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  1. A chain on the bottom could possibly attract the magnet fishers.
  2. While assistance cannot be guaranteed the volunteers are committed to helping where they can. 😉
  3. The lock keepers have all trained with the Trust and have excellent local knowledge which can really add to your experience of the flight. 😮 Volunteer lock keepers on the Rochdale canal | Canal & River Trust (canalrivertrust.org.uk)
  4. Is the Rochdale bookable in Winter? Just been listening an interview with Robbie Cumming. Forward to 38.45 Waterways World | Podcast Your Waterways
  5. Surely this is a police matter?
  6. That was more by luck, John. I don't know who told your son about the assistance on Thursdays (possibly a lady boater on Wednesday afternoon), but they were unfortunately mistaken. The guaranteed assistance previously offered by C&RT had to be booked. It was no longer available after the 2019 season. 'From Date: 01/04/2019 00:00 To Date: 31/10/2019 23:59 inclusive' Assistance on the Wigan Flight, Leeds and Liverpool Canal | Canal & River Trust (canalrivertrust.org.uk) As has previously been mentioned, volunteers are often around, but not always. As has also been mentioned, it's worth having a look at Wigan Flight Crew on Facebook. Really pleased that you have seen an improvement in Wigan. Cheers.
  7. It is a shame that C&RT don't now offer booked assistance on the Wigan flight. Seasonal staff who used to assist are no longer employed at Wigan.
  8. Pagefield


    That one has now also been fixed recently
  9. Pagefield


    The busted ground paddles and leaking tailgate at Henhurst meant the lock was filled very slowly, meanwhile losing water from the pound above. All the more so if only one gate paddle was used.
  10. Drifting C&RT workboats - mystery explained.
  11. Freddie Starr ate my handspike type of thing? ?
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