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  1. Hi I'm passing through Stoke in a couple of weeks. Any tips on where to moor up would be much appreciated. I've been told by a couple of boaters to carry on through and not to bother - but what's Etruria Junction like among other places? Thanks.
  2. do you know where ed is based? thanks
  3. Help needed - do you know someone who can professionally wire in a 12v fridge into a narrowboat preferably in the Stoke on Trent or Macclesfield area? It's not a job I can undertake. Advice much appreciated.
  4. That's really useful information - many thanks. I never thought about the land costs - just construction, but that makes perfect sense. I just wondered why these locks were around 60 feet in length? Somewhat shorter than other narrow and broad canals. Do you think it was to accommodate a certain type of boat then?
  5. Okay - one other question referring to both the Huddersfield Narrow and Broad Canal. Why would a canal company build shorter locks - like they did on the broad canal at 57.5ft long? Would they have modeled the lock size around the size of their boats - or did they do it to make it difficult for competitors boats/routes?
  6. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated!
  7. Anyone know the lock number of the highest lock on the Huddersfield Narrow? Thanks.
  8. I'm trying to avoid/delay a full re-paint. Any suggestions to spruce up some flat paintwork? Are there any specific oils, varnishes or polishes that's best for this job? Many thanks.
  9. Thanks for the link - those mini stoves do look interesting!
  10. Yes it's Osney Venture. The bottom of the galley window is a real mess. While the boat looks in good order - the paneling looks rotten and needs replacing, I think it's been leaking for some time. I'm getting a quote as I think the window would need removing and refitting and resealing etc.
  11. I've had a look on their boats for sale - and not on the website?
  12. I've just heard back from the seller. The boat did originally have an Attwood heater but it was condemned and removed. There's still the trunking in place.
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