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  1. Hi many thanks for this - so we're sticking to the Stratford - so how many on this route? 25?
  2. Hi does anyone know how many locks are in the Lapworth flight? There's conflicting numbers on the net. In my Pearson's Guide it's also a bit confusing... 18, 24, 26?? Thanks!!
  3. cowley was meant to be much longer - but the earth conditions were too unstable and they opened it up
  4. good point - no not including the llangollen just the main line 66 miles.
  5. Hi just fact checking - is Cowley the only tunnel on the Shropshire Union or are there anymore I'm missing? Were there anymore that have been opened up? Thanks.
  6. Only seen it on Google street view. All looks a bit sad which is a shame.
  7. Thanks for your reply. We're actually filming. Does this mean Wigan Pier is covered in scaffold?
  8. Hi we're passing through Wigan later in the week travelling from the Leigh branch and heading towards Liverpool. Is Wigan worth a look and where's best to moor up? Can you moor up near Wigan Pier and if so is it safe? Thanks!
  9. who were the reservoirs sold off to? did the regional water authorities buy them?
  10. Hi we're passing through later this week. I've been told it's an area to watch out - by other boaters. Scare stories or any truth in this? Thanks
  11. Each of the locks featured in the programme will be named and it's rise will appear on screen. Thought it'd be of interest to viewers.
  12. Alan, I'm producing a new BBC4 series called Canal Boat Diaries. Any idea where I get further information then on lock depths for the Rochdale? Is canal plan ac accurate for other parts of the system - as I've been using this source.
  13. oh thank you ! great tip. will pick up a guide today.
  14. Can anyone help. I usually use Canal Plan AC for things like this - however there's no stats for the fall of: Stubbing Upper Lock Todmorden Guillotine Lock Gauxholme Lowest Lock Are the Rochdale lock depths listed anywhere? Any help much appreciated.
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