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  1. haza

    Bit of an Elsan rant.....

    from elsans to wars .3 cheers for lady muck hip pip horay and so on
  2. haza

    Bit of an Elsan rant.....

    seems to me some of you are surprised at some of the things boaters get up to. like in any walk of life .dirty horrible scumbags .being on a narrowboat makes it no difference .two different boaters where traveling together ,both used the elsan ..i went in after they both used it .i confronted them about the state they left it in ...no it was not us ...any way the one moron said they get cleaned every day anyway ...
  3. hi col do you have any more varnish left regaerds

  4. haza

    hempel varnish

    thanks i never thought i could have done that .thanks
  5. haza

    hempel varnish

    i brought some hempel vanish of someone of canalworld a while back ,would the people who i had it off have any more for sale as i need some more .long shot but if you dont ask .thanks
  6. haza

    Flasher on the North Oxford

    the guy with the paper hanging from is arse ,must have had a fax coming though
  7. haza

    Alde Boiler service / repair

    yes he uses colin rowe
  8. haza

    Alde Boiler service / repair

    hi sent you a pm if no good get back to me
  9. haza

    best recliners

    no i phoned elite up today and they have stopped doing the brindley
  10. haza

    best recliners

    elite only do the hatton recliner £700
  11. haza

    best recliners

    thanks every one i will check them all out .and yes richard they do other s .and m ..but the only trouble with that is the pain of paying
  12. haza

    best recliners

    yes i have just been looking at those sea dog very nice ..a tad to big i thought with foot stool also
  13. haza

    best recliners

    would any one out there know where i could maybe get two quality green in colour bespoke recliner chairs for the boat thanks
  14. haza

    aldi comfort

    thanks i will contact him again and see what he says thank you
  15. haza

    aldi comfort

    thanks mike great help .i did phone graham cutmore .but if i remember is circumstances had changed ..and yes the guy from anglo was here less then an hour .if you now of anyone who could have a look at it .i would be very grateful .there dont seem to be any out there who do this service ..kind regards

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