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  1. Thanks all, good to get some personal experiences
  2. Does anyone have a view on the viability of winding a 60ft boat just above Bosley bottom lock? I.e. the pound between lock 12 and lock 11. Canalplan seems to confirm it is possible Canalplan and I remember it is a biggish space but I’ve no idea about depth. It isn’t marked on Opencanalmap. Any recent experiences?
  3. I can’t complain re pricing as it was 100% as quoted, but they were really hard work to deal with, lots of chasing required. I was left feeling not at all valued as a customer. Too early to tell on quality of work, but fingers crossed. A shame really because they were on my list to talk to re topside painting but now aren’t.
  4. Having used Aqueduct this year for 2 pack I’d avoid next time to be honest.
  5. I’d suggest a phonecall to Dave Bixter at Russell Newbery. He was really helpful when we were buying and quite possibly knows the boat as it is quite a small world. His number is on the RN website.
  6. Have a look here http://www.bearingshopuk.co.uk/belts/v-belt-pulleys/ Pulleys of almost any size and separate bushings to fit your shaft
  7. Buying over the counter is the best way at 3P. I highly recommend them, not just for the black paint, but also they will mix marine enamel in whatever colour you need, in whatever quantity. I had them colour match based on a sample I took in and they were spot on. A great business to deal with. I suggest ringing ahead to let them know what you want in case it needs mixing.
  8. Thanks all, some good pointers here. Swanley Bridge/Danny has been recommended separately to me too. I’ll follow up with some calls and report back. Good to hear good reports on aqueduct too. DMR - I know what you mean re the guarantee, but it does feel wrong that a premium product carries so little confidence from the seller. I didn’t expect them to cover me scraping it off, but it would be good to know they were confident it wouldn’t flake off after 12 months...
  9. I was wondering if anyone had any recent experiences of yards within a day or so of the Middlewich branch for blasting and 2 pack epoxy application to the hull? I’ve spoken to Aqueduct, but their pricing is a bit eye watering and they only offer a 12month guarantee. To put it into context Debdale offer a 10 year guarantee and are approx half the price - but unfortunately are too far away. Of course price isn’t the same as quality of job, so I thought I’d ask here.
  10. gabble

    Mikuni MX40

    I have had my Mikuni MX40 in bits twice now hunting faults indicated by the lights. Both times I couldn’t find anything wrong, but got it going again by disconnecting and reconnecting all the plastic push fit wiring connectors. Mine at least seesms to be susceptible to oxudation on the electrical contacts. On top of the unit is a black box, inside of which are 5 or 6 separate connectors. Worth a try. Good luck.
  11. A thought, is the mastervolt panel, getting a reading that is only coresponding to part of the output of the alternator? Not sure how it is all wired up, but could some of the amps be bypassing the shunt (assuming that is how the Mastervolt works) to go to say bowthruster batteries?
  12. I have a DM2 with Neihoff alternator driven from flywheel too. Mine does very little at idle, but happily puts out 50amps into batteries first thing in the morning at say 400rpm upwards. Voltage at that stage is 13 point something. After a 3-4 hours voltage is up to 14.1 and say 8 amps. I’m not sure which model Neihoff it is, but I have in my head it is rated at 60amp. Battery bank is 675ah. A second alternator does the engine battery. Oh and it whines like a teenager.
  13. This is a nice route. The Montgomery canal is an interesting diversion if you have time, like canals used to be. Check opening times for the locks though, not sure if you might need to book. Wrenbury has nice but popular moorings and choice of pubs. Willeymoor lock pub is one of my favourites. Proper traditional canalside pub, food as well but nothing fancy. Superb beers. Nantwich another interesting diversion. Barbridge Inn always popular and good food beers etc. Slowest water point in the world at Barbridge junction. At Chester a walk around the walls is well worth doing. gabble
  14. Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. Clarence dock sounds like it might be a challenge then, but I'll look out for the pontoons outside that Joe mentions. Good to hear that Woodlesford is a nice stop, that is my plan B if we can't find somewhere suitable in Leeds. Also the junction onto the New junction canal looks a fantastic peaceful spot based on google maps. Any tips for dealing with the big locks on the Aire and Calder? Is the usual practice to rope up or not? We don't typically bother in normal broad locks. gabble
  15. Just wondering if anyone has any recent experience of the visitor moorings at Clarence/Leeds dock? We are contemplating a stop there for a night over the bank holiday weekend at the end of August but are a but concerned that we won't get a space. Also we'll be heading off onto the Aire and Calder. Any essential advice or recommended moorings? gabble
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