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  1. Excuse my naivety but how do you heat your water? If you're out cruising and have a pure electric set up, how do you cope? If you've got a diesel generator, could this be used instead of a calorifier / immersion / Webasto or equivalent etc?
  2. Cheers. It was more diesel availability and cost in years to come which made me wonder what'll become of diesel heating systems.
  3. Other than solid fuel, with diesel on its way out, what is there that would replace Eberspachers and the like for either radiator or blown air heating?
  4. Wow, much cheaper than I thought! But then there's been no labour costs. To be honest, a lot of my dithering over getting a liveaboard now my house has sold - I exchanged contracts today(!) - is a £20k conversion cost from ICE to diesel. I read the cost of a Beta Marina Hybrid install was up to £30k too. So maybe 5 years or so from now a professional electric install including parts and a generator would be under £10K? And the generators could be run from something other than red diesel? Cheers,
  5. Just out of interest, what'd be a rough conversation cost of a diesel to a hybrid with a generator?
  6. I wasn't looking for a debate over the values, as I said, I'm not certain on the average. Typical cost per ft for a new boat is maybe £1,700, and say the average size is 50ft. Around £85k+ isn't a million miles out is it. But let's say it's £100k, the point still stands in respect of depreciation. Once at 30 years old it'd likely have hit the worst of the curve by then.
  7. I'm not sure of the average cost of a new boat is but let's say it's £85k. In 29 years it'd surely have done most of it's depreciating regardless of meeting the regulations or not? What'd it be worth, in today's money, £30-35k? But because of regulations they'll have no value unless converted, as the cost of conversions will be as great as the value of the boat itself? How come cars haven't gone down this route instead of electric?
  8. I'm not technically minded and don't understand most of what's said on this thread in terms of conversions, but my understanding is that people are managing to convert existing boats to electric etc. Basically, there's nothing stopping a conversion other than your wallet and will. Even if somebody were to get a fairly new boat now, by 2050 its value would be pretty limited by then as it's going to be 40+ years old. The positive I'm taking from all of this is that an accepted and workable solution can't be far off if it's going to be mandatory in fewer than 15 years fro
  9. Unfortunately, yes, that's right.
  10. Plenty of brokers within 10 mins or so, and even more within an hour. I'm fortunate. The boat's definitely owned by them. I just don't want to put a deposit down on something I can't even set foot in. I'm sure that as things get better with Covid, hopefully by summer, this'll have changed.
  11. Thanks. I've read and heard lots about them. Some good, some bad. Much the same with Great Haywood, they seem to operate in a similar way. I seem to remember with Great Haywood you only got your deposit back if the issues found during a survey amounted to a large percentage of the asking price and not the selling price! And even then I think it was limited to the hull and excluded electrical systems etc. Venetian own this boat and they're not brokering it.
  12. This came to market today. It's 5 minutes away from where I live but viewings are not permitted even if it's going to be for a primary residence. That is unless I put £1000 deposit down which is only refundable "if there's a problem at the survey". https://www.venetianmarina.co.uk/used-narrowboats/details/5406.aspx No chance I'm going down that route. The steelwork at the bow was extended by Stephen Goldsborough in 2012 to extend the cabin and give a dedicated bed. It's not something I've seen before but presumably has had a full repaint externally since?
  13. I'm a bit confused - that's exactly what I said: "I don't want a project boat or a do-er upper, I want something that's ready to go"
  14. I'm not looking to spend money for the sake of it and max out my budget. I'm fairly open to layout and shell type, I wouldn't rule anything out until I've seen it. I don't want a project boat or a do-er upper, I want something that's ready to go. For £50K I should get a very decent 50(ish)ft boat, I'd hope. Just wish something would come to the market. I'm able to view boats if they're going to be a primary residence. Brokers are accepting this. My head's still spinning over what to do and I was up til 4am thinking about it.
  15. Thanks very much for the input everyone. Appreciated. Reading the replies has made doubt set in again and I don't mean that to sound critical of the advice given. It's caused me to have a wobble. As said before, I've been concerned about giving up bricks and mortar but in not doing this I'd not be able to afford the boat. My house is sold and with the £60k equity I've got in it I couldn't get a BTL mortgage (hefty deposit needed) and have enough left for the boat. I think I could get back on the ladder should I want to in a few years, assuming I got a re
  16. Hello all. I thought I'd post an update six months on from my original message - it feels like a long time ago since I started this thread and I expect most people have forgotten what it is all about and my situation. I'm still in my mid-30s, single and no dependants, so no change there! But other things have changed a little since my last post. A long story short is that I sold my home in November. I'm due to exchange and complete by the end of this month. Having decided to shelve the liveaboard plan in the middle of last year for the reasons given, I instead plann
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  18. Or perhaps I'm going with the general consesus across the last 28 pages?
  19. An interesting read. If only I could understand half of it! 🙂 I started a thread earlier this summer after selling a smaller boat with the intention of buying a larger one to live on and shared my worries over ICE and their future. I pulled out of the sale for that reason, mainly due to concerns over diesel availability and cost in the near-ish future, but mostly over what the resale value might be say 10 years from now. Perhaps scrap if it's still a diesel engine in it? Seems there's no viable alternative come about in the 6 months or so since I posted here last 😉
  20. But he's really well respected so I'd say it's worth it 🙂 Although you might be right at £10 a foot too!
  21. The boat's been up for sale for a good while now. I hope you worked that into the deal - especially as boats haven't exactly been hanging around recently. I sold mine in the summer and haven't kept tabs on things much since, so maybe the market's cooled off. I've seen the boat in person too, I think it was actually made in Poland, and holds some sort of relation with Amber Boats. And I did my diligence on the seller too. I've no dog in the fight here but I'd encourage you to at least perhaps see what this forum throws up. It was an interesting read and might help you make a m
  22. I'm not challenging the above but I'm curious over what it's referencing. Have you a link to anything I could read? Surely it can't include narrowboats? I doubt anyone of them would be ready in fewer the 5 years to sell boats with zero-emission capable technology. Fingers crossed that technology massively improved by 2035. Having visited a boat builder yesterday were I was told a Beta hybrid setup would cost £25K+, and yet obviously it's still reliant on diesel! Some of the smaller, new boats I looked at don't have especially large engine bays and would have no chance of acc
  23. I cancelled the viewing and explained why when I was asked. They were adamant, even after checking with somebody in the background, the 5% tolerance applies to the sale price and not the asking price. I told them their website says otherwise and it can't be just a typo on the basis it's followed up with a sentence where they justify it. Avoid.
  24. I don't disagree... but the major difference is Great Haywood say the 5% is based on the asking price (presumably original price) and not the sale price, that's the key bit. ABNB are an exception. Deposits returned without any stipulation of the above. "Deposits are refundable if the vessel has a full out of water survey carried out by an independent surveyor and faults are found with the hull or the engine that exceed more than 5% of the asking price of the vessel (within 4 weeks of giving deposit). We will need to see the full survey detailing any faults for the hull
  25. Absolutely will. I doubt I'm much loss to them though and a 1 man stand won't be enough for them to consider a change. They'll probably think I'm a nutter. Their boats hang around 100x longer than anything with ABNB or Rugby Boats and the like. I guess now I know why.
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