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  1. The house is too small really for anyone to consider it as a HMO.
  2. Thanks guys. The weird bit is that the address I'd be eventually looking to remortage would be exactly the same as the one I'd be providing as my residential address. Redirection etc to the Post Office is definitely doable and would mean I could keep my bank and so on addressed to what would become my let property. But this still leaves the hurdle of my rental property and my personal address still being the same.
  3. Consent to let already granted and I'd be taking out a seperate landlord's insurance too
  4. Thanks for the replies. My parents are alive but don't live together. Unfortunately my mum has dementia but still lives at home but with a lot of external support - I don't think it's right or ethical to start associating my name with the property. It'd potentially screw up benefits and direct payments, and she's also exempt from council tax payments. I can't use my dad's either, he also gets single occupancy discount. It's not so much the delay in getting mail that bothers me, more the problems of not having a 'proper' address throws up. Other than having an address at a residential mooring I can't see how I can get around it. I've downloaded a number of mortgage application forms and it's the usual story when it comes to documentation; utility bills, council tax bills etc. Basically, stuff which clearly links you to an address. Tempted to take on a lodger, charging a little more, on the basis I'd never be in the place and on the boat instead. This would definitely overcome all of the above.
  5. Venetian definitely do but unsurprisingly they're full as they're the only legitimate one. And CT looks payable there judging from their website.
  6. Thanks. Problem is I'd likely to have to change my address with banks and the like but have nothing to give as a replacement. Keeping them the same or if I were to use my rented out property address in the future isn't being genuine. I suppose it depends on what constitutes an address in the eyes of a creditor. Somewhere I own? Somewhere I live? Sounds like a can of worms.
  7. Hi Sam, I've just sent it to you in a message. Much appreciated.
  8. I'm not certain not paying council tax constitutes fraud but happy to be proved otherwise. And I don't mean that flipantly. I've read a number of threads on here from members in a similar situation re. car insurance. Some, not all, insurers are more understanding of the situation and are quite happy so long as you put in the true location as to where the car's going to be kept. To be honest they're not the stumbling blocks. It's more around not having a legitimate residential address and the problems it might bring about in my situation. I have the consent to let my property. However, when it comes to remortgaging time I'll no doubt be asked to provide proof of X, Y and Z. And that's where there's potentially a problem. Am I going to be classed as no fixed abode? I'd have thought so since I can't use the marina's address. If I were to change the address for banking etc to a family member's address is it passable? Even in doing this I won't have a utility or council tax bill in my name for said address, so maybe it's pointless? It's easy to get a bill, i.e. mobile phone bill, to show an address but that doesn't actually prove you live there. What lenders look for is a council tax or utility bill with said address, and without it, looks like I'm knackered. It'd doubtful a lender would entertain lending tens of thousands to somebody without a real residency and that's essentially what re-mortgaging is. Or indeed any type of credit or loan. I'm conscious I'm heading down a path that'd lead to big problems. I'd much rather front the problem now rather than bury my head and not rest easy for the next few years.
  9. Just out of interest, who would I be defrauding? I did explain to those I've spoken to that I intend on letting my home and they were happy with that. Just so long as I don't use their address for anything other than the odd parcel delivery. Edited: I see what you mean now, i.e. applying for a loan/mortgage etc in the future and using my let-out address as a main residence. And supposing at the time of agreeing a mooring my house wasn't let, it'd still be my main residency. It just might so happen it gets let afterwards..
  10. Great, thanks. I'm needing decent access to J16 of the M6 so was looking around the Nantwich area.
  11. Just had a visit to one of the potential marinas. They couldn't have been more helpful. The first question they asked is "are you going to be living aboard?". I was honest and said yes. They had no problem with this, just as they said by phone, so long as my main resedential address is somewhere other than the marina. I just need to take the boat out at least once every 180 days and this resets the clock. Getting Amazon parcels etc delivered to their office is no problem either. Despite me saying I wouldn't be in a position to buy until later this year or early next they volunteered to show me around what was on brokerage and put me down on the mailing list for notification of new boats ahead of them being advertised on Apollo Duck etc. I'd misunderstood how the prices work. They show as £x for 50ft, £x for 60ft. I wrongly assumed I'd pay somewhere in the middle for a 57ft. I now understand that if I want a 57ft boat I pay the 60ft price as it referrs to the pontoon length! I've come away really pleased. Nice social scene and events, plus a couple of others who live aboard too there. Just one more to visit, who've already advised they'll allow what I'm looking for, but there's some sort of public event on today so will visit next weekend when I can get a better feel for it.
  12. Problem is they're full, at least for 57-60ft boats. It'll be either late this year or very early the next before the house is let and a boat's found, with any luck. They advised to speak again in a few months as people sometimes disappear for the winter and a space might become free. I was invited down to get a tour today so they're serious with what they're offering.
  13. I spoke a few minutes ago to another big marina which is close by, and was honest with what I'm looking for. They were really helpful and explained they don't have a maximum number of nights you're allowed to stay onboard, just that it cannot be your primary place of residence, i.e. you can't put their address as your address. But other than that they're more than happy to have you spend 365 nights a year there. With it being my first go at living aboard and also being alone, with extremely limited mechanical/electrical knowledge if things were to go wrong, I'm probably going to head to a marina for the first year. Having an electric hook up is preferable due to wanting a washing machine onboard. Solar alone probably isn't going to be enough for me. And outside of a marina I'd probably annoy others with needing to run an engine late in the evening when I'm home from work. I also need car parking and I think I'd struggle to find in most places other than a marina. The only acception being Midway Boats, Barbridge on the Middlewich, but there's no electric hook up unfortunately.
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