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  1. hi there are you still wanting the brass helmet coal bucket if so get back to me   regards 

  2. haza

    elsan blue

    yes mrsmelly thats it thanks
  3. haza

    elsan blue

    ok thanks ,,just as i thought thanks
  4. haza

    elsan blue

    if i knew how to put the link up ..i would have ..and please dont anyone try telling me
  5. haza

    elsan blue

    hi every one ...as any one used the no rinse blue seen some on the net 5lts £10 .if so does it do what it says on the tin regards
  6. thanks would i have to prep the black matt .in any way or can i just paint over it regards
  7. the best black gloss .
  8. hi at the moment the paint on my gunnel to the first rubbing strake is a black matt colour ..i want a change and want to paint over it with a black gloss ..any ideas ..off the best paint i could use just to paint over the matt thanks
  9. hi pete yes plenty i am on the essinton canal ..not far from streethay marina get back to me with what you think you will need and location regards

    1. pete23


      Cheers, I will get back to you at the weekend if you have any left then

      thanks, Pete.

  10. hi pete yes i am doing this on behalf of my brother hes the fella whos  selling them get back to me with how many you may want and where abt you are i am on the essington canal ..not far from streethay marina regards

  11. hi there i am on the essington canal  not far from  streethay marina but if you want any im sure we could sort some thing out ,,,theres another fella wanting some also and i think he may come from your way get back to me ,,regards 

  12. nothing at all wrong in that ..never said there was
  13. hi all you loverly boating people .... if only hay ?.. i started to read this thread at the start ,,but it went on and on and on ,,and on and on ,thats enough of the and ons i think ..so after about 4 pages in i stopped reading the thread ,.the volockies as you lot call them ..i like to call the volunteers myself. do more then a good service then a bad one .but thats only me .saying that ...being a live aboard for a few years ..i have had run ins with most on the cut ..some may have been my fault .but i think not as i think i am perfect .but think on how many nasty know all boaters have you come across ...a dam site more then .nasty volockies .sorry volunteers ..i think ..well i dont think i know that fact ...any way i am going to make my volunteer a nice cup of tea ,,no boaters welcome
  14. haza

    two seater

    hi every one all sorted know ..i got a nice leather one from furniture warehouse lichfield i will put a photo up when it comes over the weekend ..regards
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