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  1. Went for a walk down to Padworth Lock last week for the first time in well over a month and they've both gone - anyone know where?
  2. Never been but looks a fine year to start
  3. Didn't notice particularly many on the Kennet & Avon between Aldermaston Wharf and Ufton Swing Bridge late this afternoon. Still yet to see the lift bridge I cross every day actually lift, every time I wait for a boat to go through it moors up! One day... (I bet it's not even that impressive)
  4. Many thanks all, will give it a go! To be honest I wouldn't know what to do with a windlass so wouldn't want to get too technically involved. Volunteer lock keeper had crossed my mind but unfortunately i'm fairly busy, most weekends i'm away and when i'm at home i'm often writing so probably wouldn't manage much more than a few hours spread across several late evenings a week!
  5. For those on facebook, there has been a page set up for her by someone looking after her at BCLM, entitled 'FMC Narrowboat Peacock'. Last update was on 10th September 2014 saying it was at Brinklow
  6. She's been undergoing some restoration, I believe the cabin has been repainted, the engine runs and last I heard from BCLM she was having her gun whales replaced and should be back at BCLM in June (don't know if she'll be at Braunston, I hope so!)
  7. Thanks Dave, I wasn't aware of that
  8. Taken less than two years ago
  9. These photos were taken back in August 2013 but may be of interest, three different types of FMC vessel close by. 'President' the 1909 steamer, 'Kildare' the 1913 butty and 'Peacock' the 1915 motor
  10. Took these on a recent trip to the BCLM in Dudley. Usually visit at least once a year, looked rather bare this time with 'Kildare', 'Peacock' and no tugs present, as well as 'Birchills' which I see has recently returned
  11. Thought these photos may be of interest, taken a few days ago just east of Padworth Lock. Both dating from 1935, they are the butty 'Ara' and motor 'Archimedes'
  12. Hi all, possibly an odd topic this one. I've recently moved close to the Kennet & Avon, first time I've lived by a canal although have a long standing interest in the history of them (hence the username, FMC). Practical wise I have no experience of the canals, since childhood I think the only time I've even been on a narrowboat was stood on the stern of 'Peacock' at the Black Country Living Museum talking to a museum staff member! I try and walk along the canal when I get a chance, and sometimes see lone boaters, or just one or two, going through locks etc. As a random stranger just walking/gawping at them from the towpath, would it be of use if I offered to help with locks/swing bridges or is this not usually welcomed? I fully understand if not, if a stranger started offering me tips on parking my car when I'm doing fine on my own I'd be a bit surprised. Also any other hints for gongoozling etiquette ie ways to help or just not be a nuisance highly recommended! Cheers, Rob
  13. Very, very nice. Stark change from when I saw her half sunk a few years ago. Have to say the dock at BCLM and canal arm looked rather empty a few weeks ago with Peacock and Kildare missing also, and also I'm sure a tug or two were missing
  14. Won't there be repairs dating from WW2 present, or recently present, on Kildare from when it and the three other FMC boats were bombed at New Warwick Wharf in 1940?
  15. For anyone interested, Ara and Archimedes are now on their own just East of Padworth Lock, Ara closest to the towpath and mostly out the water owing to the shallow bank
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