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  1. It's up with a brokerage, not that you'd be able to tell from the (barely existent) ad.
  2. I'd be hugely grateful if anyone could help put me in touch with the owner or at least know of the boat... Thank you
  3. Cheers. They're picking up the phone but the brokerage is closed during lockdown, so can't reach the person I'd like to.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Oh dear. Not good reading, I've just skimmed through the thread in your link. They've a boat on brokerage I'm interested in. The brokerage is closed at the moment and the manager and presumably the rest of the staff are furloughed, so there's nobody to talk to. I had faint hopes of maybe reaching him/her on here - but perhaps not given the feelings towards them!
  5. I rang two insurers - Ford Direct and Admiral - last week with a view to understanding whether they'd offer me cover as a liveaboard based in a marina. The only reason I picked those two out is due to them coming out cheapest on a comparison site. I was absolutely honest about the potential situation, that I'd be living in a marina, on a boat, and that the address on my policy would not be a place of permanent residence (be it BoatMail or a family member, I offered both), and the car would be kept at an address different to that to which the policy is registered, a marina in my case. Neither had a problem with this setup after being placed on hold a few times whilst they checked with the underwriters whether it was acceptable. I think it may have been Ford which said that I'd have to put down the marina as the policy address - I explained I wasn't keen to do this as they don't handle mail on my behalf and it's also not residential - but they helped by suggesting that if I opt for email correspondence then no mail need go to the marina. Again, they understood that I did not live in a house. I cannot remember which of each or whether it was both that said I'd have to put the specific pontoon/berth reference as part of the address. Esure, my current insurer, were clear with me in saying that I have to reside at the address to which the policy is registered, so BoatMail or a family member is not acceptable, even if you're clear in saying the car would be parked at an alternative address. They advised if I were to do this they could no longer cover me and I'd need to cancel the policy. Note, this is important; don't get yourself into a situation where insurance has been refused/cancelled as it's something you need to declare in the future and as I understand it, counts against you. Cancel it yourself once you've got an alternative sorted. I'm sure others are sympathetic and understanding to the situation of being based at a marina though not sure how constant cruisers might fair. Hope that helps.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. When you've got the cash it's still worth contacting brokers to let them know what you're looking for and what position you're in. Talk nicely to them and it might pay off. In my case in recent weeks I've had personal emails/phone calls from some brokers having taken this approach of boats which are on their way into brokerage or have arrived and haven't been advertised. It beats being on the automated mailshot everyone receives and by which point it's possibly too late. Explain to brokers it's for a residential purchase to stand you some chance of a viewing. There's compatively nothing on the market at the moment - even Whilton/Venetian who usually have easily 60+ boats for sale between them have next to nothing. Those who bought them on the basis of not being able to do a foreign holiday etc will I suspect have them back up for sale in a year or so.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. Thanks a lot for the input everyone. I don't want to use up any more of anyone's time and will leave the thread here on the basis that I won't be progressing with this one.
  10. Ta. I think you're right. I'm in danger of falling into a trap that I'm aware of, and that is talking myself into something that I know isn't quite right, largely because there's nothing about at the moment. I'll keep waiting.
  11. The problem is that it's not obvious anywhere to me. There's no evidence anywhere of water staining that I can see on the interior other than at the stern and that's very localised to a cupboard directly under the hatch. It's not something I can be arsed to get fixed either as it'll involve big money, potentially ripping apart the fitout and none of that is reflected in the price.
  12. I'm not sure but I can check. So if the bilge was found to be dry what would this mean for the floor?
  13. Thanks all. I'm not certain it's solidwood and I reckon I'd need a new cupboard built. Plus the hatch sorting assuming I'm right in saying that's where it's coming in from.
  14. Thanks all. Without inspection holes throughout the cabin I'm not sure how a surveyor would be able to tell if hte bilge is dry / sub floor is knackered?
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