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  1. Mmmm... That's worth thinking about as we don't need to mount it very often. Thank you.
  2. Not sure if I've done this right, but hopefully, link below about a car in the canal part way down Marple locks. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=5125582634147853&id=479004765472353&sfnsn=scwspmo
  3. Thanks everyone for all your comments. Bending and drilling an aluminium strip into an upside down U shape to use with the light (and possibly) bracket we've already bought seems to be our favoured option. It would be great to see a photo of yours if you get the chance next week Tonka.
  4. Thanks for your reply. We did consider magnets, but didn't want to have the light up on the roof in case of low headroom, and thought that on top of the gas locker on the front would be a bit low down. Not sure where else it could go.
  5. Hi Tonka, do you by any chance have any photos please?
  6. Pics hopefully now attached. I thought that if I could attach the vertical part of the pictured bracket to another bracket that hooks over the top of the wooden cratch frame (after unfastening the cover) the light would then be hanging just below the top of the frame.
  7. Thank you for your comments. A few boats in our marina have a similar set up to yours (although permanently attached) but the cratch makes this seem more complicated. Yes, Harecastle will be the most used tunnel for us and although our cratch isn't as high as many, I was thinking I could have the bracket to which the light is attached dropped down from the top of the cratch board so that it isn't the highest point. I appreciate that it is difficult to explain clearly/ envisage, I will post some photos when I have worked out how to reduce the file size. Thanks.
  8. I'm trying to avoid drilling holes into our new cratch to fit the tunnel light and wondering if we can get / make a bracket that fits over the top of the cratch frame (unclipping the cover at the top) to temporarily hold the light when going through tunnels. This isn't likely to be frequently, so the light could be stored away when not in use and attached with a terminal block or bullet connectors when needed. Has anyone done anything similar or have other suggestions?
  9. I think this is the first time we haven't been able to stop at all. Not a big deal for us today, but will make it difficult for people wanting to use the locks, and makes Bosley appear the easier option with nowhere else to go once you are near the locks. Of course this depends on how many are actually wanting to use Marple locks in the morning, it may be very quiet.
  10. For anyone planning to go down Marple locks in the morning, we were going to stop there this afternoon for shopping but couldn't find anywhere to moor. Plenty of boats were facing away from the locks so assume they are not 'queuing' but even the lock landing had a boat on it (also facing away from the locks).
  11. The Upper Peak Forest lift bridges didn't like one of our keys today that came from a canalside chandlers, so wondered if that was also an 'ebay' one, sold at 'genuine' price. Our old ones say BW on them but I'm not sure how you know which is a genuine one now. Haggis - I'm pleased to hear that you got back down the locks today and with assistance. We must have passed somewhere yesterday but I didn't see you.
  12. We inherited the dodgy one doing a swap with another boater, I hadn't even realised that there was a difference until I read it on this forum. We do have proper ones.
  13. We saw at least half a dozen assisting there today (some more clued up than others), so hopefully Monday will be similar, being a bank holiday. Perhaps if you're at the top for opening time, you can ask for help before they head off down the flight with other boats. Hope you have enjoyed this stretch. I will keep a look out for you tomorrow as we should pass again.
  14. We have to be home earlier than expected so came back up Bosley locks today. About 9 boats moored at the bottom overnight, only 2 of which seemed to be in a rush, everyone else was very polite and orderly. We entered the flight at 9 and met the first boat coming down at lock 11 surprisingly. He said he'd been sat in the top lock since 8.15 waiting for them to open up. I think around 16 boats went down, the last arriving close to 1pm, so it was busy pretty much the whole time, although definitely doable. I'm not sure how 2 days a week will be in the summer months though. Signs now in place telling people where to moor overnight and not to head for the top lock until 8.30 am. There are loads more mooring places than I remember at the top. Recalling another thread, our eBay 'waterways' key wouldn't work in bridge 49 (fools nook), only a proper BW / CRT one.
  15. No signs in place as yet, well, none on this subject anyway, plenty of others of course. We arrived at the top lock around 9.45 today, nothing waiting to go down so I had worried for nothing and we were straight in. Met the first boat coming up soon after and others at most locks so it was a good trip, and there was more mooring space above the permanent moorings than I remember. Only saw one lockie/volockie on the whole flight, although bizarrely Richard Parry was manning locks 11 and 12. Hubby had a brief chat, reported the leaky paddle at lock 7 and had a bit of a grumble about restrictions. RP didn't seem to be aware of the Harecastle restrictions. I did see Haggis at lock 12 and had a nice chat as we decended. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip on the Macc.
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