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  1. It is never a good sign on a forum when rules get quoted and the word “moderators” is included in a post (or even worse posts). I have nothing to add on that, but would say that despite boating for the last 45 of my 46 years I always feel I learn something from any post Tracy (and Tony and many others) give up their time to contribute their experience and knowledge to. Thanks guys. gabble
  2. Many thanks Iain and Tracy, brilliant to be able to ask a technical question on a Sunday and get comprehensive answers an hour later…
  3. Hello all I have a straightforward-ish dual battery bank setup with each fed by it’s own dedicated alternator. I’ve just swapped my domestic alternator for a new one and the new one requires a warning lamp on D+ whereas the previous one didn’t. I’ve wired it one up, fed from the ignition switch and all works as expected i.e. light comes on, engine starts, light goes out, alternator charges batteries. Great. But, then I got to thinking I’ve taken the feed from the ignition switch i.e. from engine starter battery and connected it through the warning lamp to my domestic alternator. Any issues with this? gabble
  4. Richard is very much still working hard, has spent the last couple of weeks rebuilding my RN. As stated above a really helpful and knowledgeable bloke who works hard. I’ve spoken to him and he is happy for his number to be passed on - 07973 826260
  5. Is anything else charging the battery? E.g. shore powered battery charger or solar? My rev counter goes weird when something else is putting more charge in or the alternator has turned itself off. In my case it shows approx twice the actual rpm which is a bit disconcerting to begin with.
  6. I’ve got a PRM 160 connected to a Russell Newbery DM2 which idles at that kind of speed. I think the PRM is the standard gearbox on the more modern Russell Newbery installations. No idea on gearbox oil pressure, but has been happy enough for 30+ years… Oil pretty clean too when changed. Pretty sure the PRM 260 is the replacement for the 160 I have?
  7. Do you have some better pictures of the bow? Doesn’t immediately look like a Peter Nichols but difficult to be sure.
  8. If you can’t find a local specialist or prefer to deal online I found Startermotor alternator store really helpful in finding me a very reasonably priced alternator complete with required pulley.
  9. I can’t see this posted anywhere - apologies if repost https://britishmarine.co.uk/-/media/Waterway-businesses-guidance-table-England-only--v2.pdf taken from this page https://britishmarine.co.uk/coronavirus It will be interesting to see how/if CRT respond, and whether standing on the back of a narrowboat is considered “open air”. No doubt another can of worms. gabble
  10. Thanks all, good to get some personal experiences
  11. Does anyone have a view on the viability of winding a 60ft boat just above Bosley bottom lock? I.e. the pound between lock 12 and lock 11. Canalplan seems to confirm it is possible Canalplan and I remember it is a biggish space but I’ve no idea about depth. It isn’t marked on Opencanalmap. Any recent experiences?
  12. I can’t complain re pricing as it was 100% as quoted, but they were really hard work to deal with, lots of chasing required. I was left feeling not at all valued as a customer. Too early to tell on quality of work, but fingers crossed. A shame really because they were on my list to talk to re topside painting but now aren’t.
  13. Having used Aqueduct this year for 2 pack I’d avoid next time to be honest.
  14. I’d suggest a phonecall to Dave Bixter at Russell Newbery. He was really helpful when we were buying and quite possibly knows the boat as it is quite a small world. His number is on the RN website.
  15. Have a look here http://www.bearingshopuk.co.uk/belts/v-belt-pulleys/ Pulleys of almost any size and separate bushings to fit your shaft
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