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  1. No just a frame one for the bankside, that I could use red with instead of the petrol one I use now.
  2. I need to upgrade my generator so am thinking of getting one run on diesel but don't want to pay a am or leg for it, any suggestions please.
  3. Thank you for the information, yes glass cracked again but now the stove has also cracked so want to replace it with the same on the boat.
  4. Does anybody know the make of this stove please
  5. Yes agree after a few years it's a repeat of itself.
  6. Hello anybody know when Mountbatten is coming up the shropie?
  7. Got InTouch but they have a waiting list.
  8. No it was a good one lasted 15 years, Just thinking now to put a happy cheepo in and out might last for a few years
  9. Could someone help please, my outside of the stove has cracked is it possible to repair it or its it a case of getting a new one from machine mart?
  10. I'm still a great can of RED burns nice and hot little ash and good price.
  11. I was wondering instead of a boaters hat I think quite a few would be better off wearing a crash helmet the speed they go down the cut, perhaps they should stick too the roads and not the canals.
  12. The dead centre of town you mean ?
  13. In your dreams also in my wishes soon I hope.
  14. I'm surprised there has been no chat about the heat!
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