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  1. Thank you No its not noisy, but the engine bay is very well insulated, so perhaps theres a reason for that! I can totally see the ostriches point! I love it now, glad I stuck with it!
  2. I seem to remember a funny thing with spare room that for the first day or so, only people who've paid a subscription can reply to your adverts? Meaning that basically it's useless for the first couple of days, as most people just browse for free. I found gumtree very good for letting rooms. I believe also that lodgers have far fewer rights than those on tenancy agreements, meaning that if you get a bad one, it's easier to get rid. There is definitely minimum residency requirement though for the landlord, in order the lodger to be classed as such, and if the landlord doesn't meet them I
  3. Hi all, Sorry for going awol for a while. Moving on the boat alone (broke up with partner) while in the middle of uni deadline week was not the plan and I did just bury my head in the sand for a few days as I didn't feel I could cope. Alan, who I can't thank enough, has helped me enormously, and thanks to his advice and encouragement I have fitted a battery charger which is powered by shore power, meaning that I now have running water and interior lighting. The water pump ceased to function yesterday, and again thanks to Alan's advice we managed to get it fixed. I've only jus
  4. It's what they've always used. It's 2 panels, each about a foot square, I'll try and find a photo. That's fair I was typing quickly so I didn't have the screen on too long
  5. Sorry for the panic guys. I'm alone doing this and there was no one on the marina to ask. My phone was on 10% battery, and then died. Home now. The bit of googling I did about batteries that were over discharged said that it was dangerous, and could cause a short circuit, making the batteries heat up and catch fire. The boat doesn't have a means to charge the batteries from the shoreline, only a solar panel that charges them. As Alan said (thank you Alan, and everyone who helped) I've turned off the isolator and unplugged the portable solar panel. When I plugged the so
  6. That’s a seriously nasty move. This is a section for new people, and I’m worried and asking for help. Hope you feel good about yourself.
  7. I haven’t actually, I have been told that if it won’t hold a charge it can be bad. So I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to worry about my boat catching fire while I’m gone. I have 10% phone battery, 7% now solar charger has red light, manual says red light means over discharged. I don’t know what else to tell you. will it go bang if it’s over discharged or won’t it? Can I leave the battery connected or can’t I?
  8. I haven’t a voltmeter. Solar charger just showing red light which manual says means over discharged. just need to know whether there’s a risk of something bad happening, and what I should do to prevent that. i have 10% battery and don’t want to leave without sorting this so please any quick answers to that would be amazing
  9. I don’t know what type it is, I think there’s two. I’m trying to upload photos but WiFi is yet another thing that’s not working. I connected my solar charger and it has a red light which says the batteries are over discharged. The fridge light is still on, but the fridge isn’t running. It’s connected to shore power, but I think the fridge is 12 volt. Damn I could do without this
  10. As title. I’ve disconnected the solar charger after reading that trying to charge an over discharged battery is dangerous. Am I ok leaving it as it is until it runs down completely, or do I need to disconnect it?
  11. All my land seals are off cruising today! I am yes, I switched from completely different subject and I love it. What era are you particularly interested in?
  12. No I don't believe it was. Here's some reading if you're interested https://www.history.com/topics/world-war-i/1918-flu-pandemic I don't have a dog in this race, I just study history
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