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  1. I'm not challenging the above but I'm curious over what it's referencing. Have you a link to anything I could read? Surely it can't include narrowboats? I doubt anyone of them would be ready in fewer the 5 years to sell boats with zero-emission capable technology. Fingers crossed that technology massively improved by 2035. Having visited a boat builder yesterday were I was told a Beta hybrid setup would cost £25K+, and yet obviously it's still reliant on diesel! Some of the smaller, new boats I looked at don't have especially large engine bays and would have no chance of accommodating a hybrid set up and battery bank.
  2. I cancelled the viewing and explained why when I was asked. They were adamant, even after checking with somebody in the background, the 5% tolerance applies to the sale price and not the asking price. I told them their website says otherwise and it can't be just a typo on the basis it's followed up with a sentence where they justify it. Avoid.
  3. I don't disagree... but the major difference is Great Haywood say the 5% is based on the asking price (presumably original price) and not the sale price, that's the key bit. ABNB are an exception. Deposits returned without any stipulation of the above. "Deposits are refundable if the vessel has a full out of water survey carried out by an independent surveyor and faults are found with the hull or the engine that exceed more than 5% of the asking price of the vessel (within 4 weeks of giving deposit). We will need to see the full survey detailing any faults for the hull or the engine that equates to the 5% as listed above. Otherwise, deposits are not refundable if a buyer pulls out of the sale. There is no point in taking a deposit if a buyer can just take it back."
  4. Absolutely will. I doubt I'm much loss to them though and a 1 man stand won't be enough for them to consider a change. They'll probably think I'm a nutter. Their boats hang around 100x longer than anything with ABNB or Rugby Boats and the like. I guess now I know why.
  5. Bollocks to it. I'm going to cancel the viewing. I can't take the stress if it were to go sour. Looking at their terms I'd have a fight on my hands if the survey through something up - they demand to view the results, and I'd bet they'd challenge the cost of work and do what they could to wriggle. No thanks. I much prefer ABNB's approach.
  6. Thanks for the info. I'm guessing that'd make no difference though to getting your deposit back if the survey showed it to be crap. If an offer were to be accepted at less than or equal to £47.5K and a survey found up to £2.5K worth of work needing doing, there'd be no return of deposit as far as my interpretation of their terms go. Sounds lousy. My offer would be based on the idea the boat was sound.
  7. I assumed broker but hadn't asked. I'll check tomorrow. Those terms don't differ depending on whether they own or broker a boat though from what I can see.
  8. https://www.greathaywoodboatsales.co.uk/buyers/the-buying-process/ Looks like somebody's emotion got in the way when writing this. It's cringeworthy.
  9. The contract with Great Haywood is a bit draconian. It doesn't matter too much what the selling price is when it comes to the survey and finding problems with the boat. You'll only get your deposit back if it's greater than 5% of the asking price and not the selling price. I agree, age isn't the be all - I'd prefer a newer boat in all honesty though - but hull and general condition trump age for me.
  10. Thanks. High hopes for the engine and bilge not being a rusty wreck given the condition of it. I prefer a table too and like the hatch opposite the pullman dinette. You'd have thought so, and I agree, but that seems to be the asking price for anything like that now. Don't worry, if I do like it I'll not be offering close to £50k!
  11. Thanks. It's 2005. Oddly only the Apollo Duck site has a picture of the stern. https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/severn-valley-57-traditional/641397 It's a one owner boat and looks well looked after. I've spied a big box/file of with hopefully receipts and paperwork labelled 'boat' in one of the photos which is promising. Paint looks well for its age.
  12. Hi, I'm still on the hunt for a boat and off to view this tomorrow... what's everyone reckon? Based purely on the feedback here, the shell and builder (same people by the looks of it) were held in reasonable regard when they were still in business. Other than the lack of solar and the inverter/charger being at the cheaper end of things, and maybe the fabrics being a bit dated (trivial point), the layout looks good and so does the rest of the equipment. Great Haywood's virtual walkthrough is a great feature too. https://www.greathaywoodboatsales.co.uk/shop/razzle-dazzle/
  13. I spoke to a mortgage broker today and explained the circumstance over the letting and me being on a boat with no fixed address. They came back to me 30 minutes later having spoken to NatWest - they came up cheapest - being 100% honest about my situation. They were fine with it, as my LTV is low and so long as I have a forwarding address! Even better is I've banked with them for over 20 years, so really shouldn't be an issue. I'm made up with that.
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