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  1. I do know what all are saying but the thought of those solar panels which I do not like plus I've got the space and am on a farm mooring with open fields
  2. I thought it might be okay to keep batteries steady instead of starting engine
  3. Has anyone tried our heard about these turbines?
  4. With the cost of petrol/diesel is it now cheaper to run a gas generator? I'm able to buy and use the large has bottles like static caravans have.
  5. Thank you everyone for the help
  6. Okay simple question (for some ) I use my phone as a hotspot, to make the signal better I put my phone in a plastic container on the roof. I've a omniex can I use this to bring the signal into the boat? And still use the phone as a hotspot.
  7. I've been using a roll up and now bought a air mattress to try out, only problem is you need 240v.
  8. Thank you everyone,I need to think more.
  9. I'm after some advice about wind turbines, I'm thinking this is the best option as solar is out of the question. It would be used to charge the batteries and run the fridge, anyone tried this?.
  10. Keys found at Wheaton Aston, left in services please share.
  11. I've now taken the bricks out to try without hope it works okay.
  12. This This is just what I wanted to see and hear. Thank you
  13. Yes that's correct but in my old one I used fire bricks the new one is nearly the same few changes but no bricks came it
  14. That's the one talked to manufacture and the did say no need
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