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  1. Sanddancer

    Coventry Canal Basin

    Been to the basin on a Sunday morning, within minutes drugs and drunks came to boat thought better to leave than stay. Looked a nice place shame not more use is made of it.
  2. Sanddancer

    Diesel prices

    Anybody suggest a good place Leicester area Ta
  3. Sanddancer


    Used it for the second time this year on boat. Easy and quick to use
  4. Sanddancer

    Out again

    I see the non consideration lot are out and about on the cut again, and I don't mean hire boaters, just those that don't know about slowing down when passing moored boats.
  5. Sanddancer

    Petition for wide beam owners

    I agree it should be now and more than proposed
  6. Sanddancer

    Inside hull paint

    Try Hamerite paint it's tough and can be painted over rust.
  7. Sanddancer

    Phone & internet boosters

    I thought they only used O2
  8. Sanddancer


    Thank you so much I was intending to buy the best I could afford as from the past cheap is not worth it in the long run.
  9. Sanddancer


    What is the best Sander to buy for repainting the boat, more than likely need to take it back to the steel in many places.
  10. Sanddancer


    Just a thought are those who used Keelblack happy with it to use it again?
  11. Sanddancer

    Boat insurance

    I changed to a firm online called "my boat insurance" all I know is that the advice and the price £124 for a 50' 11 year old boat was good.
  12. Sanddancer

    Bridge 132 Leeds Liverpool Canal

    Yes not one of the most picturesque of places but interesting in the history of canals and industry, spent 6 months in the area and not one sign of problems except from certain boaters who are more like a pikey than anything else.
  13. Sanddancer

    Approaching Wigan

    I moored there and it was fine
  14. Sanddancer

    Stoke lock mooring

    I'm looking for a mooring for a month or so near to this area any ideas anybody. Thanks
  15. Sanddancer

    Best landline broadband deal?

    Plusnet are good but not the cheapest around £24/ month

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