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  1. Crt website is quite clear on what boat movements are currently permitted. Everyone's plans are having to change. We planned to spend summer out cruising but not now possible. People everywhere making sacrifices and if that means having to stay in your marina that is surely what is needed.. Just take care to keep 2 m distance in my view.. Quite easy to keep safe in boat I would imagine.
  2. Appreciate some boats were already out and that yesterday's hirers were borderline with government advice issued I believe albeit as a suggestion on Sunday. It is what it is but as we all need to be in this together I could not understand why this particular hire boat was still heading away from base despite being requested to return.. Ignoring government advice has been part of the issue. At present assume liveaboard boats on move to position themselves nearer facilities but may be wrong. Don't think people will moan about boatyards closing - they need to protect themselves and others and hopefully CRT facilities will be OK. I appreciate that. Things are going to be difficult for us all.
  3. Hi am new member.. Been lurking for years and finally joined.. Feel have to comment on this thread.. Saw one of the wyvern boats in Milton Keynes this afternoon... Heading north away from base.. Called wyvern was told they had told them to return.. Said they are not complying and just passed 2 winding holes and marina entrance where they could have turned. They found that amusing. Apparently they key 4 boats go out yesterday afternoon...
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