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  1. I'll help you out. 10 quid to get the ball rolling. Anybody else as another 199,990 pounds needed
  2. Ipswich will be available shortly with Motor Gorse as are many Joshers at Narrowcraft the home of South Midland .
  3. Bison was on Benbow Way moorings where I think above pic was taken throughtout 70's 80's but a Wide Boat moved to moorings in the 90's.
  4. Don't need to go to court nowdays for pub licensing
  5. I bought a set of fenders last week from Fenderman at Apple Tree the lock above Cropredy. I took the button back today as not being fit for purpose ! He told me to bog off and said he did.not make them. Does anybody know Eric Johns who makes them in Wales ? They had a distinct shortage of solid stuffing material and were.mishaped.
  6. Having done my weeks bolerindering to the port I am now bored and reading correspondence. I have not read the whole thread so I apologise if I repeat. I have a 2 cylinder mono block BM with a gearbox. Speedwheel's picture did not come upbon my 'phone . John Hemlyrick told me what a pain they were as,he steered the Sabey's tug I think towing a train of day boats with rubbish from Paddington to Slough Arm tip. The cylinder by the engine ole doors would fool off so the other worked harder and cause it to overheat ! He spent a lot off time adjusting the cooling water to each cylinder. Oh and of course it is,for sale if anybody is feeling brave,!
  7. You must have passed them laid up at Cassio They left at 9 on Sunday morning for the days boating to Cowroast.
  8. I did the same thing returning north in 1989 with 2 pairs at Berko. There was wall to wall boats and the only tie up was in thd lock mouth .We had however cleared the 2 lockfuls by 10 past 8 and again never saw the following boats again ! For your info they are now in the thick of Tardebigge. Thumblines ! Going up hill. I do admit to experimenting when going downhill to open the top gates but due to the width above the lock it was not reliable enough to be of use .
  9. They are now approaching Kings Norton. Bet they did not hold anybody up and iI would not bet against the 2nd lock of boats the other morning were still tied up when they vacated to lock !
  10. My Mentor Ken Ward is also lying empty there with an engraving of Ferret on his headstone . Bless xx My Mentor Ken Ward is also lying empty there with an engraving of Ferret on his headstone . Bless xx
  11. He should stick to Motor Biking !!!!
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