bollington Wharf when we get up there for them to take a look. I'll need another holiday after all this....
  12. So, an update on our water leak After a few days of warm weather and things left open to dry out, we had found no new water and it was drying out nicely. After an hour of rain tonight, more water appeared under the bed, along the cabin sides. When it stopped raining, I poured some water from a watering can around the rear windows, vents and hatch and the mushroom vent. Pretty much immediately after the last of these, water appeared inside. So mushroom vent seems to be the culprit. For tonight it has a plastic bowl weighted down on top of it. We will need to investigate further in the daytime / dry. I'm not sure how easy a temporary / permanent fix this is? Or whether we will need to get someone to look at it while we are out on our travels.
  13. It's ironic that we previously had a wooden top and just accepted that things would be quite 'boaty', but now we seem to expect much less to go wrong. Thanks for all the comments. Floor is now drying out thanks to the warm weather and nappies although does still smell a bit musty. The carpet dried nicely on the roof up until the point it blew off and ended up in the canal ☹️. Will be cutting a hole in the floorboards under the bed when we get hold of some suitable tools and will check it regularly (currently checking around hourly..... ). Fixing the small water pump leak is also on the priority list although we can't see anywhere for any leaked water to go, it just sits there being damp at present. The well deck does drain straight out but we are now being careful not to let it overflow in case there is a gap that water can get into. If not that, it must be condensation / rain into window frames / vents built up over time and no doubt added to during the recent downpours so I guess we need to keep a close eye when it next rains. Fingers crossed..... Thanks again for replying.
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