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  1. I read somewhere this is the shortest and oldest tunnel on the system. Is this right?
  2. I've been told the Shropshire Union Railway and Canal Company bought up a load of battleship grey paint after WW1 - is this really the reason? Your thoughts? Thanks
  3. i did - thank you. so many canal books in one place! love audlem great place. did the flight today.
  4. Is it pronounced Tie-r-ley or Tira-ley? Thanks
  5. Any idea what the average time it would take a Shroppie fly-boat to get from Ellesmere Port to Birmingham? Are we talking 24 hours? Did they ever carry passengers or was it just perishable cargo? Thanks.
  6. 7 South View, Eaton Road, ... Found it !!! Many thanks.. for this.
  7. Hi does anyone happen to know the house number of Tom Rolt's birthplace on Eaton Road in Chester? Any help much appreciated.
  8. thanks you're right. weird that the loading circle just doesn't go away. doesn't normally do this.
  9. Hi I'm trying to plan a journey / route and site seems to be endlessly loading? I've tried on a couple of laptops so I know it's the site - and not my computer. Anyone else had problems recently ? It happens when you put in your starting destination.
  10. Hi, I'm currently waiting on lock down to be lifted and CRT to ease restrictions - so we can start making the second series of 'Canal Boat Diaries' with Robbie Cumming for BBCFOUR. This years trip was meant to start at the beginning of April. So I'm interested to know - will you start boating as soon as lock down is lifted - or will you wait a while? Could it be a quieter summer on the canals? Be interested to hear your thoughts.
  11. Hi many thanks for this - so we're sticking to the Stratford - so how many on this route? 25?
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