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  1. I've done my sums and deliberately pessimistically, weighing up having a small leisure boat and keeping my home, and a larger boat to live on and taking on a lodger or renting the house out completely. Oddly enough, taking on a lodger looks like the best bet. No tax to pay whereas I'd lose 40% if I let the home out. And I've not got the hassle of getting rid of stuff/putting it into storage etc. And I can check on my home any time I like! The selling point to lodgers is that essentially they're getting the benefit of home that'll be essentially theirs as if it were privately rented but at a much reduced cost. I can't take responsibility for that one. But I've heard of lots of new-ish Collingwoods, particularly widebeams, going for a hell of a lot less than the owners have paid for them. Anyhow, my offer's been knocked back and I now know the price they'll accept, and it's not one I'm going to stretch to I'm afraid.
  2. In in my mid-30s, my pension pot's worth nothing at all. But I've started to remedy that over recent months and hopefully it'll continue. Letting my home / getting a lodger will ultimately pay for the upkeep of the boat. That's my justification at least. Like you say, live for today but still take some responsibility about saving for tomorrow too.
  3. I'd hadn't considered the inheritence situation to be honest. But what I do find odd is the situation a number of people have mentioned whereby the lack of a foreign holiday this year is going to be subsituted be whacking £50K on a narrowboat. It just doesn't seem to stack. Balance that with the state of the economy too and it all feels odd to me. But then again what do I know? I don't need a boat to live on, I've already got a home, and this totally undermines the above sentence.
  4. I'm northern, I'm always going to make an offer even if I think the price is right! Why wouldn't I? The worst they can say is no, and that's where the real negotiation begins. This boat's been up for sale since well before lockdown and not sold within days/hours of the broker opening back up either - so maybe it isn't that good.. Nobody got rich through giving their money away 🙂
  5. In my experience, be it cars, homes or boats, there's nearly always room for negotiation but every situation's different.
  6. If I were a broker I'd be asking for that in writing! Wouldn't want to be accused of turning away a sale!
  7. Thanks for the replies. I've visited ABNB before and was impressed, and I'd heard they don't take on junk. Anyhow, an offer's gone in this morning so waiting to hear back. If it's not accepted I'll wait for the next to come up. I'm sure the increased recent interest will quieten off soon enough. In terms of low-balling offers against the asking price and whether they're accepted or not, it all depends on the seller's circumstances. It might be out of necessity and need or any number of reasons, and I guess it's this that'll determine whether or not it's accepted. Like with selling a home I'm supposing a broker is contractually bound to put forward all offers to the vendor regardless of whether they believe it to be too low.
  8. Thank you I like it not having fixed furniture too. But maybe that's what's putting off buyers equally.
  9. Thanks. I'd need to take a look at the bed setup to see whether it's liveable. I had a good look around Whilton/ABNB/Braunston much earlier this year so I've a reasonable idea of what I'm after but I'm not being closed mind as to rule anything out. The boat you've linked to is 60ft, well beyond what I'm looking for - 50ft max, really. And I'd prefer a much more modern fit out too I'm afraid. It all depends on the seller's situation. If it's somebody in need of a sale they're more likely to grab an offer rather than take the risk of it sitting there, only perhaps to receive another offer albeit weeks/months later. Good shout. I'm not too sure how I'd be able to test that though, and that's not me aiming to be a smartarse. I like the idea of portholes because of the security and privacy aspect but suspect that's putting many people off. That and there's no pigeon box etc to let more light in. The owner bought it from ABNB 18 months ago and has moved back to land, perhaps suggesting it's not worked out for him, or the boat's got its issues!
  10. Thanks. I've got a refund due on my existing boat, and I'll either swap the insurance I have with GJW over or take out a new policy. But absolutely, I'd be having a survey and I've allowed for that sort of stuff within my budget too. The boat does look well equipped and is a decent shell. It's now all down to £. Other boats have come and gone in all the time this has been up for sale which might help with the negotiation. Re. the stove, I agree, I'd prefer it placed elsewhere. But the rest of the boat's a bit of a blank canvas. I'm assuming because there's no fixed furniture it's not helping the sale - most I suppose must lean towards fixed seating/dinettes etc. I'm single so I can get away with the bed too. I'd prefer a trad over a semi but prepared to make a trade-off for a decent shell.
  11. Hello, My boat has been in brokage less than a week and has already sold. It's only a 25ft'er but was bought to use for weekends and holidays. At the time I'd considered being a liveaboard but got cold feet and ended up with a newer, smaller boat. A long story short and I've really enjoyed it, and think maybe life's too short (I'm only in my mid-30s) and want to make a go of living aboard full-time on a larger boat. I can potentially stretch up to £48K and I'm looking for something that's 40-50ft in length. With my sort of budget I should be able to get something relatively new, well looked after and reasonably equipped. This caught be eye a while ago and now I'm in a position to buy I'd like to view it. But I'm keen on your thoughts too. The shell is made by somebody with a decent reputation, I understand, and it's got a substantial baseplate - or at least the original thickness was! I'm not too sure of the grade/source/quality of steels used though and I'd love to find out more on this if anyone can guide me. From everything I've learned so far, it's one of the most important things to note and it's not just about the thickness. Anyhow, here it is.. https://www.abnb.co.uk/boat_pages/3604web/3604abnb.php?BoatID=3604 Thanks in advance.
  12. The cost of building a small boat might be much the same as bigger boat but my question was one of the cost of buying, not building. And would that be the royal we? Would 'we' consider granite surfaces, solid oak T+G, 5 leisure batteries, a roof full of solar panels and a 45hp engine modest? Especially in the context of a 35ft boat? Thank you. I'll take a look at the site.
  13. Just giving this a bump..
  14. Collingwood was just referenced as it's about the only builder I've found who publish a price list online. I've not said anyone's dear. I'm trying to benchmark. And understand whether it's that Aintree appear comparitively cheap in price - that doesn't mean others are dear or that Aintree are of poor quality because they're cheaper???
  15. Without wanting to waste the time of boat builders - I'm six months from getting a decent sum together - I'm curious as to what the cost of a modest 35ft boat would be. I appreciate prices will vary according to spec hence looking for something pretty modest in terms of equipment. I've an Aintree Beetle and looked at their 35ft at £41K. It's a template design rather than a custom layout which will keep prices down I'm sure. Comparing their 40ft at £55K to a Collingwood (it was the only one I could find a fixed price for online) at £73K they do seem comparitively cheap boats, or maybe the competition's dear. Thanks in advance.
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