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  1. The cost of building a small boat might be much the same as bigger boat but my question was one of the cost of buying, not building. And would that be the royal we? Would 'we' consider granite surfaces, solid oak T+G, 5 leisure batteries, a roof full of solar panels and a 45hp engine modest? Especially in the context of a 35ft boat? Thank you. I'll take a look at the site.
  2. Just giving this a bump..
  3. Collingwood was just referenced as it's about the only builder I've found who publish a price list online. I've not said anyone's dear. I'm trying to benchmark. And understand whether it's that Aintree appear comparitively cheap in price - that doesn't mean others are dear or that Aintree are of poor quality because they're cheaper???
  4. Without wanting to waste the time of boat builders - I'm six months from getting a decent sum together - I'm curious as to what the cost of a modest 35ft boat would be. I appreciate prices will vary according to spec hence looking for something pretty modest in terms of equipment. I've an Aintree Beetle and looked at their 35ft at £41K. It's a template design rather than a custom layout which will keep prices down I'm sure. Comparing their 40ft at £55K to a Collingwood (it was the only one I could find a fixed price for online) at £73K they do seem comparitively cheap boats, or maybe the competition's dear. Thanks in advance.
  5. I think you pair are getting confused with not wanting to get some light resoration done on the interior and me not wanting to go down the route of buying it and putting money into it. Painting previously varnished panels white doesn't often look good. It wasn't done out of design. Instead it was done out of necessity because what was previously underneath was in a crap state. That's what I often think when seeing a boat with a newly painted interior. It's a whitewash in its truest sense. It wouldn't be so bad if you could see the grain but that's not going to happen because of the varnish. Paint the interior of this white and it'll be no different to a knackered old London liveaboard who's been forced down the same route for the same reason. I'm sure it could be varnished again, whether it'd match is another matter, but as I said earlier, I don't like a glossy finish anyhow. So in either case, it's probably not right for me. The exterior paint isn't in great shape. There's plenty of boats of a similar age that've had a repaint or don't need one. I'd be throwing a hell of a lot of money at it to get it right. And it's money I doubt I'd get back. There's plenty of boats out there between 40-50ft not in need of any such work. So why compromise? Anything at any price isn't a sound buy if you know you're never likely to be fully happy with it. Especially so when you're talking about spending £40K. Hope it's clearer now.
  6. I'm still not fully decided on what the hell to do in terms of size of boat and whether new or old. Situation is I have a 40ft mooring for my existing boat. I was going to buy a bigger boat last year to liveaboard but decided against it. Too many complications with renting out my house and not having a residential mooring where I could register for council tax etc etc. I've come up with a compromise of taking on a lodger so nothing changes as far as having a permanent address and the problems in not having one brings. Not quite as economically sound and definitely not profitable as renting it out might be. But hey ho, it's an income I wouldn't have which would go towards the boat costs I already have and would make a nice contribution of £350-400pcm. The idea was to buy a bigger boat than my 25ft Aintree Beetle to stay on for the most part, other than nipping back to my home to do washing etc. There's less than ten minutes drive from my mooring to my home. Once my boat sells, by mid-summer I'll have around £45K to spend. I could buy a new 30ft with a really decent spec. Or opt for something a little older around 40ft. A new boat really appeals but concerned a 30ft might be on the small side if I'm going to be on it as a liveaboard for the most part. I'm only 5 minutes from Venetian Marina. The layout of the boat I linked to is great, I agree, and the price is OK. But I was ideally looking for something 50ft or under to keep costs down for licencing/mooring/blacking etc. I think I'd fall into the trap of knowing it's not quite right and throwing money at painting it, nicer floor, new fabrics etc (none of what's on there is to my taste) and before I know it I'd have spent a chunk more and could've ended up with something closer to what I was looking for, for much the same money as I'd have spent on this one with the work done. Really need to get out there and see some boats first hand. Sad story about the owner and reason for sale. I wish them well.
  7. Here's the boat: https://www.venetianmarina.co.uk/used-narrowboats/details/5008.aspx Shame, as otherwise it's decent. Exterior paint looks badly faded for a 12 year old boat though. By matt finish I mean wood that's not high gloss / varnished. Can't remember what Aintree said they used on the oak ply finish on mine but the it looks oiled and isn't shiny.
  8. Gimme attention, gimme attention... Thanks for the replies. Thought it might be the varnish but wasn't sure why it'd be so localised to small areas. I'm supposing if it were to be sanded back and re-done it'd stick out like a sore thumb against the rest of the panels though. I prefer a matt finish rather than varnish anyhow.
  9. I'm on the lookout for a new boat and having seen a lots of pictures of interiors I've noticed on a fair number of boats the interior wood has gone white... It's not in an area where you'd typically expect to see water damage - so what causes it? Picture attached. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the replies. Gives me a much better idea of what's achievable.
  11. Likely liveaboard. And with mains hook at current mooring. There'd only be me on board and I hate clutter. Another Aintree Beetle owner who has a 30ft has shared photos of theirs. They liveaboard too. Looks a great layout but don't want to share their photos without their permission.
  12. Hi. I currently have a 25 Aintree Beetle and looking to upsize. I'm torn between going for an older 40-45ft or a new 30ft. Aintree's 30ft Beetle is £41k and I'm looking for layout ideas with a modern finish. Unfortunately there's not much I've found searching through used boats or Google images that's helping. So, any pictures of various 30ft layouts, regardless of hull type, would be appreciated. Thanks..
  13. Thanks people. New my boat would be £36K. The broker who appraised said it'd go up for £29K - £29.5K with an offer expected somewhere close to this. For those looking for a small, modern boat, they're likely to be aware of the Beetle and that it pretty much comes with just one layout. I'm a member of the Beetle Owners group and it was likely me that asked if your boat was still for sale!
  14. My boat's only 4 years old and inside it's immaculate. A few paint chips and marks on the stern doors and the usual marks on the blacking from locks but otherwise great. Certainly no scrape marks on the sides from bushes and branches etc. I've stepped on a few which smell badly and with super-spongey floors too!
  15. Thanks for the feedback. I did notice even from the photos a few bits which suggest a lower-quality fit out than I'd hoped for. Screws etc capped off with brass fittings here and there. And some of the woodwork looks to be discoloured and white in apperance. It's been up since September now, so quite a while as you say. I'm in a bit of a quandry over what to do with my boat in terms of brokerage. The broker I visited advised that if it doesn't sell within 60 days and I withdraw it from sale after this period of time I'd have to pay a £600 fee. This is to prevent the abusing them for free moorings which I can understand. I don't know if it's the right time of year to be putting my boat up for sale though.
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