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  1. New Marton - and I thought it looked like that location, too. But after looking at the map it can't be because of the bend to the left below the lock. Even if the bridge had been removed there would be a farm in view. Sure has the NM "feel" though. I think the boat is from Simolda at Nantwich. The Double Pennant boats from Wolverhampton were similar, but not quite so weird.
  2. Nor on mine, although I had assumed that was because I'm not in the UK. But... If you search YouTube for the film title you will find it (the first minute or so is flaky, but the rest is fine). I enjoyed seeing the run-down environment with the random (and inappropriate by current standards) boats that were so wonderful.
  3. I remember seeing temporary signs at towpath entrances in Penkridge (Staffs & Words) noting that the towpath was closed for one day (Jan 1st). At the time I assumed that was to prevent the towpath from becoming a right of way. This was around 1964, and until I noticed the "for one day" bit the sign was very disturbing because not using the towpath would add a mile or so to my walk to school.
  4. And then there were the Royal Brine Baths in Stafford. I don't know where the miscreant got the "U" that was such an effective replacement for the"B". The building is (sadly) long gone now.
  5. >They also hired boats from Wheaton Aston, I think that would be Anglo Welsh but I stand to be corrected. That would likely have been Welsh Canal Holiday Craft, who had the warehouse on the wharf at Wheaton Aston as a remote base to allow one-way trips from/to Llangollen. Ted Smout was the owner over the period I worked there doing turnarounds (the best Saturdays ever!) from around 1965 to 1971 (not absolutely certain of those years). Anglo Welsh arrived during that period, and I remember stopping several times, before they arrived, at a deserted Trevor Basin to enjoy the aroma of the Acrefair chemical works. Best of all was when a boat needed to be moved from one end to the other, and often I would get to do it between after school (later college) on Friday and mid-afternoon on Sunday. I suspect it would take longer now. >I still remember to this day conversations with himself I was lucky enough to meet ET. After moving one of his hire boats (Lark) from Gailey to Walsall for end-of-season maintenance we sat in his kitchen drinking tea and watching professional wrestling on TV (a TV in the kitchen!!!). It was the first time I saw a lava lamp.
  6. GilesMorris


  7. >They would have names like Gay Monica etc. Could that be Barbara Joan and Lindy Helen? If so, I spent the summer Saturdays of my youth working for the man who hired them out - the very best job I ever had! Memory of descending Tyrley Locks on an October midnight with Barbara Joan as part of a weekend ferry trip from Wheaton Aston to Llangollen... Wonderful.
  8. >why did Telford fit double TOP gates on the Shroppy? Wait... What? It's been a long time, but I don't remember double top gates on the main line, Llangollen or Middlewich branch. The only place I remember them is on the Macclesfield. I remember that you could operate the one on the far side of the lock with a boathook, but couldn't really understand what advantage there was in them.
  9. So... Vindication after more than a half-century! The very first boat I steered was a BW Bantam (69, I think) running tow-free while I was mooching rides and hanging out with the dredging crew in Penkridge (all before it was dangerous to do such things, of course). The tug driver told me to keep it going in the channel while he poured in a can of diesel. I ran it straight up the bank, of course. "Haven't you ever steered a boat before??" "Well... No, I haven't". What a great summer that was!
  10. > the fourth owner of Vulpes It's odd to think of Vulpes as an old boat! I'd like very much to see some pictures! When I spent time aboard the floor in the saloon was the ballast (bricks) and the furnishings were whatever you had brought with you. The engine had already spent a working life in a dumper truck. But what a beautiful hull! Giles
  11. Warning: Reminiscence alert! I was lucky enough to travel with Derek Turner & family on their trip from Wheaton Aston to the 1966 Marple Rally on Fox. It was wonderful! The Lister diesel was almost new, and a close cabin mate (I had the boatman's cabin). It was surprisingly easy to start by hand, which was fortunate because there was no electric starter. Fox was, indeed, wooden - I remember the chains across the living room. Such a great trip for a young teen, with memories including the Anderton Lift (including being shown around the control cabin), meeting Joe Skinner on Friendship and passing through Thurlwood Steel Lock. Did I mention lucky? >commissioned Vulpes from Denis Cooper Even luckier... Derek allowed me to move Vulpes for him from Gas Street to Wheaton Aston (via Middlewich). I still bear the scar of the pineapple tin that I was using to bail out at Autherley.
  12. I think I remember Eagle joining the fleet at Gailey during my all-too-brief association with ET. At the time I assumed that they were all new builds -- were some of them? Giles
  13. In happier times. Mabel with Forget Me Not on the cross straps that Peter liked (they made it so much easier to get a cup of tea from the galley). This was just North of Gailey (Staffs & Worcs), and I think it was around 1965. How many Health & Safety violations can we fit in one image? But I was happy!
  14. Could that have been the Fox owned by Derek Turner in the 1960's? I was lucky enough to (briefly) meet the Skinners, aboard Friendship, at Middlewich while returning from the Marple rally in 1966 with the Turner family.
  15. Certainly looks like Rodbaston to me - I remember that there wasn't much room between the wall and the lock. I thinks the cottage came down around the time of M6 construction. Giles
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