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  1. yes murflynn thats it in a shell .im done with this now
  2. but they put the add out there .only a sicko would see it any other way
  3. most banned records by the radio go too no1..so dont you think millions will look at the ad on the internet .too see what all the fuss is .,no such thing as bad publicity
  4. i did say did not know were to put this
  5. mrsmelly what part of the uk do you have your sessions regards
  6. yer goliath lsd can do that too you lol ,just kidding
  7. misters hobby is writing songs and as been for years ,but nearly every one, are very much influenced by bob .he plays tweeter and the monkey man on is acoustic ,which i find to be very good ,but when he plays the same song on the 5 string banjo ,its just brill even if i say so my self .,there are many ways to do any of bobs songs ,but never ever like the great man himself .misters words not mine
  8. we went and seen peter green and the splinter band at the robin hood bilston abt 8 years ago great gig ,but such a shame even then for peter. he did not want to sign misters cd but he did after a while tho
  9. when mister seen him in the 90s ,bob said he was forever being asked what is songs are abt ,bob himself said he dont know so how could he explain them ,but thats just tosh .i dont think it was ever abt money with him like bob said at the brum gig if only one person like what he did hes a happy guy .but thats easy to say when you got a fortune .im more john prine myself
  10. i will tell mister abt that guy thanks
  11. well i say that to mister ,and is reply is well thats just it, theres only bob that can get away with it yes .cohen hes there also i can listen to some but not to much ,
  12. 25 years maybe just long enough lol
  13. hi its 17 mins long tree monkey you may not have enough time .lol
  14. hi i did not know were to put this one ,but for the last few weeks there is not a day go by that mister ,does not listen to dylans epic song .murder most foul, 3/4 times a day even .an.d all i get of him after hes turned it off is thats got to be bobs masterpiece .sure hes wrote some great songs ,saying that bobs not every ones cup of tea ,i can listen to some of is stuff,but not like mister he thinks bob is the greatest even , any thoughts any one
  15. hi crosser have a look at rust bullet bit expensive but great stuff i painted engine bay and gas locker protects the steel also ..
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