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  1. thanks everyone for all the tips. really helpful. if you're interested the rochdale will be epiosde 3 in the series. the overall journey is from shardlow to liverpool via the t&m, caldon, macc, peak forest, huddersfield narrow & broad, c&h, rochdale, bridgewater and l&l.
  2. thanks - it's a really great website ! thanks for this shot it's a great tip !
  3. I'm wanting to film with a drone from the best vantage points along the Rochdale. It's a canal I've never cruised. Could you suggest the best bits with dramatic landscapes? Lock or bridge numbers would be really helpful. It's for a new BBC4 series called 'Narrowboat Diaries' which will be on later in the year. Many thanks !
  4. the tree has been removed and the guillotine lock is fixed. been through it today
  5. closed 24e is closed. there's still a stoppage. we're stuck there!
  6. The pump out at Slaithwaite is out of order. I'm heading towards Huddersfield - where's the next facilities and is it working? Many thanks.
  7. Yes - most likely Aston Lock as the same thing happened to me some years back. I was single handed and didn't see what was going on to my boat as the line of sight is blocked by a bridge. I'm very cautious going through Aston, Weston, Swarkestone and Stenson.
  8. still seems very tight even for working narrowboats compared to other tunnels.
  9. any idea on why this tunnel was built so low? have water levels gone up slightly since it was built or was it always like this?
  10. wow that looks tight thanks for the pics - great to see. i thought it was strange when i got to froghall wharf and it was empty - in such a lovely place.
  11. that's fine ours is only 42. i think the main issue will be the solar panels. thanks for the reply
  12. can you remember if there is a winding spot near the tunnel if you decide against?
  13. We're planning on going up the Caldon to Froghall Wharf this summer. So I had a look round the wharf today and it was empty - no boaters in sight! I see the tunnel is 5ft by 5ft max so it's going to be tight - therefore has anyone been through with their boat and had any issues?
  14. today and yesterday the BBC app was spot on with it's timings with predicted rain in my area. the met office app was way off.
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