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  1. Yes agree after a few years it's a repeat of itself.
  2. Hello anybody know when Mountbatten is coming up the shropie?
  3. Got InTouch but they have a waiting list.
  4. No it was a good one lasted 15 years, Just thinking now to put a happy cheepo in and out might last for a few years
  5. Could someone help please, my outside of the stove has cracked is it possible to repair it or its it a case of getting a new one from machine mart?
  6. I'm still a great can of RED burns nice and hot little ash and good price.
  7. I was wondering instead of a boaters hat I think quite a few would be better off wearing a crash helmet the speed they go down the cut, perhaps they should stick too the roads and not the canals.
  8. The dead centre of town you mean ?
  9. In your dreams also in my wishes soon I hope.
  10. I'm surprised there has been no chat about the heat!
  11. I've started using Red low ash and nice glow plus heat
  12. Just wondering how much it costs for a license that allows you to moor on a water point and stop others from getting access?
  13. Hope all is okay after that breeze , who is doing the coal delivery around wrenbury?
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